OLTL Update Tuesday 2/5/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/5/02

By Beth

As Lindsay admires her engagement ring, Troy calls to say he'll be by a bit later to pick her up. Lindsay is already finished packing and is looking forward to their elopement to Paris. After hanging up, Troy eyes a battered metal door. A man arrives to unlock the door. He was surprised to get Troy's call; he's been trying to sell the place for years. He assumes Troy wants to tear it down and build something in its place, but Troy likes it just the way it is. He's going to use it for a private event. They go inside and Troy is pleased with how it looks. It is an old funhouse. The man shows him a secret passage, which interests Troy immensely. The deal is made, and Troy receives the key to his authentic funhouse. After the previous owner leaves, Troy talks to himself about the "private event," which is planned out to the last detail. He takes a set of handcuffs from his bag.

Jen has spent the night with her mother, who tells her that breaking up with Cristian was the right thing to do. Jen says she had to do it; she's the one who let the home pregnancy test ruin everyone's lives. Lindsay looks guilty, remembering that she altered the results to make Jen believe that she was pregnant. When Jen goes to take a shower, Cristian arrives at Lindsay's door, carrying a box containing a couple of things Jen left behind. He really is trying to avoid Jen; he came to Lindsay's because he thought she would be at Sam's. Lindsay wants him to stay away from Jen but insists she doesn't hate him. She wants the best for him, but that doesn't include her daughter. Jen comes back into the room and wants to talk to Cristian alone. He asks her to move back in with him, but she declines.

He knew she would; he regretted asking even as the words were leaving his mouth. After he leaves, Lindsay tries to comfort Jen, who is about to leave for the carriage house. Lindsay wants to be sure that her daughter is okay with her plans to elope. Troy is a completely different person from Colin. He's romantic and full of surprises. He probably even has some surprises she doesn't know about yet.

After Jen leaves, Troy calls Lindsay to say he's running a bit late but they won't miss their flight. He's anxious to get away from "things." When Lindsay presses him about his comment, he admits that he's tired of the crank phone calls. She tells him that she also received one. At first she though it was Nora, but now she's convinced it was a man. Troy promises that they'll both get new numbers when they get back. They hang up, and Lindsay opens a small box that's on her desk. She is alarmed to see the contents: a hypodermic needle.

Troy tells himself that Lindsay should have received her little present by now. Once she has that, there's no turning back. He gets a knife from his bag and starts cutting into a shirt identical to the one he's wearing.

After a night of partying with an unknown man, Roxy is annoyed to hear someone banging on her door. It is Allison, who orders her to get dressed and get to work; today's the day they kick their plan into high gear. After they get rid of the man, Allison takes off her coat, and Roxy laughs at her candy striper uniform. It served Allison well; she sneaked into a hospital in Atlantic City and doctored some medical records. Congratulations, Roxy, you are a very sick woman! Allison instructs her to memorize her symptoms. Roxy already feels sick with a splitting headache.

Max brings Al to the carriage house, where Jessica is waiting. Max looks around at the damage and asks what happened. Jessica shrugs it off and says not to ask. Max informs her that a nurse's aide will be coming by every day to check on Al. Jessica is surprised to learn of Jen's breakup with Cristian. The phone rings, and it is Roxy. She insists she has to see Jessica as soon as possible, so Jessica leaves for Atlantic City.

Max thinks Al seems disappointed that it wasn't Jen on the phone, and he's right. Al knows that Jen will help him walk again. Max thinks he should do it for himself, not for Jen, but Al accuses him of believing that she'll go back to Cristian after Al can walk again. Al's not afraid of that; Jen may love Cristian now, but by the time Al can walk, she'll love him. Max brings Al's bags from the car and checks his room. In his absence, Al tries to maneuver his wheelchair but gets a piece of the area rug stuck in one of the wheels. Jen arrives and helps him loosen the rug.

Cristian is hitting a punching bag while reminiscing about romantic times with Jen.

While picking up the garbage on Roxy's living room floor, Allison tells her to lose the headache; it isn't one of the symptoms. If Roxy gets this right, she'll be set for life. If she messes it up, she'll be a dead woman. They are startled when Jessica calls out to Roxy. Allison has to hide, but not before reminding her accomplice to act like a mother. Roxy invites Jessica in and apologizes for bothering her. She just wants her to be happy. She called her in a weak moment; she gets scared sometimes, thinking about the future. She hands her daughter a medical file and claims to be very, very sick.

At Llanfair, Viki and Blair plan Jack's Cristening. Seeing the baby picture Viki has displayed, Blair mistakenly assumes it's Jessica. She is outraged at what Allison did to Viki and the girls. If anyone tried to play God with her child, she would hunt him down and make him pay. Starr, who is displaying jealous behavior, is sent to the kitchen, where the maid is baking cinnamon rolls. Blair doesn't know how to make Starr understand that she loves her every bit as much as before. She remembers how Todd took Starr away from her as a baby. Thankfully, Todd has changed; he would never do anything like that to her again. He loves her and the children so much. Blair wishes she could spend more time with her husband. She gets an idea and asks Viki to babysit.

Todd is lecturing his staff; their readership wants trash, scandals, and secrets. One reporter is interested in writing about a strange shoplifting incident at a dress shop, but Todd ridicules that idea. Gabrielle crashes the meeting, dressed for her new position as style editor. Todd insists he never hired her. When he threatens to call for security, Gabrielle mentions a scandal she uncovered about a baby coming back from the dead. Todd clears the room and has it out with her. He tells her she doesn't have a job with him, and she threatens to tell Blair what she knows. In turn, Todd threatens to just throw her out the window, but she says she brought a bodyguard: an envelope containing a detailed letter describing what she saw and heard on the docks last night. She has several copies, so if she doesn't make a certain phone call every seven days, Blair will receive a copy. Todd wants to know why she's doing this. Why not just ask for money instead of a job? Gabrielle says she would never be able to explain a windfall. Besides, she wants a career and a life. While she names her demands-- including a six-week vacation and a six-figure salary--Blair comes into the office to surprise Todd.

Blair tries unsuccessfully to get rid of Gabrielle. She tells Todd that she wants to work there, and Gabrielle informs her that they'd all be working together. Blair isn't amused. When Gabrielle won't leave, she starts to call security, but Todd stops her. Blair still wants to get rid of her, and Todd agrees. Besides hating her, she's not qualified for the job. Gabrielle holds up the envelope containing the letter and says that Blair should take a look at her "resume."

Viki is playing with Jack when Starr returns from the kitchen. She encourages Starr to think up a game that the three of them can play. Starr imagines Jack as a football, but Todd pulls the football-shaped baby away just as she tries to kick, and she falls down.

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