OLTL Update Monday 1/7/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 1/7/02

By Beth

As Blair tries to speak with Paloma, who is calling from Mexico, Todd grabs the phone, tells her never to call again, and hangs up. This annoys Blair, but Todd claims she only called because she wants money. Blair insists that if Paloma calls back, she wants to talk to her. After all, she may know something about their baby. When Todd tries to tell her that the little baby they have now needs her, she says she knows this, but that little boy will never be theirs no matter what Todd says. Todd tries to convince her that all she has to do is make herself believe that he really is their little boy, and give him everything she would have given the other baby. From this, Blair surmises that Todd is afraid of happiness and tells him there's no reason to be, because they have so much to look forward to. Todd changes the subject by telling her he has a surprise waiting downstairs with Starr. Blair is pleasantly surprised to see Starr enter the bedroom with a professional photographer who is prepared to take some family photos. Unfortunately, Todd imagines seeing Paloma behind the camera and is unable to smile. This prompts Starr and Blair to tickle him.

Nora tells Troy that what he's doing is disturbing. Using Lindsay is wrong. Colin may not have acted alone when he did all those terrible things, but he still did them. What Troy is doing is no better than what Colin would have done. Troy disagrees; Colin used women for his own gratification. Troy, on the other hand, is doing it for Nora and for his brother's memory. Nora warns him that "sleeping with Lindsay is like signing over your soul, in blood," except that the devil has a much more highly developed sense of fair play. Although Troy insists that Lindsay has been nothing but charming, Nora says that's when she turns lethal. Troy is too close to stop, and it will all work out. Nora stresses that she is with Sam now and cannot reciprocate Troy's feelings, which he made clear at Rae's New Year's Eve party. Troy can accept that, but he needs to continue with his plan. As Nora leaves, she runs into Sam and Matthew just outside the door. Troy hears Matthew and calls to him, so Matthew goes inside while Sam and Nora talk. When they go inside to get Matthew, Troy gives Nora the clinic incorporation papers, which he has signed. By this time tomorrow, he'll have "the rest." Nora counters that Lindsay will never confess. After they leave, Sam mistakenly thinks that Troy has put his interest in Lindsay ahead of his friendship with Nora. Nora agrees that Troy has made his choice.

As the nurse leaves a message on the answering machine, Cristian picks up the phone and tells her that Jen has already left and that he'll be leaving right away.

At the hospital's family planning center, Lindsay walks into a counselor's office and is disgusted to find Rae, who is equally disgusted to see her. The two women trade insults until Rae finally calls for a truce. Lindsay agrees to "let" Jen talk to her, but warns Rae not to try to turn her daughter against her.

Al wants to know why Jen is at the family planning center, and she convinces him she's there to get a refill on her birth control pills. Lindsay, who has just come from Rae's office, sees them talking and assumes--or pretends to assume--that Jen has told him. Jen drags her aside to keep her from divulging her secret. In Rae's office, Jen seems inhibited by her mother's presence, so Rae suggests that Lindsay leave. This infuriates Lindsay, but she agrees to leave when Jen insists. As she closes the door, she sees Cristian. Throwing herself against the door, she tells Cristian he can't go in there; Jen is entitled to her privacy. Cristian assumes that Jen must be pregnant after all, and he walks into the office just as Jen confides to Rae that she can't tell Cristian about the pregnancy. Sensing that someone is there, Jen turns around and sees Cristian.

Later, at the quarry, Al concludes that Jen is pregnant and that the baby must be his.

In Mexico, Paloma is discussing the problem with a priest. They agree that she must go to Llanview to tell Blair the truth about her baby.

Holding the tape recorder, Todd plays back Lindsay's request for a drug for Jen. Troy tells himself that Lindsay will get a drug, all right, just not the one she thinks.

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