OLTL Update Friday 3/1/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/1/01

By Suzanne

At the funhouse, Star notices that Troy does not look like someone who's having a whole lot of fun. Troy thinks that he is hallucinating again, this time with images of a "munchkin". Star tells him that she is real, that she knows all about spiders, and explains how she got in. When Troy realizes that she is real, he asks her for his help. He asks her to get her parents but she refuses because they are 'mad at her'. She says that she is there alone and that she took a cab. Troy tells her to go get the cab driver but she informs him that the car has already left. Troy asks Star to go call 911. She agrees because Troy tells her that if she is a hero then her parents will pay attention to her. She takes out a cell phone, to his surprise, but there is no reception in the funhouse. Troy gives her the address and tells her go outside to call the police. Once outside, Star decides to take matters into her own hands instead.

Todd and Blair continue to argue over which one taught Star to lie, and which parent has told the worst lies.Todd and Blair agree that they don't know what to do about Star's lying. Blair goes upstairs to check on Star and comes down to tell Todd that she is gone. They figure out quickly that she has run away. Soon after, Star walks through the front door and is all excited. She tells her parents that she has seen a man.

R.J. gets angry with Hank for upsetting Carrie and she tells them that it is really Carlotta that has her upset, and the fact that the mother of the man she loves hates her. R.J. says that Carlotta thinks she knows what's best for everyone and Hank defends his ex-girlfriend by saying that she is a very good woman. R.J. tells Hank that he should be on Carrie's side and tells him to leave. Hank says good-bye to Carrie and then obliges. R.J. tells Carrie that he is the real problem between she and Carlotta. Carrie tells him that he handled himself like a gentleman at the dinner and even left his own home for Carlotta's sake. She wonders why Carlotta can't even try like R.J does.

Antonio confronts his mother who states openly that she believes Carrie to be all wring for her son. She reminds Antonio that R.J. is evil and he in turn reminds his mother that Carrie is not her father. Carlotta says that she does not feel the need to apologize for speaking the truth. Antonio tells Carlotta that Carrie was only trying to be polite and kind, unlike his mother. Cristian warns Antonio not to hurt his mother's feelings. He also warns his mother not to say anything that she may regret. Carlotta says she's glad the truth is out. Carlotta does not believe that Antonio loves Carrie but he tells her that he does, that he doesn't care who her father is, and that he is going to keep seeing her. He leaves to attend to his girlfriend. Cristian tells his mother to listen to Antonio, or at least to believe him, and goes to Capricorn so that he can keep R.J. there and away from his daughter while Antonio talks to her.

R.J. answers a knock at the door and sees Antonio where he expected to find Hank again. He tells Antonio to leave but Carrie says to let him in. R.J. leaves so that Carrie and Antonio can be alone, but he tells her to call his cell phone is she needs anything. Carrie tells Antonio that she doesn't want to come between he and his mother, but he assures her that it is mother who is getting between the two of them. He says that he loves his mother but at the moment she doesn't get a vote. They kiss and make up, and agree not to worry about what anybody else thinks. Meanwhile, at Carlotta's restaurant, Hank shows up. He tells her not to take it all out on Carrie. She asks what will happen if Antonio proposes marriage and Hank says that she will become Carrie's mother-in-law. Carlotta says it'll happen over her dead body. R.J. has come through the door, witnessed the conversation, and thanks Hank, to himself, for stoking the fire.

Jen continues to worry about her mother. When she leaves Al to try calling Lindsay again, Max uses the time to tell Al all about the specialist he has found. Al refuses to let the specialist come and take a look at him. Al reminisces about the conversation between Cristian and Jen when Jen told him that she would be by Al's side as long as he couldn't walk. Al tells his father that he is not ready for the disappointment that a specialist might bring, but he agrees to consider it. Jen comes back and tells Al that she is worried that Troy may be evil, just like his brother Colin. Al tells her that Troy is a good person.

Natalie comes in and says hello to Max who, in return, warns her not to cause any more problems for Al. Natalie explains that she and Al have gotten much closer lately. Then she barges in on Al's conversation with Jen, and tells her that they are working on a project together. When Jen walks away Natalie starts in trying to convince him to help her break up Seth and Jessica. Cristian walks in and Al agrees to help Natalie. Meanwhile, Max asks Jen to convince Al to talk to the specialist. He thanks Jen for helping his son. Sam comes in and Jen tells him that she can't find Lindsay. She says that they are not in Paris and that she needs to find her mother because she's worried.

Nora walks into her apartment and sees that a book has fallen onto the floor. She assumes that the noise she heard was the sound of the book falling. Then Lindsay's cell phone rings and Nora searches for her own cell phone in order to answer it. It stops ringing before she picks it up. Sam comes in and startles Nora. She tells Sam that what she has to say is about Troy and Lindsay, that he does not love her and that he is not going to marry her. She says that she knows this because Troy told her. Suddenly Jen calls Sam's cell phone and tells him to get to Capricorn immediately. Nora turns out the lights to go to bed. Lindsay comes out of hiding and walks silently to the door. She reaches for the door and suddenly someone grabs her hand; Nora.

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