OLTL Update Tuesday 2/26/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/26/02

By Beth

While Blair comforts Starr about the man she claims to have seen at the window, Todd warns some men that the alarm system they just installed had better work. Starr wants her parents to take her to Reptile Roundup to watch live chickens being fed to crocodiles--ostensibly to take her mind off seeing the strange man--but they tell her that can't happen today because of Jack's Cristening.

Later, Starr tries to get her mother to notice her dress but is ignored. Ben and Viki arrive and seem interested in her story about the man at the window, but only until Blair calls to them. Addie and Andrew arrive next, Addie staying behind for a minute to talk to her granddaughter. When she hears about the man carrying a stick and looking in the window, Addie tells Starr that he's her guardian angel. She should know, because she has one too, and he also carries a stick. Alone again, Starr tells herself that no one cares about her, but if something were to happen to her, they'd be sorry.

Ben learns that Sam wasn't invited to the Cristening. Todd calls the man Starr saw a "bum wandering up to the house looking for a handout." He draws a comparison between the bum and Natalie, which offends Viki. When Todd points out that Jessica is the one she loves and that's why Natalie is such a pain, Viki tells him that sibling rivalry is always difficult. Starr again vies for some attention from the adults and is unsuccessful, so she leaves the room. As Andrew starts to say a few words about the miracle that brought the baby into their lives, the burglar alarm goes off. It is extremely loud, and Addie holds her hands over her ears, repeatedly wailing, "Make it stop!" By the time Todd gets it turned off, they all realize that Starr is missing. Alarmed, Ben calls Bo, but Viki is calm. Blair is afraid the strange man came back and took Starr. Addie tells them her guardian angel story.

Outside, Starr looks at the house through binoculars. Her plan worked, and now it's time for step two. She smears dirt all over herself and cuts her dress with a pair of scissors. Soon she hears Todd calling to her, but she doesn't answer.

Back inside, Todd tells everyone that he couldn't find Starr. Suddenly, Starr bursts into the room, talking about how the man came back and grabbed her and tried to kidnap her. She collapses in Todd's arms.

Jessica is still working with Seth behind the bar, but she stops to make a phone call. Since the concert they'll be attending won't be over until late, she reserves a hotel room for her and Seth, specifying that it should be romantic. Although Seth reiterates that he wants to give her nice things, she points out that the most special gift he could give her would be time. Working all those hours, in addition to going to school, won't help if they never get to see each other. Seth is pleasantly surprised to learn about the hotel reservation.

Al and Natalie are still talking when Cristian returns to Break Bar. Al is alarmed that Jen isn't with Cristian and wants to know where she is. He isn't pleased to learn that Cristian left her with her mother. Cristian is suspicious that Al and Natalie are up to something, but Natalie says Al is upset because he wanted to be the one to take Jen to find Lindsay, but the wheelchair stopped him. When Cristian leaves, Al asks why she covered for him. There's a catch--a big one. She'll keep quiet if Al will help her break up Seth and Jessica. Al doesn't want to, but Natalie strongly advises him to think about it.

Outside Troy's office, Jen confronts her mother, saying the passport excuse is the same story she told Cristian. When Lindsay claims that the found passport turned out to be her own and not Troy's, Jen doesn't believe her. Lindsay finally admits that Troy isn't the man she thought he was. Remembering his betrayal, she tells Jen that she's having doubts about him. That's why she's not in Paris on her honeymoon. Jen assures her she did the right thing but questions why she was in Troy's office. Lindsay says that Troy may be involved with another woman, and she was looking for proof. She can't let it go. She begs Jen to stay with Al, who obviously loves her. Knowing her daughter is with Al will get her through this. Jen tells her she has already promised to stay with him, but she misses Cristian. Lindsay hugs her and tells her she understands what it's like to love someone who turns bad. Telling Jen to always remember that she loves her no matter what, she leaves.

Troy's condition following the spider bite has advanced to the next stage: neurological symptoms. He hallucinates that Nora is comforting and kissing him. She backs away, then vanishes. Troy, who is now sweating profusely, tells himself that he's dying and Lindsay is the only one who knows. In his weakening state, he sees Nora return. He made a mistake; he should have told her he loves her. Unfortunately, it is Lindsay who has actually returned to the funhouse. She asks whether he means what he said, and he nods. Lindsay talks but Troy sees and hears Nora. She doesn't realize he isn't really talking to her until he says Nora's name.

Keri would like to forget the embarrassment of being caught in bed with Antonio. Wanting to get past the incident, she invites the entire Vega family to dinner. To Carlotta's chagrin, Antonio accepts for all of them, and is insistent when his mother tries to get out of it. Carlotta relents but tries to back out again when she learns the dinner will be held at R.J.'s home. She is stunned when Antonio tells her not to make him choose between her and Keri.

After leaving the hospital, Nora goes to the diner, where she looks over the folder she took from Troy's office. Inside the folder is the deed to Troy's loft. Speaking aloud, she says she wants to find him. Hank hears this and questions her, but she claims to be referring to a client. Keri interrupts his interrogation, and after Hank walks away, Keri asks Nora whether her mystery man is still coming between her and Sam. Nora replies that she can't even find the man. She wishes he'd show up so she can stop obsessing. Keri fills her in on the situation with Antonio, then rushes out to get ready for her dinner with the Vegas. Hank rejoins Nora, who is also in a hurry.

Later, as Keri prepares for the dinner, the doorbell rings. She's convinced everyone is early, and she's not ready. Fortunately it is Antonio, who wants to help. He tells her to relax but she can't. Meanwhile, at the diner, Carlotta tells Cristian that Antonio and Keri are back together. She can't believe Keri invited all of them over for dinner.

Hank, who is still lurking around the diner, finds the deed on the diner floor. Nora had dropped it in her haste.

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