OLTL Update Thursday 1/10/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/3/01

By Glynis

Nora arrives at the police station and finds Antonio fingerprinting Nigel…Gabrielle is trying to talk to Max but he wants nothing to do with her. Nora comes to him and wants the story of what is going on. Max tells her that no one killed Asa. He didn’t die. He is still alive and still kicking.

Asa walks into Viki’s house and Renée is there and sees that he is still alive. She can’t believe it. Bo has brought him over there. He wants Asa to tell everyone about what has been going on. Asa tells the story but tries to put a spin on it so that the people that adore him. Bo tells them that the truth is that Asa faked his death and put them all through this to play a game. Asa thinks that of all the people there, Renée will be the one that will forgive him but she slaps him in the face after she is done listening to him talk. Al tells him that he is nothing but a big phony. Jessica wants nothing to do with him either. She doesn’t know what he expects from her. She is not even a Buchanan. She tells him that Natalie is the Buchanan. Asa points to Natalie and says that she will never be his granddaughter. He thinks that he should have stayed dead. Bo warns him not to go too far. He heads to the door and Natalie calls out to him telling him to wait. Asa stops and turns to face Natalie. Ben can tell that she is trying to get involved with Asa but he tells her that she is only going to get hurt by getting involved.

Todd tells Blair that no one is going to take this baby from her ever. The baby is there and is not going anywhere. She has to put the baby in the crib. She knows that everything is going to be okay. He wants to discuss names for the boy. She tells him that they will discuss names for the baby the next day. This night is going to be for them. They put the baby to bed and Blair gets ready for him. She tells him that no one is going to love him like she is going to love him. She starts with a kiss.

Keri and Sam are alone together wondering what their dates are doing off while they sit and wait for them.

Roxanne is in town and she hooks up with Alison at RJ’s club. Alison really doesn’t have any patience for Roxanne.

Antonio comes to see Keri after his work at the station. He hated leaving her. That was the hardest thing that he ever had to do. He tells her that he will call her tomorrow. They share a kiss.

Jessica talks to Viki. Everything has changed. Viki is still there and she still loves Jessica more than anything. Jessica has changed though. That could be good. Jessica is angry and confused. She doesn’t know what kind of person she has become. She doesn’t feel right. She doesn’t’ know what she can do about that. She doesn’t know what is real anymore. Viki tells her that what is real is the both of them and what they have between them. That is forever…Outside, Roxanne and Alison are watching Viki and Jessica together. They think of her as their golden goose.

Max is leaving. He has packed a bag and is going. Gabrielle tries to stop him. She should be tired of this now. Max leaves the house and Gabrielle shouts out after him. Asa comes up behind her telling her not to be so surprised. She tries to reenter the house but Asa tells her that this is his house and he doesn’t let her in. He tells her that the days of using his money to stay warm are over. He slams the door in her face and she bangs on the door trying to reenter.