OLTL Update Tuesday 2/12/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/12/02

By Beth

Lindsay begs "Colin" to let Troy go, but he simply laughs and shows her the video of Troy pleading for exactly that. Of course, since he's dead, he doesn't have to do anything anyone asks him to do. He wants to know what exactly Lindsay had in mind when she promised to do anything to have Troy released. He was there when she drugged Nora, so he knows exactly what she's capable of doing. Lindsay begs him to just forget what she did to Nora and prove to her that Troy is okay. "Colin" hopes that what she did haunts her day and night. He wants her to admit what she did. Does she remember? Yes, she remembers holding the syringe. Nora was trying to destroy her life, and Lindsay would do it all over again if she had to.

What would Lindsay do again? "Colin" wants her to say it. She resists; why should she say it when he already knows? Don't make Troy pay for what she did! Let him go! She's changed! She's happy now! Too bad; "Colin" says she doesn't deserve happiness. Say it! Lindsay argues that it won't change anything, but he counters that it could change Troy's future. She still refuses, saying that Nora is fine. "Colin" shoves her into an art display, breaking the objet d'art.

Jen knocks at the the gallery door, calling out that she heard a crash. With his hand over Lindsay's mouth, "Colin" reminds her that all it will take is one phone call to Troy's keeper, and her fiance will be dead. Then he tells her to answer the door. Lindsay tries to make Jen understand that something is wrong. When she tells Jen she needs help, "Colin" appears beside her. He hugs Jen, saying that her mother needs help deciding what to wear. They do need to get going, though. Jen gives her a gift for luck, which Lindsay promises will never leave her sight. She cries as she hugs her daughter goodbye. Back inside, Troy tells Lindsay it's amazing what a good liar she is. Lindsay says he's better; when they were talking to Jen, Lindsay could hardly tell that he wasn't Troy. He wonders whether she'd know the difference in bed if he had slept with her after coming back from the dead.

Lindsay claims she's not afraid. Troy loves her; he knows everything about her and still loves her. He's also much smarter than his evil twin. "Colin" laughs at this; if Troy is so much smarter, why is he the one who's locked up? He takes the suitcases to the door and hands Lindsay her purse after removing her cell phone.

Renee finds Asa conducting business on the telephone. He's supposed to be doing his community service for her now, so she hands him a broom. When he tries to sweep the dirt under a rug, she hands him a dustpan and informs him that she has some work for him in the storage room when he's finished. Max arrives and enjoys seeing Asa doing manual labor. He says he was very good for Asa, and the best son he had even if it wasn't real. He didn't really try to kill Asa, only talked about it. He never could have gone through with it. Rae arrives and asks Asa why he missed his court-ordered therapy session with her yesterday. If he blows off another session, she'll be meeting him in his jail cell. He doesn't have to talk; they can always just sit and stare at each other. A couple at the bar laughs, and Asa waves the broom at them, scaring them away. Max calls Asa a selfish, vengeful, cruel man. Yes, he loved him anyway, but it was misplaced love. He is incredulous over Asa's insistent belief in his own innocence.

Rae tells Renee not to feel sorry for Asa, and they discuss how he's obviously not sorry about what he did. Rae says that this time, he's lost more than just money.

Allison, who is wearing a disguise, plots with Roxy. They are expecting a call from Jessica. Roxy is acting sick, but Allison tells her to stop the coughing, because that isn't a symptom of her alleged blood sugar problem. When Roxy's phone rings, it is Lois, the maid at Llanfair, who says that Jessica would like to see her at the mansion as soon as possible. Excited, Allison tells Roxy that she has one performance left and it had better be good. They leave for Llanfair separately since they don't want to be seen together.

At Llanfair, Ben tells Lois she did a great acting job on the phone with Roxy.

