OLTL Update Thursday 2/28/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/28/02

By Laura

Troy, hallucinating and thinking that Lindsay is Nora, asks for help getting out. Lindsay, realizing that he is hallucinating, says she will let him out when he tells her where the tape is. As the fever starts to break, the images of Nora begin to turn into Lindsay again. Troy tells Lindsay to get him out of there and he will take her to the tape. Lindsay tries to seduce him and when he realizes completely that it is Lindsay and not Nora, he calls her a bitch and tells her to get away from him. She admits to Troy that she heard him divulge kissing Nora in the cemetery. Lindsay tells Troy that what goes around comes around and that he deserves to be chained to the wheel. Troy agrees that what goes around comes around and tells her that when he gets out he's going to go straight to the police. She replies that that's why she's never going to let him out. She wonders if Nora is on her way to rescue him and realizes that she's not. Lindsay says she's going to pay Nora a visit and Troy tells her not to go to Nora's house. Lindsay gets excited, thinking that he protests because the tape is in Nora's house. Troy pleads with her not to go to Nora's house and when Lindsay leaves, he grins.

Blair and Todd talk about Jack's Cristening. Starr comes in and asks if she can go to 'Reptile Roundup' that night. They both tell her that she is not allowed to go because it's late and because she lied. She informs them that it is open until midnight and that it's the last possible night to go. Starr pretends to get a phone call on her cell phone from her science teacher Ms. Jenkins, telling her that she will get graded on going to Reptile Roundup. Todd picks up the phone to call Mrs. Jenkins and Starr admits that she lied again and that she doesn't have a science teacher named Mrs. Jenkins. Blair and Todd send Starr straight to bed but instead she calls a cab company and asks them to take her to Reptile Roundup. Blair and Todd start to argue about which one of them taught Starr how to lie. Instead of Reptile Roundup, the cab drops Starr off at the funhouse. She goes exploring and finds it quite exciting when she runs into a man handcuffed to a wheel: Troy.

Carlotta tells Cristian that Antonio and Keri do not belong together. Cristian defends her while Keri eavesdrops from the kitchen and hears the whole conversation. At Capricorn, R.J. admits to Max that he stopped by the house in order to ruin the dinner. Max tells R.J. that Keri may see the light about Antonio, just like his sister Andy did. Back at the dinner, Antonio comes back with the wine. Carlotta insults Keri's cooking, sends several evil glares in her direction, and finally argues with her over the origin of flan. Then Carlotta says she needs to leave. Keri admits that she knows its because of her father, tells Antonio to just let her go and not to embarrass his mother, and thanks her for coming. After they leave, Antonio asks Keri what happened and she refuses to tell him. He says he knows she is upset and she tells him that she's just tired. Antonio says that he'll just get the answers from his mother instead, tells her to rest, and goes to the diner to find Carlotta. He sees Cristian there and asks him what happened, what did their mom say. Cristian starts to tell Antonio that Keri wasn't even in the room, but then Carlotta comes in and says that she can speak for herself.

The conversation between Max and R.J. turns from one family to another. R.J. asks him how Al is doing and Max tells him that Al is doing better because of Jen. Max tells R.J. that the doctors think Al will never walk again so he has called in a specialist. He tells R.J. that he'll get the money for the specialist even if he has to ask Asa for help. R.J. reminds him that he hates Asa and Max explains that he loves his son more than he hates Asa.

While R.J. and Max are talking, they notice that Hank has come into Capricorn and that he is having an intense conversation with Nora. Max wonders if something romantic is going on between the ex-spouses.  R.J. assures him that Nora is a one-man kind of woman. Meanwhile, Nora divulges the truth to Hank. First she confesses to him that Troy has feelings for her. Then she confesses that the feelings are mutual. Hank asks her what exactly she feels for Troy and she says that she doesn't know. She tells him that she feels responsible for what's going with Lindsay because Troy is doing it all for her. Hank asks her if she merely feels a physical attraction to Troy and she gets angry about the question. She tells Hank that she loves Sam. She tells him that she feels guilty about keeping secrets from him. She knows that Sam would be hurt if he knew the truth, but she also knows that she needs to tell him.

Ben and Sam run into each other at Carlotta's restaurant. Ben mentions Jack's Cristening and Sam confirms that he wasn't invited to it. Ben also mentions Nora and that he saw her when he went to Troy's office to look for him. Sam admits that he is jealous of Troy. He also admits that he feels guilty because he didn't help Nora enough through the 'Lindsay fiasco'. Sam tells Ben that Nora shouldn't trust him or love him because he didn't help prove Lindsay's guilt. Sam says that he had just wanted to put it all behind them, even if that's not what Nora wanted or needed. Ben tells Sam that she loves him very much and that he should have seen the look on her face when she told Ben about the video he and Sam made of Matthew. Suddenly, Sam's cell phone rings. It's Nora telling him to meet her at her place immediately because they need to talk.

Lindsay is already in Nora's house when she arrives. Nora hears a noise and calls out for Sam, wondering if he is already there and the one making the noise.

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