OLTL Update Tuesday 3/5/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/5/02

By Beth

Still handcuffed to the wheel of fortune, Troy tells himself that Nora was right; Lindsay is dangerous. He should have listened. He sees water dripping onto the floor and sticks out his tongue to catch some, but the liquid tastes nasty. It is now dripping all over his head.

Nora demands to know where Troy is; he would never leave his patients without making arrangements for their care. Sam arrives and wants to know what's going on, and Lindsay implies that Nora is having an affair with Troy. Nora orders her to leave so that she can talk to Sam alone, but she refuses. Nora should tell Sam how she set Lindsay up. Troy tricked Lindsay and tried to make her confess to giving Nora that drug, all because he's in love with Nora. Nora admits that Troy has feelings for her but that she made it clear that she loves Sam. Lindsay insists that she tell Sam what happened at the cemetery. Nora is shocked that Lindsay knows about that. Sam finally gets Lindsay to leave, and she gloats as she makes her exit.

Nora is convinced that Lindsay has done something to Troy; they should follow her. Sam insists they're not going anywhere until she tells him what happened at the cemetery. He bullies her into telling him about their kiss, and she admits they also shared a kiss on New Year's Eve. She denies that they were having an affair, but Sam isn't so sure. If that's true, then what was the reason for all the secrecy? Nora explains that she wanted to tell him what Troy was doing but he would have stopped it, and she desperately wanted the truth. Sam believes that the first kiss was Troy's doing, but what about the one at the cemetery? Did Nora return the kiss? Nora looks down, ashamed, and he leaves.

Lindsay returns to the funhouse and rudely awakens Troy. It's obvious that Nora has no idea where the tape is, so she might might as well keep Troy there forever. When he steadfastly refuses to tell her where the tape is no matter what she does to him, she threatens to go after Nora. After she leaves, Troy renews his struggle to get loose.

In Atlantic City, Roxy has high hopes for the sickness scam, but Allison warns her not to blow it. She has to get through the doctor's appointment tomorrow, and that means no more booze. She talks too much when she's drunk. They panic when they hear Viki at the door. Roxy tries to get rid of her but then agrees to let her inside since she wants to talk about Jessica's involvement in Roxy's treatment. Inside, Viki is disgusted by the living conditions in Roxy's house. She urges her to take advantage of the free clinic but Roxy claims the care is lousy and good treatment takes good money. Seeing the empty bottles, Viki admonishes her to make some major changes, and Roxy agrees that major changes are coming her way.

Viki is concerned about Jessica, who helped her through a major disease not all that long ago. She would like to spare Jessica the pain of going through that type of thing again. Roxy is adamant that she needs her daughter there, but Viki is just as firm. Being a mother means putting the child's needs first. Since Jessica does want to help and to get to know her birth mother, she and Viki agreed to do something. Roxy is excited when Viki hands her a thick envelope but is disappointed to discover that it contains Jessica's medical records instead of money. Roxy can't return the "favor" because Natalie hardly ever went to the doctor. As Viki rails about how both of them were oblivious to the baby switch, Allison calls to tell Roxy to get rid of her. As Viki leaves, Roxy tells her she'll be expecting Jessica at the hospital. Roxy picks up a bottle, angering Allison. Allison doesn't want any chance of things not going their way. Jessica had better show up at the clinic with an envelope full of cash.

Natalie watches Jessica and Seth in disgust. If Al doesn't do something about them, she'll tell Jen that he can walk. That wheelchair is the only thing keeping Jen and Cristian apart. Al thinks it's mean to break them up, but Natalie points out that if he and Jen are together, and she is with Seth, that frees up Jessica and Cristian to get back together, so maybe this is a divine plan. Al doesn't buy it, but he agrees to try. He asks Jessica for a ride home, and after they leave, Seth asks Natalie what's up between her and Al. Natalie claims they're just friends. As for Seth, she's going to let him go. She still loves him and hopes they can be friends someday.

At the carriage house, Al reminds Jessica of the bad memories she must have of the place. After all, she and Natalie were staying there when she was dating Seth the first time, but then the two of them were scamming her. Although Jessica insists that Seth has changed, Al asks whether she really knows that he isn't lying to her now. She replies that she does know. Telling Al to just mind his own business, she storms out. Al pulls himself up, then takes some steps. As he starts to go up the stairs, Jen comes in, and Al scurries to get back into his wheelchair before she sees him walking. He tries to talk her into spending some alone time with him, but she's tired and wants to go to bed.

Jessica returns to Break Bar to talk to Seth. She backs out of the hotel stay, saying she needs to finish her paper. Natalie is pleased to hear this, and she calls Al with the good news. Al mistakenly thinks they're finished, but Natalie corrects him. They still have a lot of work to do.

Cristian starts to kiss Jen, but Max stops them. He sits down with them and tells them to stop blaming themselves for Al's condition. Al doesn't blame them, so they shouldn't blame themselves. In fact, Al couldn't ask for better friends. Jen especially gives him hope for the future. When Jen leaves, Cristian starts to follow but Max stops him. He reminds him that his son may never walk again. Because of his circumstances, he can't lose Jen. Cristian agrees to stay away from her, but not because it's what Max wants.

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