OLTL Update Wednesday 2/27/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/27/02

By Beth

Asa arrives at the police station, having been informed by Nigel that Bo needs his help with a case. Asa is clearly pleased that his son asked him for help. Bo leads him to an interrogation room, where Rae is waiting. Asa misunderstands and is tickled that she's been arrested for something. Rae informs him that she's there because he missed every one of his court-ordered therapy sessions. Asa isn't amused that Bo tricked his father. Bo leaves Asa alone with Rae.

Asa vows not to go through with the therapy, which he says is for wimps. Rae finally talks him into it, and Asa drives her bonkers by elaborating on every horse he's owned since the age of five. Rae gives up, not wanting to hear about his horses, but she won't let him leave. Instead, they try some role reversal. Asa is amused until Rae, pretending to be him, talks about how much Jessica cried over his "death." He loses his temper when Rae asks who needs his family anyway. Well, he does! He is truly remorseful for having hurt the people he loves.

Starr collapses in Todd's arms. As Ben tries to help, no one present sees Starr smiling. Now lying on the couch, Starr is "roused" by Ben. When Todd asks her about the man who tried to kidnap her, she apologizes for being so much trouble. Now they'll have to cancel Jack's Cristening because of her.

Having received word of the situation at Todd's, Bo investigates. He asks Starr about the man who attacked her. Hearing her description, Viki and Ben realize it was all an act, and Ben goes off to do some investigating of his own. Viki tells Blair that Kevin used to make up stories about a bully when he was little, because he wanted the attention everyone was giving baby Joey. Blair doesn't believe what Viki is implying at first but then realizes it's true.

Bo tells Todd that Starr made up the entire story. Todd doesn't believe it until Ben returns with a pair of scissors and a piece of cloth from Starr's dress. Blair and Viki join them, everyone having come to the same conclusion.

Todd and Blair call Starr's bluff. They say they have to send her to boarding school until they know that she's truly safe again. Scared, she admits there was no man. She made it all up to get attention because they don't love her anymore; they only love Jack now. Todd and Blair assure her they do love her. They make her promise she won't lie anymore, but she crosses her fingers behind her back. Later, after Starr is presentable again, the Cristening takes place. Starr is still jealous about all the attention her little brother is getting.

Bo returns to the station and Rae leaves him alone with his father. In his own way, Asa apologizes, saying he should have known how faking his death would hurt people. Bo calls him "Pa" for the first time in quite a while.

R.J. is annoyed by a message Keri left him; she says she's making dinner for the Vegas in his home. Max is amused, but R.J. is determined to interrupt the festivities. After he leaves, Gabrielle goes to Capricorn to arrange a dinner party for Al. Max overhears her conversation with the assistant manager, and notices she doesn't correct the other woman's assumption that Al's parents are married. He embarrasses her by loudly announcing that he's not her husband. After an argument, Gabrielle leaves, telling Max to plan Al's dinner party himself.

Keri believes R.J. will stay away, and Antonio assures her that nothing will go wrong. When Cristian and Carlotta arrive, Keri serves Puerto Rican food, which is a pleasant surprise for Carlotta. The two women establish a rapport, but it is broken when R.J. unexpectedly comes home to pick up a key. After he leaves, Antonio assures Keri that no harm was done, but he's wrong. R.J. is very pleased with himself and gloats when he sees Max. When Antonio leaves to get some wine, Keri hears Carlotta tell Cristian that R.J.'s arrival was a wake-up call. Her son's relationship with that woman will never last, thank goodness.

Nora sits down at Capricorn and begins to look over the file she took from Troy's office. Hank tosses the deed on top; he picked it up off the diner floor earlier and thought she might need it. He's convinced she's feeling guilty about something; she's obviously a nervous wreck. Nora eventually admits to being worried because she hasn't heard from Troy, who's doing something that involves her. His relationship with Lindsay is a scam; he despises her. It was all a setup, and Nora is afraid of what will happen if Lindsay finds out. She tells Hank about Troy's feelings for her, which she doesn't reciprocate. Hank knows there's more to the story than what she's telling him.

Troy is delusional from the spider bite, and Lindsay plays along with his belief that she's Nora. She realizes that he's burning up with fever. Troy tells "Nora" he was bitten but it's okay now that she's here. Lindsay doesn't know what to do. She never believed him when he said he was dying, but now he looks really bad and he's hallucinating. Troy calls out to Nora; he's very thirsty. Lindsay, crying, gives him a drink and dabs some water on his face. Troy knew that Nora would find him. They've had a connection ever since they kissed at the cemetery that night. Lindsay continues to play along, but she's thinking about Nora's infidelity to Sam.

Troy says their kiss was supposed to be a goodbye kiss, but it was so hard for him. Nora knew he never loved Lindsay and that he was only trying to get to the truth; she knew about his plan from the very beginning. Lindsay tells herself she should have known Nora was involved. She gives Troy more water, and he says they have to get out of there. She agrees that they can leave, but she wants to hear the tape. When Troy tells "Nora" he loves her, Lindsay tells him that if that's true, he'll tell her where the tape is.


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