OLTL Update Monday 1/21/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 1/21/02

By Beth

As Paloma tries to make Blair understand what Todd did, Todd appears in the doorway. He "admits" that he took the baby to the hospital and told Paloma to say that she did it. He assures her that the baby didn't suffer before dying. Blair goes upstairs, and Todd tries to get rid of Paloma. He threatens her, and she says he's a bad man. Just as she asks God for strength to battle the devil, Blair appears carrying Jack. Paloma is surprised, saying it's a miracle that the baby is now with his mother. She's still talking about "the truth," not understanding how Jack came to be there. After Blair leaves the room, Paloma throws her arms around Todd and says she was wrong about him. The baby is finally back with his parents, the way he should be. She was wrong; Todd isn't the devil after all. Todd tells Paloma it's time to go home, and she agrees. After closing the door, Todd thrusts his arms up in the air in triumph.

Cristian goes to the quarry to look for Jen's purse and finds Natalie sitting alone. She has found the purse and was planning to return it to Jen, but Cristian takes it. Despite the fact that Cristian intruded on her private time, he tells her to leave. She doesn't leave, though, and they talk about their respective relationships, as well as what happened to Al. She wants to know how to get over a first love, and Cristian tells her she just has to move on. He leaves to find Jen, and Natalie stays behind.

At Break Bar, Seth tells Jessica that he's in love with her. He kisses her, and she doesn't resist. He knows that she needs space, but he's also convinced that she'll reciprocate his feelings soon. He leaves so that she can think about that.

At Llanfair, Kelly talks about Todd's reaction to Paloma, but Viki thinks her brother is just being protective of Blair, in his own way. As the conversation turns to Viki's plan to adopt Jessica, Roxy barges in, saying that Jessica already has a mother and that she won't allow the adoption. Viki informs her that since Jessica is a legal adult, Roxy has no say in the matter. Roxy helps herself to some tea and pretends to back off, while Viki tells her off. Roxy says it's Jessica that she cares about, not money, but Viki calls her a liar. Jessica overhears and says Roxy is telling the truth. She tells Viki about the incident in the parking garage, which Viki finds very suspicious. As her reason for visiting Llanfair, Roxy has a baby blanket that she claims was Jessica's when she lived with Roxy. She gives it to Jessica, who is touched by the gift. Viki, however, is highly annoyed by the visit, and she gives Roxy a warning as she walks her out.

Jessica is really starting to believe that her birth mother cares about her, but Kelly warns her to be careful. Jessica also confides that Seth told her he loves her. Kelly thinks Seth is in for a fall, and she's surprised when Jessica isn't so sure. Natalie has come home, and she overhears the part about Seth.

Roxy places a call to Allison. Jessica fell for it; it's amazing what a little dirt, dye, and scissors can do to make something look old. Allison owes her for the blanket; supplies and labor are free. It's a lot of work making Jessica believe she loves her when in reality she couldn't care less.

Al tells Jen he can't feel his legs. Gabrielle hears him and runs to get a doctor. Larry and Troy perform some tests, but Al can't feel anything. Gabrielle pushes Jen out.

Max is very worried about Al. Lindsay intrudes and is appalled to learn that Al told the police it was an accident, which means that Cristian isn't in jail. She tells Max that his son is in love with her daughter. Why don't they team up to try to get their kids together? It would do wonders for Al's recovery and Max would be a hero in his son's eyes. Jen arrives with news of Al's paralysis, telling Max to go to him now. She tries to go after him but Lindsay stops her, trying to make her feel even worse about Al's condition and Cristian's involvement. Before going back to check on Al, Jen accuses her mother of being happy about what happened, since it might mean the end of her relationship with Cristian.

Troy sees Lindsay sitting alone and stops to see her. They discuss Al's condition and their own relationship. She accepts his invitation to dinner at his place, and they kiss.

Larry tells Max and Gabrielle that he gave Al a sedative that should let him sleep through the night. Al is paralyzed from the waist down, but it's too soon to tell whether it's permanent. It's possible that he'll never walk again. Jen and Cristian also hear the bad news.

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