At the student union, Jessica clarifies that Natalie and Cristian aren't together yet, but she did walk in on them in a compromising position. Jen joins them and tells Al she wants to go see her mother, so she'll be back later. After she leaves, Jessica teases her good friend about being in love. Al knows he and Jen are supposed to be together. If Cristian really loved her, he wouldn't have moved on so quickly. Jessica is surprised to learn that Jen will be moving into the carriage house with Al.

Ben finds Jessica and tells her he has good news. The lab reanalyzed her bloodwork, and she is 100 percent healthy. As for Roxy, Ben has a plan and wants Jessica to follow his lead. They leave for Llanfair.

Natalie tells Cristian she's sorry things didn't work out with Jen, and promises not to tell her what almost happened between them. He says it doesn't matter since she's with Al now, but he promises not to tell Seth. Natalie says she's never giving up on her former boyfriend. When Seth joins them, Cristian leaves. Seth is curious about her relationship with Cristian. He's worried that he might be using her, and he doesn't want to see anyone get hurt. He cautions her to be careful, then leaves. Natalie is encouraged by their little talk.

Cristian offers to help Al, but Al doesn't need anything. He asks whether it's true that Jen is moving in with him. Yes, it's true, and it was entirely her idea. Rae, back from the restaurant, is glad to see Al back. She encourages him to give her a call if he ever wants to talk. Cristian asks to drop her psychology class, but she convinces him that wouldn't be a good idea because it would put him behind a year.

Back at Llanfair, Ben promises Jessica that they'll get help for Roxy if she's really sick. Roxy and Allison have arrived on the property, and Allison hides while Roxy rings the doorbell. Roxy is greeted by Lois, who invites her inside. Roxy pretends to think that Lois is Jessica, stumbling and saying that her vision is blurred. She's also numb, but it doesn't hurt. Ben observes as Roxy tells Jessica she wants to know all about her, so they can get to know each other in the little time they have left together. When Jessica says she's going to help, Roxy assumes she means money. Ben laughs to himself.

Jessica tells Ben that Roxy doesn't have health insurance. She still believes that Roxy is telling the truth about her condition and her feelings for her. Roxy asks Ben to leave but he insists on staying. Jessica confesses that although she didn't tell her Uncle Larry about Roxy's condition, she did tell Ben. Unaware that Ben is a doctor, Roxy thinks that's probably okay. Ben thought that Jessica's health would be the first thing Roxy would want to know, but Roxy plays sick and confused, and Jessica defends her. Ben advises her to get a second opinion, but Roxy refuses. She can't pay. No problem; the free clinic is up and running. Well, she doesn't want some stranger poking at her. No problem; she already knows Ben, so he's no stranger, and he just got reinstated as a doctor. He's prepared to check her out right now at the house.

After leaving a message for Troy, Nora hangs up, and Sam, who was eavesdropping, starts interrogating her all over again. Remembering the conversation she had with Troy on the docks, she decides to tell him everything. She says that the elopement will be a disaster and lots of people will get hurt. She tried to warn Troy about Lindsay. The last time she saw her, she had that desperate, crazed look in her eyes. Lindsay truly believes that Nora's sole purpose in life is to ruin her life. She confesses that Lindsay had a syringe, and this shocks Sam. Someone sent it to Lindsay and she was convinced it was Nora. Sam believes her relationship with Troy is somehow triggering this behavior. He thought she was happy, so why is she after Nora again? When Nora says that she knows why, Sam says that so does he. Lindsay is so predictable, thinking that Nora is going to ruin things now with Troy. Well, Sam's had enough. He's going to put a stop to it tonight. Not bothering to let Nora finish explaining what she knows, he leaves.

Nora leaves another message for Troy, then calls the gallery. Sam is there but doesn't pick up the phone. Then, picking up a box of Keri's things, she tells herself she has to do what she has to do.

"Colin" unlocks the funhouse and they go inside. Lindsay looks around for Troy and asks where they are. "Colin" tells her they're in a funhouse. Is she ready to have some fun?

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