OLTL Update Friday 1/11/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 1/4/02

By Glynis

Jennifer Is daydreaming about having a baby with Cristian. They lie in bed togther and then suddenly Al walks in asking about the baby that they are going to have together. This is all a daydream. Cristian and Jennifer discuss her jumpiness. Cristian says that he is going to take her to the doctor. He picks up the phone to make an appointment. She tells him that she has been making adjustments and that has been stressing her out. They are in this together. Her future is his future no matter what. He would like to do something fun with her. She canít go out with him beucase she is meeitn gher mother. They are going to go shopping. Jennifer says that her nmother is realy excited about them goijng shopping together. Cristian is glad that Jennifer made up with her mother. She was really there for Jennifer when she needed her the most.

Nora gets a visit from Sam who is glad to see her. He tells her that he would like to have a special adventure with Nora and she would like that very much. Matthew shows up ready to go. Sam gives Nora some papers and then he picks up his son. Thety have the whole day planned. Later Matthew is going to help him mother take down the Christmas decorations. Sam and matthew leave the house and Nora thinks to herself that she has further business with Troy.

Troy is with Lindsay and they discuss some medication that Lindsay wants for her daughter. Jennifer thinks that she may be pregnant and she really isnít pregnant. She had a one night stand and the boy thinmks that she may be pregnant. Jennifer took a test and the results were negative.

Troy is not following. Why does she think that she is pregnant? Lindsay explains that Jennifer saw fake results. She shows hikm a pen and tells him how the trest works. She admits that she chnged the results. Eventually, Jennifer is going tio have her period and she is going to see that she really isnít pregnant. Troy says that he sees that she is doing whatever she has to in order to protect her daughter. Lindsay is desperate and Troy can only imagine what it must be like to do desperate ithings for someone that she loves. He tells her that he canít help her with this. Where did she get the idea of usig a drug to help her with this plan? Has she done this before? She doesnít answer. She has to leave. She has an appointment. He leaves her in the room to go and have a shower. Just then, there is knocking on the door. "Hello! It is Nora!" Lindsay loves this. She is scantilly dressed and Nora is at the door. She ventures over to the door and opens it to greet a very shocked Lindsay.

The nanny that took care of the baby for Todd in the beginning calls Blair and wants to tell her something of great importance. Todd intercepts the call and tells the caller not to phone there ever again . Blair thinks that the baby looks like Todd. What are they going to call the baby? Blair wanted to name the baby the same name that she was goijgn to name her dead child. Todd thinks that the baby should have another name. Blair would like to call the baby Todd then. Todd tells her again that this baby is theirs just like the other baby. Blair thinks that it is good that the baby wasnít a blood relative to them so that he will only get the best of them.

Al comes home to talk to his mother. He feels used by his mother to get back to Max and Asa. She let him believe that he had a fahter that he could care about. Gabrielle tells him that Asa was the one that used them. He found them and told Gabrielle about his plan. Asa walks in and says ythat Gabrielle was happy to help Asa with his plan. Asa wanbts to give Al everything that he promised before. Al wants nothing from Asa. Asa never cared about him and Al wonít believe that he ever did. Al says that he is going to leave Asa and Gabrielle to talk. Gabrielle lovese her son and doesnít want him to go. Al sayts that he is leaving Llanview but first he is going to talk to his only friend. The only person that never lied to him.