OLTL Update Thursday 1/10/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/10/02

By Glynis

Troy is in his office and Nora comes to see him. She has papers for him and he knows that she could have sent the papers over. They get into a discussion of he and Colin growing up. Troy wants to help her but he has to prove that somehow Lindsay pushed Colin over the edge. Nora sees that something is going on here. Troy is sleeping with Lindsay to get to the truth and that is something that Colin would do, not the Troy that she knows. She tells him that whatever he is doing she doesn’t want him doing it or her. He promises her anyway that he will get the truth out. She leaves and he picks up an article on ‘Truth Serum’.

Cristian confronts Al for being with Jennifer. Al explains that Jennifer felt like a piece of garbage and it killed her. Now Jennifer is pregnant and Al explains that Cristian was the cause of her state of mind. Al is not going to let Cristian turn what happened with he and Jennifer turn into a dirty thing. There was no one around to help her at the time. Al thinks that it is great that he is going to have a baby. If Jennifer loved him, he would never lie to her and he wouldn’t walk out on her. He tells Cristian that he doesn’t deserve Jennifer. They start fighting when Al says that he would marry Jennifer if she would have him. Cristian says that Al is never going to get Jennifer.

Jennifer accuses her mother of tampering with her pregnancy test. Why would she do that? Lindsay denies that she did anything of the sort. She says that if she wanted to tell Cristian she would have done so herself. She says that she was happy that Cristian was going to marry her. Jennifer doesn’t believe anything that her mother is saying. Jennifer is going to find her boyfriend. To her everything has changed. Lindsay thinks that Cristian will never be able to get the idea of Jennifer and Al making love out of his mind.

Gabrielle is trying to get a job and she hits Ben up for one but he has nothing to offer her. She would like to get on with her design career but she can’t just yet…Ben leaves her at her table at Renee’s restaurant and goes over to get Viki. They leave passing Gabrielle who is looking through the paper for a job. She finds a job looking for a bright, attentive woman. No experience necessary.

Todd is putting together a mobile for the baby’s crib when Blair comes in and sees him sitting on the floor with it. He gets a call from the cop that he knows in Mexico. He reports that Paloma will not be bothering him again. The authorities are handcuffing Paloma at that moment. Todd loves the news and is interrupted by Starr. He has no time for her right now. She goes to the desk and finds the adoption appears there for the baby. She picks up the phone and makes a call saying that she is Mr. Manning’s secretary and that the baby is to be picked up right away.

Jennifer comes to the park and finds Al and Cristian fighting. She shouts out and the both of them stop.

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