OLTL Update Thursday 1/17/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/17/02

By Suzanne

Al asks Jen if their baby is okay. She tries to tell him that there is no baby, but he won't let her talk.  He says even though it's an accident, it's okay.  He says he will be okay because he has to be, for their baby.

Max yells at Antonio to arrest Cristian for almost killing Al.  Antonio is trying to get the facts.  Cris says he's guilty so Antonio should arrest him.

Carlotta tells Keri that R.J. is the reason Cris was almost killed in New York.  Keri says "it's complicated".  Carlotta tells her about all the things R.J. has done to her family.  Keri is clearly shaken but says that R.J. is changed and anyway, she isn't her father.  Carlotta thinks that R.J. is using her as a weapon against Antonio.

R.J. clears out his personal items from the Break Bar.  He tells Chad that his new place is called "Capricorn", which is Keri's astrological sign.  Chad still can't believe that Keri is his daughter.  R.J. is not pleased that he hired Chad to find out about Keri but he didn't discover anything about her, including that she was his daughter.  He tells Chad to watch Keri and Antonio when they are in there together, to see how they are getting along.  Chad wants to know what R.J. plans to do if Keri and Antonio stay together.

Jessica tells Seth that he doesn't have to run away or act awkwardly each time they each other.  He says that he thinks she should know that Natalie implied that Jess still had feelings for him.

Todd interrogates Starr about what the woman was saying (the one she slammed the door on, Paloma).  Starr said she was speaking Spanish.  Todd asks what she looked like.  Starr gives him some details so Todd figures out it was Paloma.

Paloma tries to tell Kelly why she wants to see Blair, but Kelly doesn't understand any Spanish.  Meanwhile, Blair is standing outside Kelly's door with the baby.  She's come to surprise her cousin with her new baby.

Blair: Ok, jack, you ready to meet cousin kelly? Boy, she is in for a de luxe surprise. Yes, she is. Let's push this button right here. Here we go. Yeah.

Antonio questions Cris but Max keeps interrupting with his accusations and threats.  Max goes to see the doctor to get some answers.  Antonio goes to question Al about what happened, since Cris won't give him any details.

As Jen keeps trying to tell Al about the non-baby, he tells her that he knows she doesn't love him.  But he wants to take care of her and the baby.  Gabrielle comes in and interrupts.  She tells him that she knows about their upcoming baby.  She thinks it's "wonderful news".  She tells him that he has an even bigger reason now to get well, for the baby.  Larry comes in and is pleased to see that the visitors have done a lot of good for Al.  He asks them to leave, though, so he can run some tests. 

Outside, Gabrielle tells Jen that she knows what's up to and she won't get away with it.

Todd asks Starr where Paloma went, but she doesn't know.  Todd says Paloma is "on a mission" and that she's "evil".  He says that she's trying to hurt them and break up their family.  Todd phones his private eye to see if he can find her.  Starr is quite upset now and pleads with him to do something to protect their family.  He assures her that the only way the lady can hurt them is if she talks to Blair.  He doesn't think she'll find her at Kelly's.

The doorbell rings so Kelly goes to get it.  Blair realizes she left her diaper bag in the car so she runs back to get it.  Kelly finds that no one is there so she goes back to Paloma.  She tries to find out from Paloma why she wants to talk to Blair, but the language barrier is too big.  She wonders if she should take her down to the police station.  Kelly figures out that Paloma says that the police took Todd and that she calls him a "devil".  Kelly wonders what he did this time.

Gabrielle thinks that Jen is after Al for his money.  Gabrielle won't let Al throw his life away.  Jen tries to explain that there is no baby but Antonio comes up and asks to speak to Al.  They tell him that the doctor is with him.  Jen asks after Cristian.  Larry comes out so Gabrielle asks how he's doing.  Larry says his vital signs have improved.  Larry lets Antonio in to see Al; Max comes up and insists on going in with him.  Larry tells Gabriella that Al's spine may be permanently affected.  She gets upset (still in that same outfit she's been in since, God knows when!).  Larry says they won't know until they run some more tests and see if the swelling is reduced.  He suggests that she keep his spirits up.  He says that Al just keeps wanting to talk about Jen and the baby.

Antonio questions Al, with Max putting in his two cents.  Antonio asks if Cris tried to kill Al.

