OLTL Update Monday 2/18/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 2/18/02

By Beth

Convinced that it's the only way out, Lindsay finally confesses that she was the one who drugged Nora. She also admits that both her children know what she did. As she begs for Troy's understanding, he takes in what he has just heard. Lindsay hopes she has given him enough information to get them both out of the funhouse alive. When she asks what he's thinking, he merely replies, "I'm thinking ... gotcha."

Lindsay doesn't understand. Troy says he's waited a long time for her to confess. She's sorry it took her so long; that secret has caused her nothing but pain and misery. Troy counters that Nora is the one who's suffered pain and misery. Lindsay still doesn't realize what is happening and just wants to find a way to get them out of there. Troy unlocks his handcuffs and tells her she is going to be punished. There is no Colin. Colin's been dead for almost a year, Lindsay. Troy was pretending to be his brother the whole time. Lindsay can't believe it. Troy shows how he used the funhouse and modern technology to pull it off. It was all to get her to confess.

Lindsay is crying. She knows Troy loved her; she felt it! No, it was all an act to get her to trust and confide in him. Instead of telling him what she did to Nora, she ended up filling him in on every other little evil thing she did. It made him sick when she told him about altering Jen's pregnancy test just to break up her relationship with Cristian. He almost called it off then, but he'd already invested too much time in his plan. Even the truth serum he added to her wine didn't work. That's why he had to pretend to be Colin. He did it all so that everyone will know the truth about what she did. He plays back the recording of her confession, and she shrinks to the floor in tears.

Troy tells Lindsay it's finally over. Every time he had to kiss her or sleep with her, it made him physically sick, but he did it to clear his brother's name. Now he has proof of what he knew all along--that Colin would never have held an injured woman prisoner or injected her with a drug to wipe out her memory--and he has to decide what to do with that proof.

Lindsay is devastated. As Troy cleans up and changes shirts, he tells her he'll be taking her to the Llanview Police Department. He finally has the proof he needs to send her away for a very long time. Nora will finally get the peace of mind she deserves. When Lindsay asks what Nora has to do with this, he tells her that it was Nora who gave him the strength and courage to put up with her.

Lindsay eyes the crowbar as Troy tells her that she disgusts him. Every time he touched her, he closed his eyes and imagined she was Nora. That was the only way he could do it. As he taunts her with Nora's name, he walks away. Lindsay crawls to the crowbar and picks it up. She stands up and strikes him down.

Annoyed that Keri missed most of Capricorn's opening to be with Antonio, R.J. calls Skeet, a police informant, and orders him to give Antonio some disinformation. Soon afterward, as Keri dances with her father, Skeet calls Antonio with a tip that a delivery was made to R.J. at the club earlier that day. It is inside a wooden crate.

Rae urges Hank to talk to Keri, so he cuts in on her dance with R.J. While they dance, R.J. snacks and waits for his plan to take effect. Hank asks Keri to forgive him for keeping her father's identity from her, and she agrees to give him a second chance. Antonio joins them and asks to speak to Hank. He tells him about the tip. When it seems to check out with Hank's sources, the D.A. orders a search warrant. Antonio tries to get Keri out before the officers arrive with the warrant, but it's already too late.

After a quick apology to Keri, Antonio joins the officers, who are prying open the wooden crates at the bar. R.J. apologizes to his guests and promises a round of drinks on the house. One of the officers points out a crate with today's date on the shipping label. Keri protests; she sent it as a gift to her father for the club's opening. Accusing her of covering for him, Antonio smugly throws the crate to the floor, shattering the contents. Tears running down her face, Keri asks her lover why he did that when she told him it was a gift. Antonio picks up the enclosed gift card, which read, "Congratulations, Dad. I'm so proud of you. Love, Keri." Antonio reads the card and realizes she was telling the truth. Instructing the officers not to bother checking the basement, he admits that it was all a mistake.

Al is excited because he is starting to feel his legs again. He is bursting to tell Jen, whom he wants to be the first one to know. After having Max drop him off at the carriage house with a promise to call him with his good news as soon as he tells Jen, he tries to stand up. Just as Jen unlocks the door, Cristian stops her from going inside. He followed her from the quarry because he loves her and can't stand the situation. Jen loves him but insists they can't be together as long as Al is paralyzed.

Al watches as Jen and Cristian kiss. After they part, he opens the door and invites them in to hear some good news. He looks down at his legs, and Jen and Cristian look at each other. It's hard to tell whether they're hoping the good news is about his legs or whether they're just not interested in what he has to say. Seeing the look they exchanged, Al tells them that he really enjoyed being the DJ at the party, and people must have enjoyed his work, because several of them offered him more gigs.

Cristian leaves, and Jen offers Al some encouraging words. He has something for her. It's a shawl from Argentina. His grandmother gave it to him with instructions to give it to the woman who means everything to him.

Sam has a surprise for Nora inside her house. On the wall is a movie poster depicting the two of them with their son. The movie title is "Matthew: The Missing Months." The entire time that Nora was missing, Sam never gave up hope, and he took videos of Matthew every day to show her when she returned. He took the footage to a video shop to have them edit it all together, but they lost everything. After a year of threats to sue the shop, he finally got the tape from them. Nora is delighted with the video. As they reach the end, Ben arrives, hoping they know where he can find Troy. He can't believe Troy would have gone to Paris without arranging for someone to take over for him at the clinic. Despite Sam's reservations, Ben thinks Troy is the most dedicated doctor he's ever met. As Ben leaves, he reminds them that Jessica's adoption ceremony is tomorrow. Nora will be there but Sam will be in court.

Bo arrives home and sees that Gabrielle has set out a snack for him. He thinks it's a bribe to get him to stop asking why Todd gave her a job. No, it's a bribe to assure him that she never would have followed through with her plan to kill his father. When she thought he was dead, her sorrow was completely genuine. She admits that she didn't make the snack herself, but she did put it on the plates.

Asa arrives and is furious to see that Gabrielle is still staying with his son. He came by to schedule his community service for the police station. Bo tells him to call the personnel department for that information. Asa asks for a break, but Bo insists he's going to serve every second of his sentence. Seeing the snacks, Asa says not to believe Gabrielle if she says she made them, because she didn't. he should know; he made them with his own little hands while doing community service at the Palace Hotel this afternoon.

After Asa leaves, Gabrielle urges Bo to let his father serve the hours with him. She knows what it's like to be estranged from a child, and it's the worst feeling in the world. Yes, Asa has made a lot of mistakes, but he won't be around forever. She's convinced he came to Bo's to reach out to his son.

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