OLTL Update Tuesday 2/19/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/19/02

By Beth

Starr is watching television when an announcement for the Cutest Baby contest comes on. Blair hears this and tells Jack that she should enter him but it wouldn't be fair to the other babies. Jealous, Starr has a fantasy in which Regis and Kelly announce that Jack Cramer Manning wins the contest. However, when they see Starr, they agree that she's so much cuter than Jack, and even though she's not a baby, they give her the trophy.

At the police station, Antonio tells Bo about what happened at Capricorn. He's convinced R.J. set it all up to make him look bad in Keri's eyes, and it worked. To his surprise, Keri arrives. R.J. joins them and says he wants to know what happened last night. Bo also wants to get to the bottom of it. Even though the opening of his new club was ruined, R.J. has decided not to press charges as long as the LPD issues a public apology and gives its assurances this won't happen again. Antonio apologizes and says he'll make sure it's made official. Satisfied that it will all be taken care of, Bo sets out for Llanfair. When R.J. leaves, Keri stays behind. She's been thinking about what happened, and now she and Antonio need to talk.

At the carriage house, Al tells Jen he didn't get any sleep because of his guilty conscience. He feels guilty about making her stay there with him. Jen argues that he's not making her do anything, but feeling guilty herself, she tells him about kissing Cristian the night before. She doesn't want to keep secrets from him, and they agree to always be honest with each other. Despite this, Al doesn't reveal that he saw the kiss or that his big news was really having felt something in his leg.

At Llanfair, Natalie looks through some old photos of Jessica, who soon joins her in the room and tells her not to feel obligated to attend her adoption ceremony. Natalie claims to want to be there. They'll officially be sisters, and sisters share everything. As she says this, Seth and Cristian arrive. Al and Jen aren't far behind.

Ben and Viki are holding a celebration in honor of Jessica's adoption. Along with Renee and Todd, they are in the kitchen at Llanfair. Todd sees the adoption as a way to "stick it" to Natalie, which offends Viki. Viki is alarmed when a police officer enters the kitchen, but Ben knows why he's there. He is the official escort of their waiter: Asa, who will be serving more of his community service hours. Todd is highly amused but leaves the room when Ben and Viki take up for Asa. Nora arrives with the adoption papers, which Clint has already signed. She sees Asa dutifully arranging the food on plates, and teases him about his situation.

Nora is very worried about Troy and leaves another message for him. Blair and the kids arrive, and everyone fawns over Jack. Nora tries to take him but Todd intervenes. He doesn't like her, so she can't touch his baby. The feeling is mutual, but Nora does like his baby, who is better off not having any of Todd's genes. Realizing her mistake, Nora apologizes to Starr, who tells her that if her daddy doesn't like Nora, then neither does she.

As Asa and Renee bicker over the food's presentation, Al comes into the kitchen and asks to speak to Asa alone. He had Nora draw up papers to rescind his adoption. Asa apologizes for hurting Al. When Bo walks in on them, Asa asks whether he wants out too. Bo replies that unlike Al, he doesn't have a choice; he's stuck with Asa.

Todd introduces himself to Natalie, who calls him "the rapist." He warns her to stay on his good side and not mess around with Jessica. When Natalie claims she would never hurt her, Todd tells her to prove it. Natalie then gives Jessica a present: a journal with her initials embossed on it.

Natalie rebukes Asa for acting like a servant. He's the head of the family, after all. Asa is quite taken with her and wants to get to know her better. Todd questions why Viki didn't know the babies were switched. A mother should know her own baby. Realizing that what he just said applies to his own family, he shuts up. Meanwhile, Judge Fitzwater arrives for the ceremony. Nora, Ben, and Viki go over some final details before the ceremony. Jessica and Todd hug each other, and Todd wants reassurance that he'll always be her uncle, no matter what.

Finally, the moment has arrived. Viki makes a short speech about her two daughters, then gets ready to sign the papers. In honor of the occasion, Ben provides her with a nice pen with a pink ribbon tied around it. Viki signs the papers, and as Jessica gets ready to do the same, Roxy barges into the room and begs her not to sign them.

Lindsay is still inside the funhouse. Remembering the hurtful things Troy said to her, and her own violent retaliation, she tells herself she didn't have a choice. He made her do it. Troy is handcuffed to the wheel of fortune and is unconscious. Lindsay talks to him about how they were supposed to get married in Paris today. She thought that for the first time in her life, someone actually loved her back. Now she knows that he really loves Nora, and she feels betrayed. She slaps Troy and yells at him to wake up. When he does, she asks his name. Is he Troy or Colin? He tries in vain to get loose.

Lindsay admits to being in a bit of a predicament but she does have an idea. She can't let Troy just walk out of there now that he knows what she did. She doesn't want to keep him chained up but she will until he tells her where the tape is. Once she gets hold of her taped confession, she'll destroy it, and it will be his word against hers. Troy refuses to give in. Lindsay already has the remote. She looks around and finds the wireless microphone but still doesn't see the recorder, and she wants that tape. When Troy says he'd rather die than give it to her, she raises the crowbar again.

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