OLTL Update Wednesday 2/13/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/13/02

By Beth

"Colin" unlocks the door to the funhouse, and he and Lindsay go inside. She asks where Troy is and is directed to a long passageway. Her captor tells her not to bother trying to escape, because there's only one door, and he just locked it. He taunts her by asking for a hug before she starts through the passageway. As she makes her way through the cobwebs, she calls out Troy's name. Suddenly she hears Troy calling out for help. When she replies, he tells her to follow his voice.

"Colin" goes through a secret door and uses a remote to stop Troy's prerecorded voice. Telling himself that it's showtime, he prepares for Lindsay to find her fiance. He puts on the shirt he cut with a knife, smears soot all over himself, sets some audio equipment, and gets into place with the handcuffs at the wheel of fortune. Lindsay is still calling out to Troy. She stumbles and falls down, calling out that she is lost. Troy calls out to her again and she finds him, tears streaming down her face.

Lindsay runs to Troy, who asks how she got there. Horrified to learn that "Colin" brought her, he begs her to get out before his brother comes back. "Colin" hates Lindsay even more than he hates Troy, so she has to escape. He told Troy horrible things that Lindsay did and tried to blame it on him. She claims not to know what that could be, and she certainly never blamed Colin for anything. Why is he taking it out on Troy?

Troy says he was going to his car when all of a sudden he felt a very sharp pain. He woke up at the funhouse. "Colin" must have hit him from behind. He tells her about the videocamera, and she says she saw the video. He broke free of the guard and called to warn her but the guard knocked hiim out. He didn't have a chance to call the police; he had to warn Lindsay first. They both cry and profess their love, and Lindsay admits that it's all because of her. In his mind, he thinks he's doing it because of her. Troy begs her to tell him, then pretends to hear his brother coming back. Troy needs to know exactly what happened. She insists that she loves him and that's all he needs to know. When she still refuses to admit what she did, he tells her that he already knows, and he begs her to tell him what she did to Nora.

R.J. is helping Keri unpack her boxes. He wants to do all he can to make sure that she's happy staying with him. He realizes that they can't suddenly have a close relationship, but he hopes that in time she'll forgive him for not being there for her when she was younger. Keri understands that it wasn't his fault.

At R.J.'s door, Nora recalls asking R.J. about his involvement with Lindsay, which he firmly denied. She rings the doorbell, and R.J. invites her in. She gives them the box Keri had left at her house. At the top of the box, Keri sees the card she bought for Antonio for Valentine's Day. Upset, she needs to be alone for a few minutes. Nora thinks R.J. must be happy about their breakup. He is, but he would never have caused it. She's an adult and he refuses to interfere. He knows what it's like to be told how to live. Nora doesn't quite believe him, pointing out that he has very subtle ways of interfering. She would love to see them back together; she fixed them up and still thinks they're a terrific couple.

Nora wants to talk to R.J. about Lindsay, but he has to take care of some business for the opening of Capricorn tonight. That's okay; she'll wait. As he makes his phone calls, Nora remembers what Troy said at Colin's graveside. She checks her voicemail but has no messages. Keri returns and Nora tries to convince her to give Antonio the card in person.

R.J. returns and Nora starts asking him about Lindsay. She refuses to believe he doesn't know anything. If he'll just tell her what he knows, she'll try to stop what's already in motion. He insists he's the last person in whom Lindsay would ever confide. Nora still doesn't believe him, but he insists he would help her if he could. He observes that she doesn't seem too happy whatever is about to happen.

At the diner, Antonio and Cristian are moping about having lost out on love. When Cristian tells his brother not to let R.J. get between him and Keri, Carlotta comes along and hits him over the head. Cristian argues that it's Antonio's life and it's up to him to live it. What does she have against Keri? Nothing; Keri's a good woman but she doesn't know what she wants. Carlotta insists on conducting the entire argument in Spanish. Angry, Antonio finally ends it. He's right here and he does understand Spanish! Even if he wants Keri back, it won't happen as long as R.J. is in her life. Finally, Carlotta realizes that arguing won't do any good. Cristian takes his mother home, while Antonio stays behind to lock up. The lights go out, so he lights a candle and goes to investigate. Keri arrives and is curious about the candle. She calls out, and Antonio returns.

Starr has a surprise for her parents: heart decorations for Valentine's Day. However, the decorations are a bit creepy, including a cupid with a skull's face. Todd gets a call from Gabrielle, who announces that she has redesigned the style page, but he tells her to put it back the way it was. Blair grabs the phone from Todd and tells her never to call their home again. When Starr asks why Todd hired her, Blair explains that her father is being blackmailed.

Bo appears in the doorway to Gabrielle's office and asks what she's doing there. She tells him about her new job. Bo is looking for Todd because of the latest front page: a photo of Asa and the headline "BUCHANAN BUYS OFF JUSTICE SYSTEM." He still can't believe she's actually working there. He warns her not to get involved with Todd or to underestimate him.

Hank and Rae arrive at Todd's house with a baby gift, which Todd unsuccessfully tries to grab before closing the door in their faces. When the doorbell rings again, Blair is convinced it's David Vickers, and she's surprised to hear about Todd's rudeness. Hank and Rae reluctantly accept her invitation to come inside.

While playing with one of her decorations, Starr fantasizes about flying a kite with her father. Suddenly Gabrielle comes along, bragging about how she's going to break up Todd and Blair's marriage. Starr tells Todd to go get Ichabod for her, and when he leaves, she gets Gabrielle to take the kite, saying it's about to get away from her. The kite hits a power line and electrocutes Gabrielle. Coming out of her reverie, Starr smiles.

Jack likes his new rattle, the gift from Rae. Starr demands a gift, saying the older child isn't supposed to be ignored. Rae agrees and pulls out a gift for her as well. Starr is excited to see what it is: a video called "When Pets Bite Back II." Hank looks around at the decorations Starr put up and refers to them as "Walt Disney meets Stephen King." As a peace offering, Rae informs Blair that she doesn't have to go to therapy anymore. Hank adds his good news: he has recommended lifting Blair's probation. He and Rae are on their way to Capricorn, but as they leave, Rae notices a baby picture that she assumes is Jack. It is really a photo of Starr. She and Blair agree that they look identical. This observation worries Todd.

Roxy, Jessica, and Ben are at the free clinic. Roxy is balking at having medical tests done, but Jessica and Ben insist. Allison, still in disguise, attracts Roxy's attention and warns her not to let Ben draw any blood. Ben and Jessica bring the medical cart over to Roxy, and Ben prepares for the tests. Roxy pretends to faint at the sight of the needle. They lay her out on a stretcher, and when she "wakes up," she struggles to get away. They hold her down and Ben takes the blood sample. Seeing this, Allison approaches a woman and demands to know what her medical condition is.

Allison tells Roxy that she was busy trying to find a blood sample to switch with hers. Roxy tries to leave the clinic, but Ben stops her and says that the preliminary results are in, and it's not good news.


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