OLTL Update Wednesday 2/6/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/6/02

By Beth

Cristian is at the gym, where he's pounding on a punching bag while thinking about how Jen left him for Al. Natalie sees him and asks whose face he sees on the punching bag. Her guess is that it's Al's. She felt the same way about Jessica when she took Seth away from her. Cristian doesn't like this; Jessica is his friend. Besides, he doesn't want to hurt Al any more than he already has. After he gets home, Cristian looks around and thinks about Jen. Natalie comes to the door with his gym bag, which she throws at him. She was just being friendly at the gym, but he was being a jerk. Cristian apologizes; he's still angry about Jen being with Al. Natalie says he has every right to be angry and upset; they both do, having lost the people they love. She doesn't understand his assertion that sometimes giving up the one you love is the right thing to do, and tells him not to give up without a fight. When Cristian says that's what caused Al's paralysis, Natalie urges him to get back in the ring now that Al's out of the way. Cristian thinks that's terribly cold, but she persists. How do they get over losing the people they love? By doing whatever they have to do. In the heat of the moment, they kiss.

Jen tells Al, who is embroiled in self pity, that she's not going anywhere. She knows that he can do anything he wants to, as long as he wants it enough. Al tries to kiss her but she pulls away. Max sees this and tells Al to check out his room while he shows Jen the physical therapy exercises Larry prescribed. When they are alone in the room, Max questions Jen about her reason for being late and her feelings for Cristian. He warns her not to break his son's heart. Jen is sorry that Al was worried about her; she doesn't want to hurt him. Max reminds her that she made a promise to Al, who is counting on her to be with him. Al has even been talking about a future with her in it. When Jen says she'll be there, no matter how long it takes, Max wants her to understand just exactly what that promise might mean. When Al comes back, Max drives them to the gym. Once there, Al wants to know what happened between Max and Jen. Did he pressure her? Is she there because she wants to be, or would she really rather be somewhere else? Jen says nobody forced her; she's there for one reason only. She kisses him.

Gabrielle holds the envelope out to Blair, who thinks it's her resume, but it's really a detailed letter telling what Gabrielle overheard regarding Jack. Blair is convinced the woman has absolutely no qualifications for the job, but Gabrielle insists the envelope contains the reason she had no doubt that Todd would hire her. Blair opens the envelope and removes the contents, and Todd takes it from her and tries to change the subject with a joke. Blair doesn't understand why Todd won't just throw her out, but he says he's waiting for security to do it. She leaves when Todd tells her to go get the kids away from Viki, who's such a "bad influence." Gabrielle tries to convince Todd that one day he'll see that hiring her was the smartest decision he ever made. He, on the other hand, promises her that blackmailing him is the dumbest decision that she has ever made. After he leaves, Gabrielle is quite pleased with her change from penniless shoplifter to fashion editor. She leaves a phone message for Al, then looks at today's front page, which has a photo of Asa and the headline: Buchanan To Be Sentenced Today For Playing Possum." She leaves Todd's office.

Before Jessica can read the medical report, Roxy apologizes for bothering her with her problems. Allison is peeking out from around the doorway, urging Roxy to play it up. Roxy says Jessica has to be tested; she might be sick too, because the condition might be genetic. When Jessica presses her for information, Roxy says it has something to do with her blood sugar. The doctors say she might not live. Jessica isn't worried; she thinks it's probably treatable, and starts to call Larry to ask him about it. Allison frantically tries to tell Roxy to stop her, so Roxy convinces her not to make the call. Jessica relents but really wants her to see a doctor about this. Roxy has no health insurance, but Jessica doesn't think that should stop her. Roxy says she let it go too long to be treatable. After Jessica leaves, Roxy pigs out on a box of candy, which Allison takes away from her. She shouldn't be eating all that candy with her blood sugar "condition." Don't mess up in front of Jessica. They are ecstatic to think that Jessica is probably on her way to an ATM now to get Roxy some money for medical treatment.

Starr, who is looking at photos of Natalie and Jessica, asks Viki which one is her real daughter. Viki explains that they both are; she gave birth to Natalie and she's going to adopt Jessica. Starr understands and says it's the same as her and Jack. Now she wants to know which one Viki loves more. Suddenly Nikki Smith is behind Starr, saying it's a no-brainer. After telling Nikki to be quiet, Viki tells Starr that she loves them both, just not the same way because they're two entirely different people. Every time Starr asks another question, Nikki answers and Viki yells at her to shut up. This scares Starr, who thinks that Viki is yelling at her for no good reason. When Viki tells her she didn't mean it and she wasn't talking to her, Starr replies that she's the only one there. Nikki claims to be the part of Viki that has the same questions as Starr. She taunts Viki about her love for Jessica, who is obviously Viki's favorite. As for Nikki, she prefers Natalie. Viki is upset.

Ben comes in, having heard yelling, and when Starr tries to explain, Ben chastizes her for lying. Viki admits she's telling the truth, and Ben sends Starr back to the kitchen. Viki confesses that Nikki was there. She didn't take over, but she was in her mind, talking to her, and Viki doesn't understand why. Normally, she only comes out when Viki is extremely upset, and that's not the case this time. Viki is confused and afraid. Ben assures her that they'll deal with it together. Viki points out that she controls her personalities, and Nikki knows that. Starr's questions must have caused her appearance, since Nikki has always hated kids and enjoyed taunting Viki about her relationship with Jessica.

Blair returns to pick up the kids. She tells Viki and Ben about what happened with Gabrielle, and Viki is shocked. Ben reminds Viki that they could be next, since Al is staying at the carriage house. As Blair and the kids are leaving, Jessica returns home and asks to speak to Ben privately. She shows him the medical report. He admits that Jessica should be tested but says the condition is almost always treatable. He is suspicious and thinks that Roxy may be lying about her condition. While they are talking, Todd arrives at Llanfair and announces that he took care of Gabrielle "real good."


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