OLTL Update Wednesday1/23/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/23/02

By Beth

Keri is in her office, remembering the scene with Antonio. He arrives and asks whether she's avoiding him; she didn't bother to call him back. Keri never got his message, but that isn't unusual for her; she often messes up with the cell phone. Antonio doesn't know where he stands with her. Keri tells him that Carlotta is against their relationship. When he asserts that his mother doesn't speak for him, she tells him that her father doesn't speak for her either. They agree to leave their parents out of it.

Meanwhile, R.J. receives a call from Chad, who informs him that Antonio is with Keri in her office. R.J. leaves to go there himself. As Keri and Antonio kiss, R.J. stops by with Keri's invitation to the grand opening of Capricorn. He mentions that he hired a contractor to fix the code violations Antonio accused him of, but there weren't any. Surprise, surprise. Antonio accuses him of erasing his message to Keri, who doesn't know what to believe. She stops Antonio from physically attacking her father. After R.J. leaves, Keri tells Antonio that they all have a problem. Antonio had no right to file false reports about the club. He obviously can't handle the fact that R.J. is in her life.

Al is grilling Natalie about why she claims that Jen isn't pregnant. Jen comes in and Al asks her whether it's true that she isn't pregnant anymore. After making Natalie leave, Al tells Jen he doesn't believe Natalie and asks why she would say that.

Natalie is upset; she didn't mean to hurt Al. Cristian comes along and learns what happened. Gabrielle overhears their conversation and yells at Natalie. Cristian takes up for her; she didn't know she was doing anything wrong. He tries to stop Gabrielle from interrupting Al and Jen.

Jen admits that she was never pregnant. Al is upset but glad she told him the truth. He really wanted a baby; it would have been his only real family. Jen tells him that they'll always have a connection anyway, but he wants more than friendship. Gabrielle barges in, and Al yells and orders her to leave. He's furious that she lied to him about Jen's condition. He doesn't want to see her at the hospital at all. She leaves, crying. Al then asks Jen to leave, to get back to her own life, but she won't hear of it. She really cares about him and will be with him now and always.

Natalie thanks Cristian for his support. They talk about their relationships, and she says that at least now he and Jen can get back together. He decides to go check his girlfriend, and he hears her tell Al that she plans to stay by his side.

Roxy is hanging around the hospital, waiting for Jessica. When Jessica comes along, Roxy fakes being sick. However, she claims she's not; she's just there to see a sick friend. Jessica tells her she's also visiting a friend. When Jessica goes to find Larry, Allison comes out of hiding and tells Roxy that she needs to act more sympathetic. She should ask Jessica about her sick friend and offer a shoulder to lean on. Roxy says she doesn't know how to be a mother; all she knows is how to scam people. Allison tells her she's being too impatient; all she's doing today is laying the groundwork. They hear Jessica coming back, so Allison hides again, and Roxy asks her about her friend. When Jessica leaves again, Roxy makes sure her daughter sees her stumble. Allison runs back over to Roxy and talks about all the expensive medical treatment Roxy's going to "need."

Viki finds the destroyed flowers and note and thinks that Jessica was upset by them. Seth arrives and convinces her that Jessica wouldn't have done that. They agree that it must have been Natalie. Viki reiterates her warning not to hurt either of her daughters, but Seth doesn't know how to be around Jessica without hurting Natalie. He waits for Natalie to get home, and tells her off for her actions.

Todd dreams that an older Jack comes to make him tell Blair the truth. The boy brings Paloma (who speaks perfect English with no accent), the man and the two nuns from the airport in Mexico, to whom Todd tried to give the baby, and David Vickers. All these people know the truth and are ready to tell Blair. The dream turns musical when they burst into song and begin dancing. Todd tries to keep them from going upstairs, where Blair is. He runs upstairs and goes back to bed. Soon the others follow. They tell Blair that Jack is their biological son, whom Todd told Blair had died. Blair cries and yells, and Todd wakes up. It was just a nightmare. Everything is going to be fine.

David Vickers is on a plane to Llanview. He is going there to see Todd.


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