OLTL Update Thursday 2/14/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/14/02

By Glynis and Suzanne

Blair, Rae, and Hank look at a picture of Starr as a baby, and think that Starr and Jack look too much alike.  After Todd insults Rae and Hank some more, they leave.  Blair continues to go on about it.  Todd tells her that it is not a coincidence.   Later, he makes up some excuse for it that Blair seems to buy.

The kids have a 70's costume party for Valentine's Day at the college.  Jen and Al arrive and Shauna rolls up on skates and starts asking Al some embarrassing questions about being in a wheel chair.  Al tells Jen that he has a surprise for her.  Jen runs into Cris at the punch bowl.  He's not dressed up and says he has to go off to study.  Jen talks to him about Al, blaming herself for Al's condition. (As usual, half of the costumes look like 70's and the other half look like 60's, since they probably don't have people old enough to know what the 70's looked like.)

Antonio finds Keri at his place dropping off a valentine.  She is embarrassed as he reads her mushy comments, which she explains were written before they broke up.  He tells her that he thinks he loves her.

At the hospital, Ben tells Roxanne that her tests show that she has hypoglycemia and it's very serious.  Alison cheers quietly around the corner.  If they don't treat it, it could become life-threatening. (This is so wrong and such an exaggeration!! Hypoglycemia is generally not life-threatening at all. If you get diabetes, then it can be, but otherwise it's not.  It's easily manageable by diet and doesn't require "major lifestyle changes" like he states.  Also if she had that, she wouldn't have to fake her symptoms.  I know because I have hypoglycemia--Suzanne)

Viki rummages in the attic in an old trunk, looking for something.  Natalie wonders if she's looking for a party costume for Jessica, but Viki takes out an old psychedelic dress and says this should look great on Natalie.  Natalie is touched but says she's not planning to go to the party.  Viki urges her to go out and have a great time.  She asks Natalie if she's going to show up tomorrow at Jessica's adoption celebration.  Natalie sarcastically asks if she's wondering if she will show up in a red dress to ruin everything.  Then she quickly apologizes.  Viki assures her that she's part of the family.  Viki gives Natalie a beautiful green necklace.  Natalie is over-joyed and they hug.  Natalie leaves to get dressed.

Ben calls Viki and learns that Viki misses him. He tells her to meet him in the attic. She says she is already there.

Shauna drags Cristian on the floor and Al drags Jennifer off for a surprise. He tells her that he is the DJ for the party and some of the 70's music is pretty cool. He makes a selection and Jennifer is finding it hard to keep her eyes off Cristian dancing. Al announces that he is playing the next song for a very special lady. Cristian watches Jen at the DJ table as Al plays a Bread tune (yay, they got the music right!).

Roxanne tells Jessica to go have fun at her Valentine's Day party.  Alison tells Roxanne that she really is sick. Alison didn’t have time to switch the blood. Roxanne really is sick.   Alison is gleeful and asks Roxanne if that isn't really great.  Roxanne looks at her like she's crazy (which she is!).

Blair and Todd arrive at a party at RJ’s. They find Gabrielle there and they are not pleased. Max and Bo are also at the party. Todd would like to leave but Blair won’t let him…She tells him to just focus on her.  Gabrielle talks Max’s ears off about her new job and he has nothing to say. He only drinks a little harder. Bo finds her a little too obvious. He doesn’t like being used to make Max jealous. Gabrielle calls him "the most sought-after bachelor in town" but wonders how he finds himself alone on Valentine’s Night? He says that he is not alone.  She suggests that he tells her about his past loves so she can give him some advice.  He jokes that they would both be old and grey before he finished and goes to get them something to drink.  Max wonders who Gabrielle's new boss is.   Gabrielle goes over to Todd and Blair and starts talking about work. Both Blair and Todd ignore her and walk off…Max is shocked that Todd hired her.

RJ calls his daughter, wondering where she is on the opening night of his club.  He gets her machine…

Antonio is with Keri. Antonio wonders what it is with her? He used to be sane and logical and she made him lose his sanity. All he thinks about is her and all he wants is her. He would like to be with her, to hold her and to touch her. That's all that she wants, too.   They kiss.

Ben and Viki meet in the attic and talk about how special of a place it is to them.  They kiss and he gives her a jewelry box.  It's a heart necklace.  Soap opera's most underused couple says, "I love you" and kiss some more.

Jessica meets Seth at the 70's party and tells him about Roxanne. He is wearing a suit exactly like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" (and she is wearing a fuzzy coat just like I used wear in junior high in the 70's! LOL!-Suzanne)

Chad gets some digs in at Cris about Al and Jen being together at the party.  Natalie arrives and sees Jess and Seth dancing.  Cris and Natalie give each other pep talks about getting over their ex's.

Max wonders what the deal is about Gabrielle's new job.  She greets her photograph and makes fun of what everyone's wearing.  She gets the idea to do a "best and worst dressed list".  She says she is the best dressed so he asks who is worst.  She asks Blair and Rene if they can take their pictures.  Max corners Todd and makes fun of him for hiring Gabrielle.  Bo chats with Rene.  Gabrielle suggests that Todd give her more pages for the style section.  He says no but she threatens to drop a bombshell on Blair.  Todd walks away but Bo overheard her, so he asks her what bombshell she meant.

Keri and Antonio realize they feel the same way about each other.  They share some more feelings, including about R.J.  He assures her that their feelings are real and he doesn't want anyone to come between them again.  He says again that he loves her.  They kiss.

Bo asks Gabi if she's blackmailing Todd.  She makes up an answer about Todd's valentine's gift for Blair.  He doesn't buy it.  She remembers that she would like to speak to her son before it gets too late, so she excuses herself.  Bo watches her, smiling.

Al can tell that Jen is kind of down so he urges her to go home and get some sleep.  His phone rings and it's Gabi,  wishing him a happy valentines day. He thanks her.  She hears the noise and he tells her that he is at a campus party. She asks if Jen is there.  He tells her that Jennifer is not there, she went home because she wasn't feeling well. Al's brave face crumbles and he starts to sound like he's going to cry, so he says he's really busy and hangs up on her. Max has been standing nearby and he comes over to Gabrielle to find out what Al has been up to. Gabrielle is worried that Jennifer is going to break her son’s heart. Bo comes up and takes Gabrielle to dance. Max stands by watching the both of them as they dance. Gabrielle cries while dancing; she tells Bo that she just realized that her son might never dance again.

Al looks like he is thinking the same thing as he watches people's feet as they dance.  The room seems to spin a little around him.  He lets the record end without putting a new one on, he was in such a fog.  As he goes to change it, he rams his leg into the table leg and says "Ow!"  He realizes that he felt it!

Cristian has left the party and gone to the grotto that was special for him and Jennifer. He remembers the good times there with her.

Antonio and Keri dance together, half-undressed.

After that dance, Blair gets a chance to sing and she does. She sings "Funny Valentine" to the group, but mostly to Todd. "Your looks are laughable, unphotographable…still you're my favorite work of art."

Antonio and Keri make love slowly, romantically.

Viki and Ben dance in the attic…

Cristian turns and finds Jen there.

Seth gives Jessica a necklace.  Natalie watches them jealously.

Max watches Bo and Gabrielle dance and can’t stand that anymore, so he leaves.

The song ends…"each time is Valentine’s Day"

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