OLTL Update Monday 2/4/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 2/4/02

By Beth

Seth tells Ben that he and Jessica were making out on the couch when Natalie found them. He didn't want to leave them alone but Jessica insisted. He and Ben decide to check on the situation.

After Natalie falls down some of the stairs, Jessica tries to revive her, then decides to get help. As she stands up, Natalie begins to stir. Viki enters the carriage house just as Natalie screams that she'll kill Jessica and pushes her over the railing. Jessica goes hurtling to the floor, where she now lies amidst broken stair rails. Viki runs over to her while Natalie, badly shaken, sits down. Viki screams, "What have you done to my daughter?!?"

Jessica is breathing. Viki yells at Natalie to get help, but Ben and Seth arrive before she can get out the door. Ben examines Jessica, who begins to stir. He cautions her not to move, but she's not in any pain, and she never lost consciousness. He agrees to let her stay there instead of going to the hospital, but he insists on keeping a close eye on her. Seth helps Jessica sit up while Ben goes to get his medical kit. Viki yells at Natalie, who is crying, but Jessica tells her mother that they were both fighting. As Viki takes Natalie to the main house, Natalie tells Seth that she did it because of him.

Seth and Jessica talk about the fight. Jessica doesn't know how a relationship with him will ever work. Ben returns, and Jessica goes off to take a shower, promising to let her stepfather know if she feels dizzy or any pain. Ben and Seth start picking up the mess, trying to get the carriage house ready for Al to move in. Seth sees the school photos of Natalie and tells Ben he feels sorry for her. The school photographer was the only person who ever took pictures of her; Roxy certainly didn't. Seth is the only person who ever cared about her, but he always thought it wasn't enough for her.

Natalie tells Viki it was "just a fight" and they were both guilty. Viki is still furious with her daughter, saying she'll deal with Jessica's part in this later. Natalie tries to rationalize her actions; she saw Jessica on the couch with Seth and they were about to sleep together. She accuses Viki of always taking Jessica's side. Viki tells her she has to learn how to deal with the fact that Seth is no longer her boyfriend if she is to continue living at Llanfair. If she can't control herself and keep from hurting Jessica, she won't be a part of the family anymore. Natalie apologizes and asks for another chance. She's already lost Seth; she can't lose Viki too. As she cries, Ben enters with the photos. Natalie thinks Viki won't want to see them now, but she's mistaken. She promises to try harder, and goes off to apologie to Jessica. Viki is worried, but Ben assures her she did the right thing by allowing Natalie to remain part of the family. As they look at the photos, Ben confesses that he's been doing some checking up on Roxy's health.

After her shower, Jessica tells Seth she's sympathetic to Natalie's problems. She doesn't think they should be together anywhere where Natalie will see them. Neither Jessica nor Seth wants to give up on their relationship. As they kiss, Natalie looks in.

Lindsay sees Jen outside Troy's apartment and asks her to come in. Jen just wants to get out of there; she's moving back out of Cristian's apartment. Lindsay insists on talking to her daughter, so the two go to her place, where Jen tells her mother that she and Cristian have broken up. They're responsible for what happened to Al, and Jen intends to make it up to him by being with him until he can walk again. It doesn't change the fact that she's still in love with Cristian. Lindsay tries to reassure her that her love life will turn around. After all, Lindsay's has; she is in love with Troy and they're eloping to Paris! Jen is surprised by this but it isn't her decision to make; she vows not to interfere in her mother's love life. She asks whether Troy knows about the things she's done, such as drugging Nora, and Lindsay replies that he knows enough. Lindsay also knows enough about her fiance. She offers to postpone the elopement, but Jen doesn't want that.

Troy is at Colin's graveside, where he tells his dead brother that he hates what he's doing to Nora. He also hates caring about her, the same woman Colin was obsessed with. Troy is nothing like his twin, though. He isn't obsessed with Nora the way his brother was, but he does care about her. He just wants her to be happy. That's why he has to get the truth out of Lindsay. Nora, who has been listening, reveals her presence. She tells him Lindsay called and accused her of making harassing phone calls to Troy. She went to confront Lindsay but saw Troy leaving and decided to follow him instead. She didn't want to be alone with Lindsay, who was thoroughly enjoying taunting Nora with news of her impending elopement with Troy. Is it true that they're eloping? Troy admits that he'll be "disappearing" with Lindsay for a few days; he won't be back until this is resolved. Although Nora repeatedly warns him that Lindsay is dangerous, Troy won't give up. He knows that Colin couldn't have drugged Nora.

Nora is worried about Troy. She loves Sam, but she's drawn to Troy. For his part, Troy is drawn to her, but they have to go on with their lives. This is goodbye until Troy's mission is complete. Nora rushes to embrace him, and they share a passionate kiss. When they pull apart, Nora warns him to take care of himself and watch his back. Troy tells her it will be over soon, and she leaves.

Troy calls Lindsay and doesn't speak. She thinks it's Nora until he starts breathing heavily into the phone.

Nora, at home now, is confused about her situation. She looks in the mirror and asks herself what she's doing.

At Rodi's, Roxy compliments Blair on her singing and asks how to get a gig there; she has been told many, many times that she has a terrific voice. As Blair starts to give the stranger some advice, Allison arrives and beckons to her accomplice. She wants Roxy to tell Jessica to get tested for a genetic disease that Roxy has. Her concern will touch Jessica, who will then give her money for medical treatment. Roxy will be miraculously cured, Jessica will be happy, and Roxy and Allison will be rich.

Gabrielle tells Todd that she saw him on the docks with David Vickers and heard everything they said. She knows that the baby he and Blair "adopted" is really the one Blair gave birth to in Mexico. Todd stops her, saying that he can do much worse to her than he did to David Vickers. Gabrielle claims she has nothing to lose. Blair joins them and tells her to go away, but Gabrielle has something to say about the baby who died; she never gave her condolences and would like to offer them now. When Blair steps away, Gabrielle tells Todd that she's only asking for a job, which is really quite reasonable. Todd decides to take his chances. Shortly thereafter, Gabrielle tells him she'll be in touch.

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