OLTL Update Tuesday 1/15/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/15/02

By Beth

When Troy asks Lindsay, who is under the influence of the truth serum, whether it was she or Colin who drugged Nora, Lindsay admits that she did "a bad, bad thing." As she rushes to the sink to throw some water on her face, Troy verifies that his tape recorder is still on. Lindsay feels compelled to answer Troy's question despite her strong aversion to doing so. She says she did something for which no one could ever forgive her, and she can't forgive herself. She talks about her affair with Colin, and mentions that she was there in his house when he was holding Nora captive. Could Nora have heard her voice and thought she was involved? Troy is astonished when Lindsay refuses to admit what she did. The effects of the drug are wearing off. Lindsay's cell phone rings; it's Jen, looking for Sam. When Lindsay hears that she's at the hospital because of an accident, she rushes off to find her.

Troy is furious that the truth serum didn't have the desired result. He checks his information and learns that it can be resisted by extremely strong-willed people--about two percent of the population. Not only that, but the effect diminishes with each subsequent dose. Troy doesn't know what to do now. Then, looking at the photo of himself and his brother, he gets an idea.

At the hospital, Larry tells Jen and Cristian that Al is being prepped for emergency surgery. Max arrives, having received Jen's message, and wants to know exactly why his son is in the hospital. Jen and Cristian blame themselves. Max goes to find a nurse, and Jen tells Cristian that she's not pregnant after all. If she had just been honest with him from the beginning, Al wouldn't have been hurt. Gabrielle arrives at the hospital. When she asks Max what happened, he just looks at Jen and Cristian.

Cristian talks about pleading guilty and facing up to what he did to Al. Jen, on the other hand, is trying to get hold of her father to represent him. Cristian is confronted by Gabrielle, who is then taken aside by Max. Lindsay arrives and learns of Al's fall. She yells at Cristian for causing the accident. Soon afterward, Max, Gabrielle, Jen, Cristian, and Lindsay gather to hear what Larry has to say about Al's condition.

Keri asks R.J. whether what Antonio said was true. Did he really hire the hitman who went after Cristian? R.J. admits that he did, but that things got out of control. He never meant to have Cristian killed, just run out of town, but the hitman turned it into a personal vendetta. R.J. has been trying to make amends with Cristian ever since then, but the Vega brothers refuse to give him a break. Keri doesn't think her father has done enough. She reminds him that he has the power to help put the man behind bars. Knowing that Shaeffer threatened to kill Keri, R.J. tells her he just can't do that. Then he gets mad. Antonio hates him. Does his own daughter hate him too? No, she doesn't, but it's complicated. She doesn't know how to deal with the fact that the two most important men in her life are bitter enemies. R.J. assures her that he would never try to stop her from seeing Antonio. In fact, no one has the right to tell her whom she can associate with. He would like to see his daughter again soon, but she goes off to meet Antonio without making any such commitment.

Antonio goes to Break Bar looking for his brother. He runs into Bo, who is looking for Max. They sit down together and Antonio fills Bo in on the situation with R.J. and Keri. Bo sympathizes. Paloma, whose plane landed in Llanview earlier, enters the bar and captures Bo's attention. Chad tries to help her but doesn't understand Spanish, so Antonio goes to talk to her. Paloma says she's trying to find Blair Cramer. She has a cab waiting outside, but the driver isn't familiar with Blair's street. Antonio gives her directions and she leaves. Bo is curious, so Antonio tells him what she wanted. Then they return to the former topic of conversation, and Bo reminds him that people can't pick their parents. Keri arrives at the bar just as Antonio decides to leave. They embrace, and he assumes she's going to turn her back on R.J. He's upset when she tells him he's mistaken.

Allison has Jessica backed up against a wall in the parking garage. She accuses her of being behind Natalie's decision not to share the Buchanan wealth with her, but although Jessica denies having any such influence, she thinks Natalie did the smart thing. Angry, Allison grabs her. Roxy comes running and tells Allison to leave her daughter alone. Allison tells her to go away, and Roxy threatens Allison, who then leaves. Roxy tells Jessica she felt bad about the day they met. She was a bad mother to Natalie, and even if she'd raised such a good kid as Jessica, she still would have messed things up. She's glad her real daughter had a good, decent upbringing. Jessica tells her not to be so hard on herself. She thanks Roxy and then leaves. Roxy dances as Allison returns. That went well; Jessica won't even see what's coming.

Todd gets a call from Miguel, who informs him that Paloma was released. Todd orders Miguel to find her and keep her away from his family. As soon as he hangs up, the doorbell rings. It is Nellie, the girl Todd hired to pretend to be Jack's mother, She tells Todd he can't make her take that baby. He doesn't know what she's talking about. Blair sees Nellie and is upset. Nellie can't take her baby! After the explain the situation to Blair, Jack cries and Blair goes to him. Nellie tells Todd that she got a call from someone claiming to be his secretary. The caller told her to come get the baby. Nellie hears Starr's voice and identifies her as the caller. After she leaves, Todd confronts Starr, who admits to having made the call. She would rather have a dragon now, instead of a baby brother. Everything is always about the baby! Her parents try to assure her that's not true, and they try to make plans with her, but when Jack cries, all their attention turns to him. Starr walks out. When the doorbell rings, she opens the door. It is Paloma.

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