OLTL Update Wednesday 2/20/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/20/02

By Beth

As Lindsay wields the crowbar, ready to use it as a weapon again, Troy eggs her on. He'll never tell her where the tape is, so she might as well go ahead and kill him. But she can't, can she? She's not a killer. He urges her to turn herself in. It's the only choice she has. Lindsay disagrees; her only choice is to find the tape and destroy it. Although she has no idea where it is, she assumes it's in a place where Troy would have had easy access to it. She decides it must be in his loft.

Troy tells her she can't go to his loft because they're locked inside the funhouse. He urges her to get the key from his pants pocket. When she's close, he tells her he knows she loves him. They'll go to the police together. It will be the start of a new life for her, a life without fear. She manages to get the key. When Troy asks whether she's prepared to leave him there to die, she admits she doesn't know what to do. He's the one who's a killer; he killed their future together and her dreams. Troy says he'll die a slow and painful death if she leaves him there, but she leaves anyway.

Troy struggles to get loose. He got what he wanted for Nora, and now all he has to do is get it to her. He has to stop Lindsay and get her taped confession to the police. As he struggles, plaster falls around him.

At Capricorn, Max and R.J. talk about last night's opening while R.J. goes over the books. R.J. is convinced that Keri has broken up with Antonio, who has a small mind and thinks he's the only person capable of change. Vega looked like a fool. Max guesses that it was R.J. himself who set up the false tip.

In Bo's office, Antonio tells Keri he likes the way life with her feels. He's in love with her, and if she is trying to break it off with him, he won't accept it. Keri has no intention of breaking up. She's in love with him as well. She knows he was just following a tip. They kiss and make plans to get together later. After she leaves, he makes a call requesting a delivery.

Keri arrives at Capricorn and Max leaves. A package arrives for R.J. It is a replacement of the gift from Keri that Antonio shattered the night before. R.J. is touched that Keri wanted to replace it, and is angry to learn from the gift card that Antonio was the sender. He asks Keri to celebrate with him tonight but she already has plans. He is furious to learn that she's going to be with Antonio instead. They argue about it, and R.J. says he must be more angry about the ruined opening than he thought. Keri is concerned about Antonio's image, and wonders who would have given him the bad tip. After she leaves, R.J. vows that Antonio hasn't even begun to pay for the damage he's done.

Roxy begs Jessica not to sign the adoption papers. Bo offers to arrest her for trespassing, but Jessica doesn't want that. Asa can't believe that woman gave birth to his Jessie. Viki informs her that Jessica is of legal age to do as she pleases, and Ben offers to show her to the door. Natalie looks both apprehensive and disgusted. Finally, Roxy says she wants this to be a day that no one will forget. When Jessica tells her she is going to sign the papers, Roxy claims she doesn't want to stop her. She just wants to capture the moment in a picture. She takes out a camera and takes a photo as Jessica signs the documents. The judge adds her signature, making the adoption official. Viki and Jessica hug.

Roxy runs to get a drink, but Jessica stops her; she shouldn't be drinking with her condition. Hearing this, Viki asks Ben what's going on. He fills her in; Roxy claimed to be sick, and he checked it out himself to be sure. She has hypoglycemia. Natalie wants to know where that came from all of a sudden. Ben assures his wife that he ran tests on both Jessica and her birth mother, and Roxy is the only one with the problem. Although Ben tells her not to worry, Viki is still concerned about potential health problems for Jessica. She takes Natalie aside to tell her about her bout with breast cancer, stressing the importance of regular exams. It meant a lot to her that Natalie was so nice to Jessica. She hopes Natalie can deal with her sister's relationship with Seth.

Having heard what Ben told Viki, Blair is now worried about Jack. She wants to find Nellie and ask her to take some genetic screening tests. Todd doesn't think it's necessary, but Blair isn't convinced; she wants those medical records. Todd gives in and says he'll take care of it.

Asa asks Bo whether Roxy is really Jessica's mother; she just can't be. Bo reminds him that as of the signing of the papers, she's not her mother anymore. As for Asa's community service, Bo has changed his mind. He will be supervising his father at the station after all. Asa is pleased to hear this.

Al tells Cristian that he knows about the kiss. He and Jen don't have any secrets. He asks Cristian to give her a break and leave her alone because she's with him now. Cristian agrees that might be best, and tells Al he really hopes he'll walk again. Remembering what he heard, Al knows that if he does walk, Jen will go back to Cristian. He asks Ben to let Jen know he's going back to the carriage house.

Nora hopes Jen has a number where Lindsay and Troy can be reached, but she doesn't. Jen thought they were acting a little weird before they left, but it was probably pre-wedding jitters. She hopes everything works out for them. Ever since they got together, Lindsay hasn't been bothering her nearly as much.

After Ben reminds Roxy she's due for more tests, Roxy tells Jessica that she's not going back to the clinic. In fact, this is goodbye. She doesn't want to mooch off the free clinic. She has a bus ticket for tomorrow, although she doesn't know where she's going. She just wants to get away. Jessica decides to visit her in Atlantic City before she leaves. Natalie listens to their conversation. When Jessica walks away, Roxy is warned first by Asa, then by Natalie. Roxy insults Natalie, comparing her unfavorably to her new sister, then leaves. Outside, she calls Allison and says she smells money.

Natalie doesn't understand why Viki supports Jessica's relationship with Seth, considering what he did to her. Cristian thinks Seth has changed, and maybe Viki does too. Natalie isn't too sure. She watches as Seth presents Jessica with tickets to a sold-out concert. Jessica is touched; he already gave her the necklace. They kiss, and Natalie leaves without alerting them that she'd been watching. She decides go to the carriage house to retrieve some things she left there. As she opens the front door, she almost runs into Jen, who has come back for her purse. Natalie tells her to go ahead and get it, so Jen walks in on Seth and Jessica.

At the carriage house, Al gets a call from Max, who assumes Al has told Jen his good news by now. Now it's Max's turn to hear it. Al lies about being up for an award at school. After hanging up, Al returns to the computer, where he has been researching his paralysis. He manages to stand up but then sits back down. What's the point? If he gets his legs back, he loses Jen. He thinks about this, then stands up again and takes some tentative steps. He's unhappy to see Natalie watching him.

Back at the station, Bo asks Antonio whether he's going to stop going after his girlfriend's father. Antonio is going to do his job, and if he gets information about R.J. Gannon, he'll pursue it.

Lindsay enters Troy's loft and begins searching for the tape. Remembering a kiss they shared, she becomes more determined. She finds a tape hidden in the bed, but when she plays it, she realizes it's Troy's patient notes. Her search becomes more frantic. Cristian walks in, sees the mess, and asks what she's doing there.


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