OLTL Update Wednesday1/9/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/2/01

By Beth

Even though the United States has no extradition agreement with St. Blaze's, Bo brings his father into the Llanview police station in handcuffs. Asa says he's there voluntarily and that Bo couldn't have arrested him otherwise. Nigel has Asa's lawyers working to have bail set even though Asa didn't do anything wrong. Since Bo is clearly angry, Asa asks whether he would be happier if he really were dead. Max and Gabrielle were going to kill him, so he had to do what he did. He's certain that everyone else will be happy to hear that he's alive. Bo thinks his father should have come to him for help instead of committing fraud and making everyone believe that he was dead. He puts the video of the funeral into the VCR and tells Asa to watch. Meanwhile, Bo keeps leaving his office to make phone calls to family members.

Despite Jen's protests, Lindsay insists on answering Cristian's question. She tells him that Jen isn't the one who's pregnant; the test was actually Lindsay's, and although the results were negative, she would appreciate it if he wouldn't mention this to anyone. Agreeing to keep quiet, he goes back inside, leaving Jen alone with her mother. Lindsay tells Jen that this isn't the time to tell Cristian that she's carrying Al's baby. She should at least give him New Year's Eve to be happy, because even if they do stay together, he'll always wonder whether she'd rather be with someone else. Jen agrees to wait, then goes inside. Lindsay asks herself how to make sure that Cristian finds out in the worst possible way. Then she stops by Troy's, giving him a passionate kiss in return for the favor she's going to ask of him.

Shawna tells Al that she knows something about Jen, but he brushes her off and says he's leaving Llanview for good.

Aware that Natalie only kissed him in an attempt to make Seth jealous, Chad tells her that they can kiss again since Seth didn't see them the first time. She doesn't want to use Chad, but he assures her he doesn't mind.

Seth tells Jessica that his New Year's resolution is to win back her trust, and he'll do whatever it takes. Her resolution is to make sure that he knows how much she appreciates everything he did for her over the past year. She makes it clear that although she has forgiven him, she'll never forget what he did, and they'll never be friends. Seth insists that it's an issue of trust and that he'll prove to her that she can trust him.

Later, Jessica gets a call from Bo telling her to bring Natalie and Al to Llanfair right away. They are the last guests to leave, and Cristian is glad that Lindsay won't be back. Jen just wants to be held for a while.

Since Matthew is staying at a friend's house, Keri accepts Antonio's invitation to spend the night with him, but as they start out the door, the little boy's father brings a homesick Matthew home. After Keri and Antonio put Matthew to bed, Antonio gets a call telling him to report to the station.

At Rae's party, Renee and Rae commisserate about being alone on New Years' Eve, with Asa's death and John's dedication to his work. Viki makes resolutions for herself and Ben. She tells Ben not to get kidnapped this year, and she won't find any more lost children. She gets a call from Bo, who asks that she, Ben, and Renee meet him at Llanfair right away.

When Nora asks Troy why he kissed her, he says that no one should be alone on New Year's Eve. He cares about her, and whether she likes it or not, they have developed a relationship. Nora is uncomfortable with all this. Troy says he came to town to find out why his identical twin did the things that he did. The only thing he understands is how Colin came to fall in love with someone like Nora. He would never defend his brother's actions, but he does want to try to give back some of what his brother took away, and he can do that through Lindsay. There's no way that Colin acted alone; he had to have Lindsay's help, and it's time for her to pay.

Sam returns from the police station and takes Nora home. He tells her about his wild goose chase at the station and apologizes for not being with her at midnight. She tries to tell him abut what happened with Troy, but he's convinced he already knows everything he needs to know. Just when they think they'll finally get to celebrate together, Nora gets a call from Max saying to meet him at the police station.

After all her guests leave, Rae prepares to go to San Francisco to see John. Hank arrives as she waits for a taxi, and he sits down with her and talks her through the problem. John wasn't in Llanview for New Year's, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. His work means a lot to him, and he always makes time for it. Rae realizes that she obviously doesn't mean much to him if he won't make time for her.

At Llanfair, Ben tells Renee that he went to Asa for information about Allison, and Asa was honest and helpful. Renee says that Asa really did care about their son. Ben regrets that things turned out the way they did and said he would try harder if he ever had a second chance.

Bo reports that bail has been posted. Asa won't be going home, however; Bo has other plans. He takes Asa to Llanfair, where the family has gathered per Bo's request. Asa wants to leave, but Bo won't hear of it. Bo opens the doors to the living room, and Viki, Jessica, Renee, Al, and Natalie are shocked to see Asa alive and well.