OLTL Update Wednesday1/9/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/9/02

By Beth

Starr is hiding behind the couch while Blair plays with the baby. Jealous, she throws a clay mouse she made at him, and Blair chastises her. Todd is on the phone looking for Paloma, when the doorbell rings. He answers the door and sees Paloma looking at him. It was just another hallucination; Ben, Viki, and Sam are the visitors, coming to see the baby for the first time. Blair is happy to see them, but Paloma's image continues to haunt Todd. They all go into the living room. Bursting with pride, Blair says she thinks Jack is the most beautiful baby she's ever seen. Starr, hearing this and seeing all the packages Viki has for the baby, is jealous. She wants attention and presents. Viki does have one small gift for her, but Blair distracts Viki by announcing the baby's name, which everyone thinks is perfect. Starr is quite disappointed with her present.

Sam congratulates Todd and they talk about parenthood. He doesn't know why Todd didn't have him look over the adoption papers. He becomes increasingly suspicious and won't let it go. Everyone is fawning over Jack, and Todd leaves Sam's company and talks to Ben. While they try to have a conversation, Starr repeatedly interrupts, still seeking attention. Ben calls her "Farrah," referring to her hairstyle. Blair lets Viki hold Jack while she and Todd make an announcement. Todd asks Ben and Viki to be Jack's godparents. Ben is surprised, Blair is upset, and Sam is suspicious. Blair thought they were asking Viki and Sam, not Viki and Ben. Obviously not wanting Sam to pry into the baby's "adoption," Todd just says it makes more sense to have a married couple as godparents. Starr learns that she only has one godparent: Dorian.

Starr sits on the stairs feeling sorry for herself. Todd tells her he needs privacy, so she leaves. He calls a former employee named Miguel, who is now on the police force in Mexico. Blair comes along and wants to know whom he's talking to, so he tells her it's a newspaper emergency. She walks Viki and Ben out. Todd tells Miguel that Paloma is a thief and she keeps calling and harassing them. He's afraid she's going to show up in town. Miguel promises to take care of it. Sam hears Todd tell Miguel to keep Paloma away. Unfortunately for Todd, Paloma is at the airport buying a ticket to Llanview.

No one can believe Bo's offer to let Gabrielle stay with him, but he's serious. Max warns him not to get involved with that "lying, treacherous, conniving thief," which brings tears to Gabrielle's eyes. Bo won't listen, and the two leave. At Bo's place, they talk about Asa, and Bo admits that he asked her to stay there as a way to get back at him. She can stay there and not worry about cooking or cleaning for him, but he does expect her to get a job as soon as possible.

Renee visits Rae and Hank's table. Hank excuses himself, and Rae and Renee talk about the situation with John Sykes. Yes, Rae has spoken with him since New Year's Eve, but he didn't even mention the fact that he stood her up. She thinks it's time for a face-to-face conversation with him. Hank returns, and Renee walks them out.

Asa and Max are still trading threats and insults. Asa wants to sue Max, a suit that Max thinks Asa would lose. Asa claims he never loses, so Max tells him that he has indeed lost Al.

While arguing with Natalie, Jessica gets a call from Al, who is desperate to get hold of Jen. Jessica leaves to meet him at the quarry and is followed by Natalie, who hides behind a rock and listens to their conversation. From Al's ramblings, Jessica figures out that he had sex with Jen and that she may be pregnant. She cautions him not to overreact, since he doesn't even know for certain that Jen's pregnant, and even if she is, he isn't necessarily the father. Al realizes that Jen is avoiding him in an effort to keep the secret from her boyfriend. He doesn't know what to do, so Jessica advises him to just wait and let Jen contact him. Natalie comes out from behind the rock and says that if Jessica had been willing to finish their conversation at home, she wouldn't have had to follow her. Al yells at her to leave, which she does, but only after telling Jessica that they still have unfinished business. Jessica tells Al not to worry; she'll make sure Natalie keeps her mouth shut. She follows Natalie home, where they continue their argument. Natalie doesn't care about the situation with Al and Jen, so she's not going to say anything. She just wants to make it clear that Jessica and Seth will never be together. Seth is the only person who has ever loved Natalie. Jessica tries to assure her that she isn't interested in him, but Natalie doesn't believe her.

Cristian walks into Rae's office, having heard Jen say that Al is the father of her baby. He wants her to tell him it isn't true, and that she never had sex with Al, but she can't tell him what he wants to hear. He walks out of the office, with Jen right behind him. Lindsay follows them and defends her daughter, but Cristian won't listen, and Jen defends herself. After all, Cristian broke up with her and told her he slept with several different women. How was she supposed to know it wasn't true? She lets it slip that the incident with Al took place at the quarry, which infuriates Cristian. She claims that he of all people should understand, since he slept with Roseanne while he was still in love with Jessica. Cristian doesn't care what she has to say. He leaves, and she tries to chase him but is stopped by the elevator doors. Lindsay tells her to go wash her face and then they'll figure out what to do.

Rae gets back from lunch and wants to know what Lindsay did to Jen, whom she just saw in tears. She goes to her office, and Jen returns from the restroom, looking stricken. She's not pregnant after all.

Al calls Rae, who refuses to tell him whether Jen is still there. He hangs up and starts to leave the quarry when he sees Cristian, looking ready for a fight.


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