OLTL Update Monday 2/11/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 2/11/02

By Beth

After leaving the courthouse, Nora arrives home, accompanied by Sam. She's annoyed about having been forced by the judge to defend Asa in court. She's also upset about the confrontation with Lindsay. When Sam grills her about Troy's intentions toward his ex-wife, Nora is evasive, giving as little information as she can get away with. Fortunately for her, the arrival of Keri and R.J. distracts Sam from his interrogation. Nora is disappointed to learn that Keri is moving out. R.J. enlists Sam's help with the boxes, urging his daughter to fill Nora in on how she hurt her wrist tackling a mugger.

While the men pack, Keri laments the impossible situation she's in, with R.J. and Antonio despising each other, and moving in with her father won't help her relationship with Antonio. Nora urges her to stay, but Keri wants to give Nora and Sam some privacy. She apologizes for always barging in on them, but Nora is glad she showed up when she did today. Keri and R.J.'s arrival kept her from having to answer some questions she didn't want to answer. Nora confides that she has become involved with another man. It's not an affair; she loves Sam very much. This other man is doing something to help her and won't stop until he succeeds. It's gone too far, and she's afraid someone will get hurt. She knows she should put a stop to it, but she can't. If the man succeeds, his actions will free her to love Sam the way she wants to love him. Even so, Sam would want her to stop it. Keri understands, being torn between the wishes of two men herself. R.J. returns with the news that everything is packed, so they leave. Nora calls out to check for Sam, and when he doesn't answer, she makes a call to Troy. She's afraid of what's going to happen, and she wants him to call her as soon as he gets her message. As she talks, Sam eavesdrops.

Lindsay hears Troy's voice on the phone, telling her to be careful and warning her that Colin is back. When she asks her fiance where he is, Troy enters her office and says, "Right here." Lindsay is stunned. The voice on the phone keeps telling her to be careful--he is obviously in trouble--while the man in front of her says to hurry so they don't miss their plane. Lindsay stalls, saying that the phone call distracted her. When Troy grabs the phone, she tells him it was a wrong number. Looking at the travel brochure for Paris, Lindsay tries to trick him and says how glad she is that they're going to Rome. When he agrees, she tries to think of a way to get away from him. He wants to leave now, but she says she has to wait for Jen, who should be stopping by any minute and is probably just trying to find a place to park. Troy suddenly starts acting more like Colin and kisses her roughly. As she starts to leave--ostensibly to look for her daughter--he grabs her and says she's not going anywhere.

Troy's plan is really coming into play now. As Lindsay struggles with him, he admits to being "Colin" and says he's not letting his brother's fiancee out of his sight. Lindsay doesn't understand how Colin could be alive; they did bury him. Wrong! He laughs and says they buried John Doe #6. That's right; he went to the morgue and picked out a body. It took him a long time to make the corpse look like him, but being married to a plastic surgeon came in handy. The hard part was pretending to be Troy, which made him sick to his stomach. He was just trying to get Lindsay out of there quietly, but she had to go and make it difficult. Lindsay wants to know where he's planning to take her, but he won't tell her. When he asks how Lindsay knew he wasn't Troy, she says she knew it the minute she laid eyes on him, because he's nothing like his brother. When he calls Troy a "sap," Lindsay defends her fiance, and he accuses her of going soft. After all, if he'd only been a little nicer to her, she would have married him instead of his brother. He taunts her about how today was supposed to be her wedding day.

"Colin" can't believe Lindsay was surprised, since he was dropping hints all along. Lindsay is shocked to learn that he made the phone calls and sent the needle, because she really thought Nora was behind those acts. This infuriates "Colin," who warns her, "Watch your mouth about Scarlett." At this point, Lindsay confesses that it was Troy who was on the phone when he arrived. When she accuses him of kidnapping her fiance, he admits that it's true and that if she isn't a very good girl, Troy will be one very dead brother. Tears are streaming down Lindsay's face. She demands to know what "Colin" has done with Troy. She begs him to take her to Troy. Instead, he pulls out a videotape, pushing her down into her chair to make her watch. The video shows Troy at the funhouse, where he is handcuffed to the old wheel of fortune. "Colin" appears, talking about how disgusted he feels to have to pretend to love Lindsay. At the mention of his fiancee, a weakened Troy repeats her name several times. The video is devastating to Lindsay, who wants to make sure that Troy is alive. He is for now, but one phone call and his keeper will kill him. Lindsay asks what she has to do to keep him alive. She'll do anything!

