OLTL Update Monday 1/14/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 1/14/02

By Beth

Keri returns to Capricorn, R.J.'s new bar named for her astrological sign, and sees Antonio pushing her father against the wall. Shocked, she drops the bouquet of flowers she bought for the bar and asks Antonio what he's doing to her father. Equally shocked, Antonio releases his hold on R.J., who proudly confirms that he is indeed Keri's father. Antonio doesn't want to believe it, but when Keri explains how her mother and Hank tried to keep the truth from her, he tells her she would have been better off not knowing R.J. Offended, Keri defends R.J. against Antonio, who is trying desperately to turn her against her father. She is stunned by his allegation that it was R.J. who hired the hitman to go after Cristian. Keri doesn't know what to think. Antonio turns to leave and expects Keri to go with him, but she says she'll meet him later. He doesn't understand her loyalty to his enemy. He leaves, and Keri asks her father whether there's any truth to Antonio's accusations.

Allison is at The Palace Restaurant working on her plan. She calls Roxy, who is at Break Bar drinking and reading articles about Jessica on a computer. Allison wants to make sure that Roxy has memorized the facts she told her to memorize. She made Natalie rich and is about to do the same for Jessica, which translates to riches for her and Roxy as well. Allison sees Ben, Viki, and Jessica arrive at the restaurant and hangs up quickly.

Unaware that Allison is watching them, Ben, Viki, and Jessica talk at their table. Although they are at Seth's station, he says he'll get someone to cover for him. Jessica protests but he insists; his shift is almost over anyway. Viki has something important to talk to Jessica about, and she believes it's a good thing, but before she can explain, Allison comes along and taunts all of them. She asks the Davidsons why they are out with Roxy's daughter, and tells Jessica she'd better just order a salad because she's poor now. Ben gets rid of her, but as she leaves, she stops and hears Viki tell Jessica that if things work out the way she hopes, Jessica will have plenty of money. Allison leaves before hearing Viki say that she and Clint want to adopt Jessica.

Natalie catches Roxy doing her research. Roxy claims she's just learning about her daughter's life. Seth overhears their conversation, mainly one of verbal abuse by Roxy, and intervenes. Natalie introduces them, and Seth physically removes Roxy from the premises. Natalie tries to get some sympathy, and when he says he does still care about her, she kisses him. He pulls away and tells her not to get the wrong idea. Hurt, she tells him to run to Jessica. She says she knows something about how Jessica feels about him, but she won't play matchmaker. Chad joins them and tells Seth to take a walk; Seth's shift doesn't start for another hour, and he's bothering Natalie. When Seth leaves, Natalie asks Chad to start dating Jessica, but he refuses. She'll have to find another way to get between Seth and Jessica.

Viki's idea is a complete surprise to Jessica, who already thinks of Viki and Clint as her parents. She doesn't care about the money she lost by not being their birth daughter. In fact, she thinks it's time she started taking care of herself. She'll have to think about Viki's offer. As she leaves, Ben offers to walk her to her car but she says it's not necessary.

Allison is in the parking garage, obviously waiting for someone. Roxy arrives and they mention phase two of Allison's plan. Seeing Jessica, Allison pulls Roxy out of sight, then comes out from hiding and tells Jessica she has a surprise for her.

Nora tells Sam she wants only love between them, and no secrets. She admits to knowing what Troy is up to with Lindsay, and says she had a chance to warn her but didn't. That means she really does want and need to know exactly what happened, despite promising Sam she would let go of the past. She asks Sam to forgive her, but then sees that he has been asleep the whole time. When he wakes up, Sam talks about how he's always loved Nora. They should make the most of their time alone, since it comes along so rarely.

Lindsay relaxes on Troy's couch while he pours two glasses of wine. He puts some of the truth serum in her drink and is disappointed when she drinks the wine slowly. She keeps talking about what she did to break up Jen's relationship with Cristian, but Troy is more interested in what she did to Nora. His tape recorder is hidden from Lindsay's view, but it is running. Troy zones out during Lindsay's ramblings about her daughter but perks up when she says she thinks she can tell him anything. When he assures her that she can, she raves about his body and his sexual prowess, then is embarrassed. They attribute her frankness to the wine. She is happy to know that he cares about her and isn't playing games with her. Other men wanted her to be someone else--which she obviously couldn't--but Troy is different. She cries a little, then starts laughing when she remembers their rocky start. After all, she tried to smother him with a pillow. She admits that she was afraid of Colin, and Troy wants to know why. Lindsay admits to having an affair with Colin during his marriage to Lanie. She tried to smother Troy because his identical twin had threatened to seduce her daughter. Troy presses her about her involvement with Colin and her role in Nora's nightmare. He asks point blank whether it was Colin or Lindsay who drugged Nora.

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