OLTL Update Thursday 1/31/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/31/02

By Glynis

Keri's car has broken down and Antonio finds her on the side of the road. He offers to help her, but she tells him to go ahead. He insists on helping her and will not take no as an answer. She tells him what happened before the car died. She brings him a flashlight and he looks under the hood. She holds the light for him as he probes further. He thinks that she has a clogged fuel line. He asks her for a wire hanger. She happens to have her dry-cleaning in the car and goes for a hanger. Their hands have touched and that magic ran through the both of them like a current. He holds her hand to steady the light where he needs it. He works on her car and she holds the light down. She can’t do this. They have made a really big mistake she thinks. Who cares what their parents thing? It is a big deal because of his job and his position. This is still a big problem. Antonio doesn’t want to forget what they have going. If he thought that things could work then…he moves closer to her and is about to kiss her when RJ pulls up asking, "What is going on here?" Antonio explains that she had car trouble. He moves away to take a call. He offers to follow her home and then go to the station. Keri tells him that he doesn’t have to follow her home as it is out of his way. RJ says that he will be glad to follow her over to Nora’s and then they can pick up the rest of her things and bring it over to RJ’s. Antonio is shocked to hear that she is moving in with him. How can they have a relationship with her living at RJ’s? Antonio gets another call and has to go right away.

Jessica and Seth come and see Al. He may be getting out of the hospital the following day. Hospitals are for sick people and he isn’t that. He can do his therapy on an outpatient basis. He doesn’t know where he is going to stay. He was thinking of going to the college dorm. Jessica comes up with a great idea. Al can move into Jessica’s house and they can fix up the house for him so that he can get around. She has a lot to do to get ready for him.

Outside the hospital room, Jennifer is about to go into Al’s room to see him and tell him that things are over between he and she but Cristian intercepts her and tells her not to do this. She thinks that this is going to get Al walking again if she tells him that she is not with Cristian anymore. Cristian tells her that if she tells Al that things are over between them, then things are really going to be over for them. Jessica comes out and tells Cristian and Jennifer that Al is going to stay at her house when he gets out. She thanks Jennifer for being so great. He really counts on her. She leaves the group to go and see her friend. Seth and Jessica can see that Cristian doesn’t look that great. He says that he is just fine.

Gabrielle is hiding and watching David Vickers talk to Todd. Todd delivers a briefcase to him and tells him to open it up. David demands to know what this is. Gabrielle is really curious too about the contents of the briefcase. She is still wearing the dress that she ‘borrowed’ from the store. She listens as David reveals that he knows all about their adopted son. David tells him that if Blair finds out what he did, he is going to be shot. David demands that Todd get him his money. Todd needs to be sure that this is the last million that he has to fork over. Todd wants David to write down that he is not going to blackmail Todd anymore. From the conversation, Gabrielle learns that Todd is a baby thief and David is a blackmailer. While listening, Gabrielle happens to drop a can that was near her and it rolls out where the men can see it. They hear the can and see it and look at each other accusingly. They hear a cat and think that was the culprit that caused the can to fall. David is through screwing around and he wants his money. Todd tells him that the money is in the garbage can nearby in a knapsack. David goes over to the can and pulls out a knapsack but nothing is in there. Only garbage. Todd tells him, "That is right." David gets upset and gets out his cell phone to call Blair and tell her that Todd has been screwing around with her head. Just then, some policemen show up and take David away. Gabrielle can’t believe what she has seen. These cops are from another country where David was bilking old women of their money. The cops take David away and David shouts that he is not going to get away with this. Todd simply waves to David knowing that this is the last that he is going to see of him for a long time. Gabrielle sits quietly behind the crates that are her hiding place and she cringes in fear. Todd is really someone to be feared. Todd calls Blair to tell her that he will be home soon. He is in a good mood he says. He feels like a million bucks.

Viki is home looking at the picture of her daughter as a newborn.

Ben is talking to Natalie telling her that he knows that she stole the statue. She denies this. His phone rings and she tries to get away but he stops her. Larry calls about Roxanne. Roxanne and Alison are listening nearby to Larry’s conversation. Larry confirms that Roxanne has been in the ER. Ben gets off the phone and tells Natalie that he knows that she still has feelings for Seth. He can relate because he lived with other people than his parents. She deserves a good life because of who she is. Her name has nothing to do with who she is. She is attractive and smart with a lot of energy and drive. She has had a rough upbringing. She likes to act like her life wasn’t so hard but they know better. She is slowly getting better. She says again that she didn’t still any sculpture. Ben cares for her. She is at a crossroads. She worked really hard to get where she is. She should accept the love that they want to offer her. She can’t be looking for trouble all the time. Viki comes in asking what is going on. Ben says that there were talking about the fundraiser. Viki shows Natalie a picture of herself when she was a day old. Natalie looks at the picture and then announces that there is something that she has to say. She says that she is sorry for the way that she has been acting lately. Ben feels that they don’t have to hear every little mistake that she has made in the past. She promises that there will be no more mistakes. Viki gladly forgives her and promises to make less mistakes herself. Viki wishes that she had pictures of her daughter in between all the years. Natalie has some school pictures but they are pretty awful. She runs upstairs to get the pictures to show them to Ben and Viki. Viki asks Ben about their conversation. Ben tells her that they were talking about being at a crossroads.

Jennifer is with Al to visit. She touches him and he looks at her hand as if it were a foreign object. He asks if she has taken care of the thing that she had to take care of. She says that she has taken care of what she set out to do. She told him that she would be there in any way and she meant it.

Larry sees Cristian and mentions to him how nice it is that Jessica is going to let Al live in the carriage house. Al has to have hope. That can make all the difference. Larry has seen miracles and people on the other hand that have lost hope.

Cristian comes in before Jennifer can tell Al that they have broken up and he tells Al straight out that they are finished, that they have broken up.

Hank and Bo are at a dress shop and Hank tells Bo that someone came there to get a job and the position was filled. She then tried to buy a dress for $3,000 and wasn’t allowed to write a personal check. She went out the back wearing the dress but they have a pretty good description of her. She left her own clothes behind. Bo turns to see the outfit that Gabrielle was wearing earlier. Hank shows Bo a picture of the culprit and it clearly matches Gabrielle’s features.

Seth and Jessica are at the carriage house and they put on music as they move things around. She decides that the coffee table is only going to get in Al’s way. Seth looks into Jessica’s eyes and kisses her. She reminds him that they are getting the house ready for Al and they have to get moving. She has trouble even convincing herself that they should get to work and soon Seth is on top of her on the couch. They are enjoying kissing and Natalie walks in and finds them together.

Alison and Roxanne are talking about how happy they are that people are starting to think that Roxanne is sick. Alison shows Roxanne her book and a disease that she has found. Roxanne starts laughing. Alison tells her that the next time that the doctor’s look at her, this is what they will think they are finding.

Jennifer wants to know from Cristian why he told Al that they broke up. She was only going to tell Al that they could be friends. Cristian explains that Larry explained how healing takes place sometimes. Cristian is not going to be a problem for her anymore. If he sees her… Larry comes out and tells Jennifer to go ahead in and visit Al if she wants. She goes into the room and Cristian stays outside. Jennifer greets Al learning that Cristian had to leave. Al tells her that she doesn’t have to do this. She promised to stick by him but he is not going to hold her to that.

Gabrielle has just watched Todd walked off and she has heard enough of his conversation with David to know that she has stumbled onto something big. She tells herself, "Lucky…lucky…me". She starts walking off when Bo comes up behind her putting his hand on her shoulder. "Gabrielle…you are under arrest."

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