OLTL Update Wednesday1/16/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/16/02

By Beth

Paloma is at the door asking for Blair Cramer and talking about a baby. She tells Starr that the baby isn't dead, but Starr doesn't understand Spanish. All she knows is that the woman is talking about the baby, which she's tired of hearing about, so closes the door in her face. When Todd asks who was at the door, Starr claims it was just somebody selling something. Todd tries to talk to her about her feelings of jealousy. She should tell her parents what's wrong and try to negotiate. They don't know what to do if she doesn't tell them. Starr is intrigued by this.

Paloma pounds on the door, which Starr again answers and tells her she has the wrong house. After the door closes in her face again, Paloma looks at the page she has torn from the phone book and wonders whether the person named Kelly Cramer knows Blair.

Kelly, who is in town on newspaper business, calls Blair. She doesn't know about Jack, so Blair wants to surprise her. When Starr interrupts, ready to negotiate, Blair promises to call her cousin back. Starr announces that somebody has to go: Jack or her. After her parents insist that no one is going anywhere, she says she'll accept that with one condition. She wants time with them that isn't shared with the baby. They agree, and Blair takes Jack to Kelly's. Starr and Todd play Monopoly and talk about how big sisters treat their little brothers. Starr confesses that it wasn't a salesman at the door. Todd questions her enough to figure out that it was Paloma.

Paloma goes to Kelly's and asks about Blair. Kelly doesn't understand Spanish but invites her in to try to figure it out. Kelly understands that Paloma wants to tell the truth about something having to do with Blair.

Antonio is angry that Keri will continue to associate with his sworn enemy. Keri wants to know why Antonio would assume that she would turn her back on her father after she just found him. Keri will insists that R.J. is trying and deserves a chance. Being a father has changed him. Antonio agrees that knowing her would change any man's life--any man but R.J. Gannon. Neither is aware that R.J. is lurking behind the bar, listening to their argument. As Keri continues to defend her father, Antonio gets a call about Al's accident. When he leaves for the hospital, R.J. apologizes to Keri for being the cause of an argument. He doesn't want to be the reason for her unhappiness. He offers to keep his distance, but she won't hear of it. She thanks him for his gesture and says she'll talk to Antonio. After she leaves, R.J. congratulates himself for laying the groundwork to get Antonio out of her life.

Larry reports that Al made it through surgery but is in critical condition. Al sustained serious injuries and lost a lot of blood. He is in ICU with a severe concussion, numerous rib fractures, and trauma to the spine. Larry refuses to let his parents see him unless they can calm down. He needs to stabilize Al, whose emotional state is critical. Al can have no additional stress. He needs the will to live. Still blaming herself, Jen runs off, upset. Cristian follows, with Lindsay close behind. Cristian sees Lindsay eavesdropping, and they get into an argument. Lindsay blames Cristian for what happened to Al, and for once, he agrees with her.

Max tells Larry he made his point. He wants to see his son. Gabrielle asks Max to put aside his hatred for her, for Al's sake. Larry agrees that they can see him but they have to be careful not to upset him. When they see him, they try to encourage him. Al awakens and asks to see Jen. Max goes to find her, and Al sends his mother along as well.

Jen wants to know why her mother is acting guilty when it was really her own fault. When Cristian and Al were fighting, she called to Al, thereby distracting him. That's why he went over the cliff. Lindsay assures her that all she did was try to stop a fight. There must be a way for her to make it up to him. Max enters and orders Jen to go see his son. She leaves, and Max says that Jen has been nothing but trouble for his son. Lindsay tells Max that it was all Cristian's fault. He shouldn't let him get away with what he did.

Al is happy to see Jen, who has been warned by Gabrielle not to upset him. He wants to make sure that their baby is all right. Gabrielle is stunned to hear this.

Carlotta arrives and defends her son, who tells everyone to calm down. Cristian takes her aside to explain what happened. Carlotta is upset to learn of Jen's infidelity and Cristian's love for her in spite of it. She blames R.J., but Cristian insists on taking the blame. Antonio arrives, and Cristian goes to check on the situation with Al. Carlotta tells Antonio to make sure that R.J. is held accountable. Antonio would like to, but it's unlikely. He fills her in on what he just learned, and she is upset that he would date R.J.'s daughter. He goes to find his brother to take his statement about the accident. Keri arrives and faces Carlotta, who tells her she should just leave. When Antonio asks Max about Al's condition, Max orders him to arrest Cristian for attempted murder.


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