OLTL Update Monday 2/25/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 2/25/02

By Beth

Carlotta takes some groceries to Antonio's apartment. She also wants to drop off the newspaper with some personal ads circled; the poor guy hasn't been on a date since breaking up with Keri a few days ago. Thinking he isn't at home, she uses her key and is shocked when she opens the door and sees Antonio in bed with Keri. Dropping the grocery bags and newspaper, she apologizes and runs out. Antonio gets dressed and follows her out to the hallway. Carlotta stammers that she obviously shouldn't have his key. He doesn't blame her; after all, she had no way of knowing. He hadn't had a chance to tell her before now, but they are back together and he is very happy. Carlotta hands him the key and leaves.

Inside, Keri is cleaning up and finds the personal ads. When Antonio returns, she shows him what she found. She isn't amused but he doesn't take them seriously, thinking that his mother wouldn't really want him to date someone from the personals. Carlotta just needs some time to get used to the idea that her son is dating R.J. Gannon's daughter. Keri is embarrassed at having been caught in bed, but Antonio makes light of it. He wants the two women in his life to get to know each other better, so he goes to find Carlotta at the diner. He tells her he saw the personals, which she admits was a stupid idea. Carlotta resists his plan for her to get to know Keri better. What's the point, when they'll probably just break up anyway? He reiterates that he's happy and thinks Keri is "the one." When he goes to feed the parking meter, Keri arrives. She and Carlotta have some things to say to each other.

Jen is worried about her mother. She gets a call back from Lindsay's assistant, who doesn't know her whereabouts either. She wants to go look for her, and Al insists that Cristian take her. Alone now, Natalie and Al continue their argument. Natalie is determined to tell Cristian that Al can walk, and he is equally determined to stop her. Al defends his actions and is depending on her not to squeal. He's not going to pretend forever, but he does need more time. Natalie continues to lecture him and he grabs her, but she gets loose. She goes downstairs to wait for Cristian at Break Bar.

Jessica is behind the bar with Seth. Since his replacement didn't show up and he has to stay, this is the only way they can still have a date. As she cuts lemons, she tells Seth she wants to help pay for the concert tickets he bought, so all her tips will be going toward that. Seth just wants to give her nice things to show her how much she means to him, but she wants to do the same for him. Seth agrees to let her, as long as it doesn't have anything to do with Natalie's attempt to plant doubts about his intentions and his ability to pay for things legally.

Al joins Natalie at Break Bar, where she says she's already hurt too many people. She's not going to hurt anyone else or help him hurt anybody. Seth and Jessica see them and become suspicious. Seth has seen Natalie in that state before, and it's not good. He cautions Jessica not to get involved, but she's determined to help her good friend. Going to Al's "rescue," she accuses Natalie of causing a problem. Al tells her not to worry. While she reminds him that he has always loved danger and had to have her tell him to stop, Natalie is trying to get Seth to reconsider their relationship. Why can't he see that she's the same girl he fell in love with? He tells her to move on, but she can't. She rejoins Al, prompting Jessica to leave. Seeing Al check his watch, Natalie reminds him that Jen and Cristian have been gone a long time. He again begs her not to tell anyone what she saw. She should know what it's like to love someone that much. He'll do anything to keep her quiet.

Lindsay ducks behind the door as Claire enters Troy's office, where Nora is busy at the computer. Claire informs Nora that she'll have to leave, and Nora resists, but when Claire's back is turned, she grabs a folder and hides it. Claire is upset about Troy's inconsiderate, unprofessional behavior. No matter how much money he raised for the clinic, he shouldn't leave town without arranging for other doctors to cover his patient load. She blames Lindsay for his lack of consideration. What does he see in that woman, anyway? They leave, unaware that Lindsay is inside the office.

Still looking for the tape of her confession, Lindsay trashes Troy's office. She takes out the remote and points it around the room, hoping it will trigger the recorder, but it isn't there. As she ducks out of the office, Jen and Cristian arrive and ask what she's doing. Lindsay is annoyed that Cristian told Jen about seeing her at Troy's loft after she asked him not to. She's fine; there's nothing to worry about. After Cristian leaves, Jen again asks what's going on. When Lindsay tells her she's looking for Troy's passport, Jen accuses her of lying.

After being bitten by an allegedly poisonous spider, Troy ticks off the symptoms of such a bite. He already has a fever, chills, and a headache. Neurological and cardiac symptoms will be next, and then death--unless he manages to get help. He tries calling out, to no avail. As he struggles to get loose, he tells himself he's going to die there. Remembering his kiss with Nora, he struggles harder to get free. Becoming dizzy, he hallucinates that Nora has found him and is smiling at him.

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