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One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/8/02

By Beth

After coming to the conclusion that Jen is carrying his child, Al starts to leave the quarry to look for her but is stopped by Max, who saw his car nearby. Al tells him that it's nothing personal, but this is really not a good time. They end up sitting down anyway and having a heart-to-heart talk about fatherhood. Max stayed away from Al all those years because he didn't want to get involved with his mother again. Even though he still wants nothing to do with Gabrielle, he regrets abandoning Al and asks for a second chance. He believes that the bond between a parent and child is the strongest bond there is. Al thinks about this, then tells him he needs to be alone. As Max leaves, Al calls him "Dad." Al thinks about the situation with Jen and knows what he has to do.

Cristian enters Rae's office as Jen confides that she can't tell him about the pregnancy, so Rae leaves to give them some privacy. He shuts the door in Lindsay's face as she tries to barge in. He thinks that Jen didn't want to tell him because she was just doing what her mother wanted. Well, this isn't about Lindsay; it's about the two of them. Cristian has always wanted children. He loves her, and she loves him. He asks her to marry him.

Lindsay is at the door begging Jen to let her in. Rae tells her off, and Lindsay tells her to go away. Neither is willing to leave until the other does. Finally, Lindsay walks out, and Rae leaves without making sure she's really gone. Lindsay comes out of hiding and barges in on Cristian's proposal. Cristian berates her for interrupting a very private moment, then decides to go get a ring. After he leaves, Jen is torn between telling him the truth and never letting him know. Lindsay convinces her that he'll leave her if he ever finds out. Jen's phone rings, and it's Al, who says he needs to see her right away. Jen hangs up on him and tells Lindsay she thinks he knows. Seeing that Cristian has returned and is close enough to hear their conversation, Lindsay prompts her to complete the sentence, so Jen says she thinks Al knows that he's the father of her baby.

Seth is at the student union studying when Natalie enters, followed by Chad. Natalie sees Seth and hopes it will bother him that she's flirting with Chad. Seth takes her aside and warns her to be careful--not of Chad, but of Allison, who is up to no good and shouldn't be trusted. Natalie says she's already let Allison know where she stands. Seth again warns her to watch out, because there's a reason Allison was in the mental ward so long. Before he leaves, he tells Natalie he never stopped caring about her. When Chad tries to get their conversation back to where it was, Natalie tells him that she now has some hope since Seth didn't mention Jessica even once.

Antonio finds Keri grading papers at the student union, and they set a date for tonight.

At Llanfair, Jessica goes to Viki for advice about Seth, whom she still cares about even though she doesn't want to. Ever since the big secret was revealed, he has been caring and sincere and hasn't asked for anything in return. She can't hold his actions against him forever. They're trying to give Natalie a chance, so why can't she do the same for Seth? The problem is that she doesn't want to rock the boat with Natalie by showing an interest in him. She also wants to know how Viki will feel if Natalie gets hurt because of something she does. Viki assures Jessica that she will always love her and want her to be happy. Knowing this, Jessica decides to give Seth a chance. Viki sees Natalie in the doorway and invites her in before leaving for a meeting at the university. Natalie turns on Jessica, accusing her of being after Seth all along.

Chad pumps Seth for information about Natalie's interests, but Seth tells him he's on his own. Viki runs into Seth and warns him not to hurt either of her daughters again. She knows both of his bosses--Renee and Max--and could see to it that he didn't have a job with either of them, or much of a life at all in Llanview.

At Renee's restaurant, Gabrielle is appalled when Renee takes away her food and calls her a moocher. She won't be getting a suite at the hotel that night either. Gabrielle protests that despite everything that's happened, she is still Mrs. Asa Buchanan, and she has money due to the ironclad prenuptial agreement. Bo looks on from the doorway, and Asa appears, telling his wife that the prenup is worthless and he's having the marriage annulled. Renee, who is thoroughly enjoying the argument, walks over to Bo, who offers to haul them both out of the restaurant. Renee declines, then asks about the legal status of the whole mess. Bo informs her that Asa and Nigel are out on bail and that fraud and conspiracy charges are pending. Despite Gabrielle protests that there are no grounds for an annulment, Asa is confident that his lawyers will take care of it.

Rae and Hank arrive at the restaurant and watch the confrontation. Gabrielle and Asa are both intent on testifying against each other. Gabrielle is convinced she'll win, and Asa is equally convinced of his own victory. Bo informs him he has no money to pay the lawyers; all Asa's assets, as well as those of Jeb Stuart, have been frozen. Gabrielle is ecstatic to hear that Asa won't have access to his money. When Max joins them, Asa asks Bo why he isn't in jail. For that matter, why didn't Bo arrest him last year for impersonating a Buchanan? Bo reminds his father that he refused to press charges and asks what Max has on Asa.

After receiving a call from a judge, Rae approaches Asa and tells him she's been assigned to be his court-assigned therapist and that if he doesn't comply, he will go to jail. Renee eventually tells Asa, Max, and Gabrielle to leave her establishment. Asa taunts Gabrielle by offering to drop her off at the homeless shelter. To everyone's shock, Bo announces that she will be staying at his place.

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