OLTL Update Thursday 2/7/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/7/02

By Glynis

Troy gets on his phone and calls Nora. She wasn’t expecting to hear from him. She kissed him the last time that they talked and she tells him that is not going to happen again. He wanted to hear her voice one more time before everything is over. He is sure that she is going to have justice. Sam is coming and so she ends her call. Ben is with him. Renée shows up next. They are at court wondering if Asa is going to jail. Asa saunters up with Nigel sure that nothing is going to happen to him. He seems really confident…Max show up and Gabrielle is behind him. She wants to know where Al is. Max tells her that he dropped Al off for a therapy session. He is not alone. Jennifer is with him.

Jennifer and Al are at the therapy session and she is really cozying up to him. She is trying to prove to him that she really cares for him so that he will get better. The therapist shows up and starts things off with a warm up. Jennifer finds a watch and reads the back of it. It says, "Cristian All My Love."

Cristian is with Natalie at his apartment and he is doing some heavy kissing and groping with her. They peel off each other’s clothes and continue kissing, falling on the couch.

Antonio is at work and he sees the paper with his picture with Keri from the night of the awards.

Keri is at school and she sees the picture in the paper of she and Antonio together as he accepts his award.

Lindsay shows up at Troy’s house telling him that she received a syringe in the mail. She tells him that she knows who sent the syringe. She tells him that she had nothing to do with the syringe and that someone is trying to hurt her. He tells her that she doesn’t have to worry because no one knows where they are going to be. She feels better about that and he kisses. He tells her to go home and get ready and he will come over and get her to leave on their trip. She tells him that she loves him and he says the same to her. She leaves but before she goes, he tells her not to worry about Nora. He says that he will deal with Nora when they get back. Lindsay leaves the apartment but she is not sure that she can wait until after their trip to deal with Nora. Inside the apartment, Troy gets out the handcuffs that he has hidden and he looks at them menacingly.

Nora sits with Asa in court and she tells him that if he stands up and admits that he was guilty, he will have a decent chance at dismissal. Asa stands and changes his plea to guilty. The crowd in the room groans at his announcement. He is doing this of his own free will. The judge is ready to proceed to the sentencing case. Nora was not expecting this.

Troy tests his little gadgets to make sure that everything is ready to fool Lindsay into telling him all that he wants to know about Nora’s troubles from the past.

Bo talks to Asa telling him that his revenge hasn’t gotten him anything. What kind of future is waiting for Asa? Nora has a lot on her mind and she walks from the group. Sam sees her walk off and follows Nora. She tells him that Lindsay is eloping with Troy this very day. Sam didn’t know that. Sam walks off on a mission. Once everyone is gone, Lindsay appears and follows Nora down the hall.

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