At the student union, Cristian is looking at the watch Jen gave him, when he overhears Natalie trying to make sure they're not in the same literature class. He gets up to talk to her, but she isn't looking and runs into him. After an awkward moment, Cristian confesses that he overheard her talking about the class, and she says she was just trying to avoid weird situations. Seth and Jessica join them. Seth didn't know they were friends, and when they get flustered, Cristian leaves, and so does Natalie. Seth is confused until Jessica tells him that she thinks they're getting close.

Cristian assures Natalie that Jessica won't tell Seth what she thinks she knows; she's not that kind of person. They both want to forget what happened, but they're glad they got to know each other better. In fact, they may be ready to be in the same class after all.

Gabrielle announces that she's going to move in with Al, but he is opposed to that. She insists that he needs her there, but Jen comes to his rescue with her own announcement. Al doesn't need Gabrielle to move in because Jen is going to do that herself. At this news, Al wants to talk to her alone. He doesn't want her guilt or her pity. Jen convinces him that she really does want to move into the carriage house with him. Besides, if she doesn't, Gabrielle will, and neither of them wants that. When the physical therapist takes Al to look at some new equipment, Gabrielle takes the opportunity to confront Jen, saying that Al needs his mother, not her. Jen is well aware of what it's like to have an overbearing mother and tells Gabrielle to back off. Gabrielle is suspicious about Jen's feelings for Al and will be keeping an eye on the situation. Al comes back and asks his mother to leave. Afterward, he is ready to head for campus with Jen. Other than the health club, it will be the first time he's been out in public in his wheelchair. While she changes out of her gym clothes, Al fantasizes about a future in which Jen loves him completely and flaunts her feelings in front of Cristian. Jen returns and brings him back to reality, saying she doesn't want to rush him but she'd like to see her mother again before the elopement.

Al and Jen arrive at the student union and are immediately greeted by Seth and Jessica. Seth and Jen have errands to run, leaving the other two alone. Al and Jessica talk about Al's situation. He's confident he will walk again. He has mixed emotions about Jen's breakup with Cristian. He's sorry it had to happen, but at the same time he's so afraid of losing Jen to Cristian again. Jessica assures him that Cristian has moved on and seems to be getting close to Natalie, which is encouarging news for Al.

After picking up some add/drop forms, Jen tells Natalie that she plans to move into the carriage house with Al and wants to make sure that she and Jessica don't have any objections. Cristian, who is nearby, seems to hear the conversation.

Todd tells Blair that Gabrielle is blackmailing him about the baby. She knows that he bought Jack, and she threatened to go to the police unless he gave her a job. Blair is frantic at the idea of losing Jack. She wants to do whatever they have to do to shut her up, but Todd insists that this is the best solution. Eventually she'll regret forcing him to give her a job. He'll give her some bad assignments, and eventually she'll screw up, and her credibility will be blown, and no one will believe her if she tries to tell about the baby. Blair still wants to do something, and gets the idea to go to Sam, but Todd is strongly opposed. Too many people already know. He convinces her that they just have to keep Jack safe, with them. Todd then "fires" Blair, telling her to go home so she won't have to be around Gabrielle. When Blair says she's not afraid of the woman, Gabrielle appears and asks whether she's sure about that. They argue about the blackmail, Todd ensuring by his gestures to Gabrielle that the real secret isn't revealed. Eventually, Blair leaves, and Todd isn't far behind. Gabrielle relaxes at her new desk. She plans to get even more from Todd than he knows about yet.

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