OLTL Update Friday 1/18/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 1/18/01

By Suzanne

Gabrielle tells Jen that she'd better keep on lying to Al about the baby because his recovery depends on it.  Jen is reluctant to keep lying to him.

Al tells Cris that they have to settle this problem about his baby.  Cris tries to get him to rest.  Al insists on saying that he's going to be a father to Jen's baby.  Cris says he's not.

Natalie interrupts Seth and Jess having their talk about whether she still feelings for him or not.

Todd keeps looking for Paloma at Kelly's house but they soon realize that she has left.  They yell at each other.  Todd yells at her for letting Paloma go, and Kelly wants to know why he's so unnerved about Paloma.  She says that Paloma said "el Diablo" and she knows that means Todd.  She demands to know what's going on.  Todd tries to brush her off and leave but Kelly says she'll call Blair to get the truth.  He stops and tells her not to.

Blair is very confused about Paloma's appearance and asks her why she's there.

Jen and Gabrielle continue to argue over her lying to Al.  Jen worries that Al will hate her if she keeps lying to him.

Al says he wants to be the kind of father that he never ad.  Cris is surprised that Jen didn't tell Al about the baby being a false alarm.  He  seems about to tell him the truth.  Al worries suddenly that Jen had an abortion.

Todd tells Kelly that Paloma is a "nut job" and he doesn't want her upsetting Blair.  He says that Paloma was Blair's midwidfe but she let Blair down and wasn't there during the birth.  Kelly says that makes sense as to why she was "going on and on about the baby".  Todd wants to know what she said.  Kelly doesn't know Spanish, so she has no clue except it was about Blair and a baby.  Todd says he thinks Paloma is worried about them suing her.  Kelly buys that but thinks there's more to it because Paloma called Todd "El Diablo".

Paloma babbles to Blair quickly in Spanish but Blair doesn't understand.  Paloma tries to tell her in halting English.  Paloma says about when the baby was born, but Blair doesn't want to rehash the painful memory.  Blair asks her to leave and shuts the door after her.  Paloma says she won't go, Blair must know the truth.

Jessica apologizes to Natalie about her and Seth.  Natalie says she thinks Seth is just playing with Jess like he did with her.  Seth comes up and wants to know if everything is okay and wants to talk to Jess.

Gabrielle continues to harangue Jess about not telling Al the truth.  Al wants to call the doctor because Al is getting upset.  Cris assures Al that Jen didn't have an abortion.  Al is greatly relieved.  Cris still feels guilty so Al tells him that it wasn't all his fault; they were fighting.  Cris goes to leave but Al asks him if he's going to forgive Jen about her sleeping with Al.  Gabrielle comes in before Cris can answer.  Cris leaves.  Al talks to Gabrielle about fatherhood and she smiles, agreeing with everything.  He says that he doesn't want to shut her and Max out of the baby's life.

Jen is relieved to hear that Cris didn't tell Al about the baby.  She wants to be the one to do it.  She asks Cris what happens with them now.

Todd and Kelly keep bickering.  Kelly is very suspicious about why Todd forgave Blair for lying to him that the baby's was Max's, so easily and quickly.   It's not like him to be so supportive.  Todd dismisses her suspiciousn.  He needs to go out and look for Paloma but he's not sure where.  Kelly suggests that she might go to Blair's.  Todd doesn't think she'll go back there.

Paloma's words scare Blair.  Starr comes in and starts yelling at Paloma to leave.  Blair is aghast at Starr's rude behavior when she finds out that Starr shut the door in Paloma's face twice.  Starr lets slip that Todd said he doesn't want Paloma there, so Starr immediately covers by apologizing for being rude and running up to her room.  Paloma tells Blair that she wants to talk to her about how the baby went from her.

Cris doesn't blame Jen for what happened with Al.  He says he treated her so badly, he can't blame her.  He's just freaked out because she could have been pregnant with Al's baby.  She wonders if he can ever get past it.

Blair wonders what Paloma has to tell her that's new about how the baby cried.  He was so little, yet he had a big, healthy cry.  Paloma agrees.  The phone rings.  It's Todd, telling her that he won't be there for a while.  Blair is about to tell him that Paloma's there when Paloma interrupts her quietly and asks her not to tell Todd that she's there.  Blair hesitates and then lies to Todd that Starr is acting weird.  Paloma tells Blair that Todd lied to her.

Kelly keeps asking Todd about what's really going on and wonders who Jack is.  Todd is surprised that Cassie didn't tell her.  He tells her about Jack.  She's amazed.  He says that's why he doesn't want Paloma any where near Blair because it might upset her.  Kelly doesn't believe it when Todd gets all sensitive and says that Blair is almost happy again.  Starr calls Todd and tells him that the weird lady is there again and it sounds like she's telling Blair something that Todd did.

Jess lets Natalie and Seth talk.  He is sorry about hurting her feelings but tells her that she will have to get used to seeing him and Jess together.  She tells him that Jess doesn't feel about him the way she does.  She says she loves Seth.  Seth tells her that's too bad because he's in love with Jessica.  Natalie rushes off.  Jess wonders what he said.

Cris tells Jen that he doesn't know how he'll feel tomorrow or the next day, but he can't judge her.  Jen says that she has to go tell Al the truth but wants to know if Cris will meet her later.  He agrees.  He says she still has the key to his place so they can meet there.  She realizes she doesn't have her purse and figures she must have left it in the quarry.  Cris offers to go get it.

At the quarry, Cris sees her bag and then sees a girl crying.  At first he thinks it's Jen, but it's Natalie.

Jen wants to talk to Al.  Gabrielle tries to prevent it but Al insists on talking to her.  Gabrielle hisses at her not to upset him.

Todd asks Starr to help him by interrupting Paloma and Blair so they can't talk.  He rushes out.

Just as Paloma is about to spill the beans, Starr throws a fake mouse at Paloma from the doorway.  Blair yells at Starr for misbehaving and then orders her to go upstairs.  Paloma tells Blair that the baby's life wasn't so short.

Seth tells Jess that he loves her.

Jen is about to tell Al the truth when he realizes that he can't feel his legs.

Blair shows Paloma the portrait of their little family and says they have a new baby.  Paloma tells Blair that Todd took her baby, just as Todd is walking in the door.  Blair wants to know what she meant by that.

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