OLTL Update Tuesday 1/22/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/22/02

By Beth

As Jessica thinks about Seth's words to her, Lois, the maid, enters with a bouquet of flowers that were left on the doorstep. Jessica reads the card and learns they're from Seth. Natalie hears this and taunts Jessica about the cheap flowers. Jessica doesn't understand why Natalie has a gift for Al. She wants to try to get along but is annoyed by Natalie's actions. They sit down and talk and Jessica learns about Al's accident. She rushes out to visit Al at the hospital. Natalie reads the card from Seth and tears it up, then destroys the flowers he sent.

Max and Gabrielle want to get along for Al's benefit. They have to find a way to tell him about his paralysis. They enter his room together, but Al has already figured out the awful truth. He knows because of the way everyone looks at him--or avoids doing so. He's just going to focus on the baby, because he needs to be strong for Jen and their baby. Max tries to tell him the truth but Gabrielle stops him. They go out into the hall, and Gabrielle stresses that Al can't know that Jen isn't really pregnant. Max disagrees but eventually relents.

Cristian and Jen talk about how things have changed for them. Yesterday, Jen was ready to tell Al that she never was pregnant, but now she can't. Cristian doesn't understand; Al will find out sooner or later, and lying will just make things worse. Max and Gabrielle enter the room and order Jen and Cristian to keep quiet about the fact that Al isn't really going to be a father. In fact, they are to stay away from Al, period.

Asa, who is at the hospital for an eye exam, sees Larry and inquires about Al's condition. He tells the doctor to spare no expense with Al's treatment. Bo may have frozen some of his assets, but he still has money. Asa doesn't want Al to know who is paying for his care. Renee overhears their conversation.

Jessica tries to see Al but is stopped by a nurse, who says visits are restricted to his immediate family. As she goes to try to get some information, Natalie slips into the room. Al isn't pleased to see her. Natalie apologizes for the way she acted at the quarry. She's sorry to learn of his paralysis, but he must be relieved to know that he isn't going to be a father after all.

After a night of passion with Lindsay, Troy looks at the photo of himself and his twin as boys. Lindsay looks at it and can't tell the two boys apart. Troy is glad that Lindsay felt comfortable being so open and honest with him. He wants to be open and honest with her as well, and the truth is that he thinks he's falling in love with her. She's unsettled by this declaration. It's been a long time since anyone said that to her. Troy lists several reasons for his love. They kiss, and as Lindsay heads for the shower, she tells Troy that she's falling in love with him.

In Nora's bed, Nora and Sam discuss how they belong together. Suddenly, Sam is gone and Troy is standing at the window, repeating Sam's every word. Startled, Nora awakens from what was just a dream. Sam also awakens and they talk about how they ended up there. Nora jumps up and tells Sam to leave. It's late and Matthew will be home any minute from his sleepover; seeing Sam there will confuse him. Sam laughs at this and Matthew comes running in. He sends Matthew down for breakfast, but the boy soon returns with Lindsay. Nora and Sam order her to leave, but she refuses. When Nora and Lindsay are alone, Lindsay tells her that she and Troy are in love. Everything is going her way now, and not even Nora can ruin it.

Troy plays the videotape of Colin's will. He studies his brother, then imitates his speech and mannerisms. He is quite pleased with himself.

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