OLTL Update Monday 3/4/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 3/4/02

By Beth

Anxious to save the man in trouble at the funhouse, Starr runs to her parents, who are relieved to see that she's home and safe. Starr tells them that the man needs their help; he is handcuffed to a wheel, and he was bitten by a black widow spider. He's going to die unless they do something! Unfortunately, her parents think she's making up another story. She tries to explain that the cab driver was supposed to take her to Reptile Roundup but got lost and dropped her off at the wrong place. Todd mentions that they should make her wear an electronic bracelet. He wants to know exactly where the man is, but Starr can't remember the address, which Troy so desperately tried to make sure she would remember. Blair and Todd insist there's no reason for her to lie; she has their full attention now.

Starr picks up the phone to call the police, but Todd stops her. Frustrated, she decides to scream until they listen, but Todd puts a stop to that by threatening to call Rae in on the matter. Blair points out that therapy might not be a bad idea, but Todd yells that she gets away with murder. Starr insists that's exactly what it will be if they don't listen. Todd wants her to admit she's lying; if she'll admit it, he won't punish her. She won't, though, so Blair confiscates her cell phone and orders the nanny to sleep in Starr's room. Becoming desperate, Starr tries again. That man asked her to save his life. If he dies, it will be all her fault, and they don't even care!

After Starr is in bed, Todd and Blair argue about whether they should call Rae after all. Todd doesn't see the point, but Blair is worried about Starr's mental health; after all, she is part Cramer.

Under the covers with a flashlight, Starr tells her headless doll that she has to get out of there and save the "wheel man."

Troy is waiting for the little girl to call the police, unaware that she went home to get her parents to help instead. He hears a truck and calls out for help, to no avail. He starts to hallucinate again, and as he waits for the unknown "munchkin" to return with help, he passes out.

At Capricorn, Jen tells her father that Lindsay didn't go to Paris after all. Cristian reports that he found Lindsay trashing Troy's place, obviously looking for something. He took Jen to the hospital to talk to Troy but instead they found Lindsay sneaking out of his office. Jen relays her mother's story about Troy's infidelity and thinks maybe Sam and Nora know who the other woman might be. Sam promises to handle the situation and tells Jen to stop worrying about her mother. After he leaves, Jen is alone at the table because Cristian had excused himself to make a phone call. A strange guy approaches Jen and is rebuffed. He is insistent, and he grabs her. Cristian comes to the rescue and drags him out of the bar. There is an awkward moment when they hear the song that was playing when they danced at the quarry. Jen starts to leave but turns around. Cristian caresses her face and they seem about to kiss.

As Al and Natalie watch Jen and Cristian, Natalie points out how cozy they look for two people who so recently broke up. Al doesn't want to hear it. He just wants her to keep his "little secret." She will, as long as he manages to break up Seth and Jessica. Max stops by their table for a moment and trades barbs with Natalie, whom he doesn't trust. Natalie wants Al to go to Break Bar and break them up now. Al retorts that Seth isn't interested in her, so even if he breaks them up, it won't do any good. Natalie denies his accusation that she only wants Seth because Jessica does. When she leaves to go to Break Bar, Al asks Max for a ride.

Jessica arrives at Break Bar ready to go to work. Seth asks her to slice some limes, and as she prepares, she finds a gift from him on the cutting board. She protests that he's already spent so much money on her, but he insists that she open it. Inside the box is an I.O.U. for the kiss of a lifetime. Jessica is touched; this is a gift she's more than willing to accept.

Max drops Al off at Break Bar and tells him he's glad things are working out with Jen. He's awed by the way Al is handling his situation. After he leaves, Al talks to Jessica. He learns of their upcoming overnight trip to Philadelphia and tries to make Seth look bad in her eyes, but it doesn't work. Natalie learns of the trip while talking to Seth. She joins Al and tells him it's not too late. He has to stop it now.

As Lindsay tries to sneak out of Nora's house, she is stopped by Nora herself. Nora wants to know where Troy is and what Lindsay is doing in her house. Indignant, Lindsay accuses Nora of setting her up; she was tricked into confessing something she didn't do. Nora wants to know what Lindsay has done with Troy, and wants to call the police. Lindsay urges her to go ahead; call Sam too. Nora and Troy nearly destroyed her life. She thought she was going to marry Troy, but then he told her he loves Nora. Something she says clues Nora in that Lindsay was present when she and Claire were in Troy's office earlier.

Lindsay can't wait to tell Sam all about Nora. She claims she is here to have it out with her once and for all, but Nora counters that, no, she was sneaking out when she was caught. Lindsay calls her "pathetic," and Nora thinks Lindsay is dangerously insane. Lindsay says that she left Troy, but not before straightening him out. He never wants to see Nora again, and he won't; he's gone and he's never coming back.

Renee receives a gift that she thinks is from Asa. When she tries to refuse it, Ben appears and tells her, "Happy anniversary." It's been one year since they found out they are mother and son. Renee is touched. Asa comes in and sees them embracing warmly. He's acting very subdued, saying that Rae "shrunk" him. He remembers today's significance and refers to Ben as family for the first time. He also admits he was wrong to fake his death. As he starts to leave, Renee calls him back and asks him to join them in a toast to family. Ben seconds the invitation, but Asa leaves, not wanting to intrude. He asks for a raincheck.

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