Keri denies that she is being used by R.J.  She says that she and Antonio started seeing each other long before she knew that R.J. was her father.  Carlotta asks if R.J. knew, though, that she was daughter.  Keri says he didn't, but she doesn't sound too convinced.  Carlotta doesn't know what to think but wouldn't put anything past R.J.  She says, "R.J. doesn't have a decent bone in his body".   Keri says he's her father and she's just trying to protect him.  Carlotta is doing the same thing for Antonio and Cris.  Keri again assures her that R.J. is not the same man.  Carlotta doesn't believe it and accuses R.J. of fixing the wires on the car so that Cris had an accident, where he lost the use of his hand and his artist career.  She also accuses R.J. of framing Antonio for murder.  Carlotta thinks it would be best if Keri just left (town? Antonio's life? The hospital?)

Jessica can't tell Seth whether she has feelings for him or not.  He says he cares about her and wants to prove it.  She says it doesn't matter if she has feelings for him or not.

Kelly decides to try to phone Blair.  She does, but Todd answers.  He wonders why Blair hasn't arrived there at Kelly's yet.  He tells Kelly to keep her there when she arrives.  Kelly agrees and says there's a woman here from Mexico who wants to see Blair.   Todd gets angry and smashes the phone a few times.

Cris asks Jen how Al is.  She fills him in on his condition.  Jen tells Cris it wasn't his fault.  Cris says his parents think differently.  They wonder if he will be charged for a crime.  He thinks she should go home and rest.  She says home was with him. She plans to just pick up some things and stay there.  They tell each other, "I love you".

Al tells Antonio that he and Cristian were in a fight but they weren't paying attention and he just fell off the edge.  He swears it was an accident.  Max doesn't believe it.  Antonio thanks him.  Max protests but Antonio says there's no case.  Max thinks there's more to it.  Gabrielle says there is but Al won't let her tell them about the baby.  Al wants to see Cristian.

Todd yells at Kelly to keep the woman there.  Blair is again outside of Kelly's door, chatting with the baby.  Blair's cell phone rings.  It's Starr; she tells Blair that she has to come home, she needs her.  Blair asks what's wrong so Blair hangs up.  Todd is proud of Starr's work.

Jen and Cristian wonder if their love is strong enough to survive this.  Jen tells him that when she went to the quarry, she was looking for him, not Al.  She wanted to tell him that she wasn't pregnant and she just wanted things back to normal.  She wanted to go back to the time they had before he left for New York, but now...Cristian finishes her sentence with "but now we can't".  Gabrielle comes out and tells Cristian that Al wants to speak with him.  She tells Jen that she's not finished with her yet.

Jessica tells Seth that Natalie loves him and thinks she has a chance with him.  She doesn't want to hurt Natalie.  She says that knows how she felt when she found out about him and Natalie, and she doesn't want to do the same thing to her.    She tells him that Natalie is going to be her sister, now that Viki is adopting her.

Blair comes home and finds that Starr is fine.  Starr says she just missed Jack and loves them both.  Blair is touched and suggests they go over to visit Cousin Kelly.  Starr yells, "No!" so Blair wonders why.

Paloma wants to leave but Kelly tries to keep her there.   Paloma agrees to some water, but while Kelly is out, Paloma sees the picture of Blair and Star, with the words "Mommy and Me" underneath. She realizes the rude girl that told her there was no baby there, was Blair's daughter.  Paloma leaves to go back there.

Seth tells Jessica that he and Natalie will never get back together.  He says that he wants Jess and he thinks she still wants him, too.

R.J. runs into Keri again at The Break Bar.  Keri tells R.J. about her run-in with Antonio's mom.  She tells him what Carlotta said that he did.  He counters with excuses and denials.  She doesn't know what to believe.  Keri wants to straighten things out with Antonio; she hopes they can get past this.  Keri goes to the bathroom.  While she's gone, her cell phone rings.  Antonio leaves a message that he hopes she can drop by the hospital so they can talk and work things out.  R.J. listens to just the beginning and erases it.  When Keri comes back, she hopes she hears from Antonio.  R.J. says that he's sure Antonio will call.

Gabrielle mentions that she thinks Jen was playing Cris and Al against each other.  Jen tells her that she wasn't and there is no baby.  It was a mistake and she's not pregnant.  Gabrielle stops Jen from going in to tell Al.

Max thinks Al should rest but he insists on seeing Cristian.  Max leaves them alone.  Cris says he's sorry.  Al says they still need to talk about Jen.

Blair is surprised that Todd left Starr alone; Starr says that the maid Hedy is upstairs.  Blair wants to put both Jack and Starr to bed.  Starr whines to stay up later.  The phone rings.  She gets a call for Todd from his private eye and takes a message.  Then the doorbell rings.  It's Paloma.  Blair wonders why she's there.

Kelly comes back with the water to find Paloma gone and the door open; Todd comes in and asks where the Hell Paloma is.

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