OLTL Update Thursday 2/21/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/21/02

By Suzanne

After Lindsay trashes Troy's apartment looking for the tape, Cristian walks in and asks what she's doing there.  She asks the same thing. He says that he heard noises, and knowing Troy was gone, asked the super to let him in.  He goes to call the police, thinking there was a burglar, but she stops him.  He wonders why she's not in Europe.  Lindsay lies that their plane was delayed and then Troy found that his passport was missing, so he sent her to find it.  But he couldn't remember where he put it.  Cris asks if Lindsay is okay because she seems nervous.  She says it's just that it's her wedding day.  She asks Cris not to tell Jen that he saw her because she doesn't want her to worry.  Cris agrees and she leaves.

Back at the old funhouse, Troy watches quietly as a black widow spider crawls on him.  He talks to it, hoping it will keep moving off him.  But then Lindsay comes in, slamming the door, startling the spider.  It bites Troy, who yells "Ow".  She looks at the blood on his chest.

Starr is annoyed because her parents are both gone to work and took Jack with them.  Hedy the nanny tells her that Jack needs his parents because he's so little.  Starr plots to get more attention.

As they walk into his office, Blair wants to know if Todd is purposely putting off contacting Jack's birth mother for her medical records.  He denies it.  They don't realize that Gabrielle is sitting there in his chair until she swivels around and makes catty comments.  She trades insults with them.  Blair taunts her about Al not wanting to see her, so Gabrielle gives her a piece of paper.  Todd thinks it's Gabrielle's proof that Blair is Jack's mother, but instead it's the pictures she took at the Capricorn opening.  Gabrielle rushes out.  Todd says he has plans to get rid of Blair.  He starts to explain when Blair gets a call from Starr, who sounds scared and upset.  She yells at Blair to help her and then hangs up.  Blair figures it can't be a real emergency since Hedy would have called, but she says she has to go see what's up.  She asks Todd to look into those medical records and then leaves.  Todd tries to phone Llanview hospital to get a copy of Blair's medical records, but naturally they won't release them over the phone.  Gabrielle comes back in and laughs at what he tried.  Todd tries to send Gabrielle to Australia but she won't hear of it.  She insists that Todd look at her ideas for the style section, which include making her "best dressed" at the opening and Renee "worst-dressed".  He doesn't have anything against Renee so he won't do it.

Blair goes home and sees to Starr.  Starr says that a man with a big stick was looking in the window, so Blair fusses over her and pampers her.  She gives Jack to Hedy to take care of.  Blair yells at Hedy for not watching Starr closely enough and then goes to get Starr cocoa.  Hedy says to Starr that there was no man, was there?  Starr says, "There was if you want to keep your job!"

Max runs into Jen outside of Llanfair.  They chat about Al.  Max tells Jen that Al stills needs her, even though he seems to be handi-capable now.  He mentions Al's school award.  She doesn't know anything about it but figures Al just hasn't told her yet.  Max says he looks forward to getting to know her better.

Natalie can't believe Al is walking.  He tries to tell her that he wasn't.  She is ecstatic and can't figure out why he's not, too.  Jen comes in and Al covers about his big news.  He gets Jen to go fill a prescription for him.  Natalie realizes that he's scamming Jen so she'll stay with him.  She leaves to go tell Cristian.  Al tries to phone Cris but gets his machine.  Jen returns so he says they have to get to Cris' house.  He has some stuff to tell Cris but he doesn't want Jen there.  She is fine with that and says she'll drop him off and pick him up later.  At Cris' place, Seth tells them that the elevator is being used to load some stuff right now so they can't go up. Al  yells at him and is very annoyed.  He says it will be too late.

Natalie finds Cris at home and says she has something to tell him.

Max visits The Sun ostensibly to run an ad but wants to talk to Gabrielle about Al.  Gabrielle boots Todd out of his own office.  Max wonders what she has on Todd.  He asks her to be nicer to Jen, for Al's sake, so she agrees.

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