OLTL Update Friday 2/8/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 2/8/01

By Suzanne

Todd calls Gabrielle and tells her not to go to the Manning building today because he hasn't told Blair yet about hiring her.  She tells him that he's better get on it because she will tell Blair about the baby. She neglects to tell him that she's outside the Manning Building.

A man greets Blair in the office. She is getting ready to move in to the empty office that was cleared for Gabrielle.  Gabrielle comes in and tells her that this is her office.  Blair doesn't believe her. They both call security to get the other one thrown out.

Troy picks up his watch from the health club.

Sam asks Troy why he has the handcuffs.

Lindsay waves the syringe at Nora and wants to know why she's doing this. Nora says she has no idea what's going on.  Lindsay rages on about the phone calls, etc.  Nora tries to get her to put the needle down.  Lindsay says she's going to be happy.  They struggle with the needle and Lindsay gets stabbed in the arm.  Nora asks her what was in the needle; Lindsay says it was empty.

Antonio and Keri kiss.  Antonio asks her about her wrist.  She says it's fine.  Antonio says he wants them to be together.  She wonders if R.J. is always going to be between them.   He thinks they should go some place to be in private.  R.J. comes in while they are kissing, then comes over and asks if Keri is okay.  He was at the police station trying to get some forms filled out for his club, when he heard she had been mugged.  She says it was Rae who was mugged; she chased the mugger down.  Antonio asks Keri to meet him outside at the car so they can talk and she can have her wrist looked at.

Blair and Gabrielle argue.  A man comes in and Blair tries to get him to throw Gabrielle out.  Gabrielle tells him to take Blair's stuff out and to hire her a male secretary.  Embarrassed, the man leaves.

Jen goes over to Al, who has fallen off the bars.  He says he just fell.  Cris wants to help him up but Al won't let him.

Troy tells Sam that he won't discuss what he and Lindsay do in the bedroom.  Sam is suspicious about their relationship and thinks that Troy is still interested in Nora.  Troy tells him to get out.

Nora is relieved that the syringe was empty.  Lindsay still thinks that Nora sent it to her.  Nora demands to know what this is all about.  Lindsay accuses Nora of trying to come between her and Troy.  Lindsay tells her about the late night phone calls and threats.  Nora denies knowing anything about it.  After some arguing, Lindsay realizes that Nora wasn't the one.

Cris apologizes to Al.  Al asks Jen to get Paul, his trainer, but Paul comes up and asks what happened.  They ask Jen and Cris to leave them alone.  Al tells Paul that he tried the bars and then fell.  Jen beats herself up for neglecting Al.  Cris apologizes for being there, saying he just came to get his watch.  She knows because she found it and turned it in.

The security guard throws Gabrielle over his shoulder to cart her out, but Todd comes in just as he opens the door. Gabrielle tells Todd that he'd better help her out or she'll spill the beans.

Keri tells Antonio that she doesn't need to go to the hospital; her wrist is fine.  She would like to have that talk, though.  R.J. reminds her that she is moving into his apartment.  The news stuns Antonio.  Antonio and R.J. get into an argument so Keri has to yell at them to stop.

Troy wonders what Sam wants from him.  He finally says that he loves Lindsay because she's bright, talent, beautiful, and sexy.  Sam still doesn't believe him.  Sam thinks this is all about Nora somehow.  Troy denies it.

Lindsay goes on and on about how happy she will be with Troy as Nora swears she's not the one making the threats.  Nora finally tells Lindsay in a pitiful way that she's not going to marry Troy.  Lindsay doesn't believe her, of course.

Todd tells the guard to put Gabrielle down.  Gabriell says that her suit is rumpled and Todd will pay for it. Blair wonders why Todd lets Gabrielle talk to him that way.

Jen asks Al if he's done for the day.  Al wants to go a little longer.  Jen cautions him not to do it all in one day.  Al wants to walk bad so he can be with her.  He wonders what she feels for Cristian but she assures him that it's all over.

After Sam leaves, Troy listens to a tape he made for Lindsay where he says he knows what she did to "Scarlett".

Linsday is offended that Nora say she won't be getting married.  She rails at Nora for trying to hurt her again.  Nora tries to explain but LIndsay won't let her.  Lindsay calls her "obsessed".  She hopes Nora moves on with her life and says she really does wish her well.  After Lindsay leaves, Nora wishes her "Bon Voyage".

Antonio and Keri wonder if they can get together with the R.J. problem.  Nothing is resolved and she walks off.  Cris comes up and asks how it's going.  Antonio wishes he didn't care who her father was.  Cris can sympathize about "impossible situations".

Jen admits to Al that there are so old memories with Cris, but that's it.  She's with him now.

Gabrielle finds Al at the gym and says hello.  She says a passing hello to Jen.  She tells Al that she has a new job now and can take care of him.  She wants to move into the carriage house with him, but Al says that won't work.  When Al says that he doesn't want her to move in, she says someone has to take care of him.  So Jen says she will be moving in to take care of Al.

Lindsay phones Troy's place to leave a message that she's had a little run-in with Nora.  He listens and then leaves.  He says it's time for her to pay.  Lindsay gets a phone call from Troy, who is using his remote-control phone thing to make Lindsay think she's getting a call from him.  Troy yells as if he's in trouble.

 R.J. apologizes to Keri and says he will try to stay cool with Antonio.

Cris knows that Antonio is more upset about Keri than he lets on.  Antonio wonders if maybe R.J. is really trying to change.  He can't stay calm when he's around R.J. and Keri is the one who pays the price.  Cris says if R.J. was all that was standing between him and Jen, he'd give it all he's got.

Todd tells Blair that it's no big deal that Gabrielle is there.  She demands to know what's going on and when he changed his mind.  He says that The Sun is a tabloid, which appeals to the lowest common denominator.  So who better to write for the Sun then Gabrielle.  Blair doesn't buy it.  Finally Todd reveals that Gabrielle is blackmailing him.

Nora comes out of the bathroom to find Sam waiting for her.  He asks her if she's read for her other case, but she tells him it's been postponed. He says that his client got acquitted.  He wonders if she's okay.  She says she has another ladies' room run-in with Lindsay.  He wonders if it's about Troy.  He says he paid Troy a visit.  Nora looks very nervous and asks if they are still eloping.  Sam says they are but he doesn't buy Troy's story.  He thinks Nora is suspicious, too, and wonders what's up.

Troy's voice on the phone tells Lindsay that "He's back".  Lindsay wonders who he means.  He asks for her help and she asks where he is.  Meanwhile, Troy walks in the door and says he's right here (he looks like Colin).

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