OLTL Update Monday 12/31/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 12/31/01

Written By Beth

From the hall outside the loft, Cristian hears Jen's voice and stands at the door trying to listen. Chad stops by to make sure he won't lose his job now that R.J. has sold the bar and Cristian is in charge. Cristian assures him it will be fine as long as Chad keeps his nose clean. Chad also wants an invitation to Cristian and Jen's party; he heard that Natalie would be there and he wants to see her. Cristian is surprised to see Jessica, Natalie, and Al arrive together.

Jen doesn't want to believe that she's pregnant, since she thinks that Al is the father. It will mean the end of her relationship with Cristian. She decides to go downstairs to look for Cristian at the Break Bar. She opens the door and sees him and the others in the hall. She had forgotten they were having a party. She and Cristian embrace while she tries to hide the pregnancy test stick she's holding. Lindsay calls Troy and tells him she won't be joining him after all; she has an opportunity to spend the evening with her daughter and she'd like to take it. Cristian sees Lindsay and tries to get rid of her, but she wants to stay, and she'll even pay for the drinks and food. Later, Lindsay is upset to learn of Al's plan to leave Llanview for good.

Jessica and Natalie have reached an uneasy truce; they have been getting along better since Christmas. Party crashers Mollie and Shawna ridicule the Buchanan "sisters." Seth shows up, and he and Jessica have an awkward conversation. When Jessica goes inside, Natalie approaches Seth to ask whether the two of them can at least be friends, but he says he can't do that. Later, Chad returns with the pizzas Lindsay ordered and flirts with Natalie. He tells her he had to finagle an invitation, since he and Cristian aren't the best of friends, but that he did it because he wanted to see her. At midnight, they kiss, and Natalie looks to see whether Seth is watching, but he doesn't seem to be.

Cristian sees Shawna and tells her to leave, but Jen says it's all right; she can stay. When Cristian sees Lindsay eavesdropping, Jen takes her outside to talk. She doesn't need her mother's help; she needs space. Shawna finds the pregnancy test box, which Lindsay threw into the recycling bin instead of the trash. She shows it to Cristian, who takes the empty box and goes outside to find Jen. He kisses her and asks whether she's pregnant.

Sam goes to Troy's place to deliver another gift from Matthew. Troy asks why Nora didn't give it to him when she was there earlier. Sam refuses to let Troy get to him, saying he trusts Nora and knows that she will be with him at midnight.

At the police station, Antonio tells R.J. that he won't let him get away with refusing to testify against Shaeffer. R.J. insists that there's too much at stake, and Antonio follows him, yelling. When Keri asks what's going on, Antonio complains about the "dirtbag" who hired Shaeffer and endangered Cristian's life. Not wanting to ruin New Year's, he changes the subject and invites Keri to Cristian's party. She accepts.

R.J. visits Nora to request legal advice. He tells her not to laugh, but he's trying to go legit. He sold his interest in the bar and is opening a new club, a totally honest business. It's all because he's trying to do right by his daughter. He needs legal help because he can't testify against Shaeffer, who has threatened to kill Keri if he does testify. He's counting on Nora not to tell Keri about his predicament. Keri comes home and Nora excuses herself to get ready for the party. R.J. asks his daughter whether she'd like to spend the evening with him, but she already has plans. She kisses him on the cheek and goes upstairs to get ready for her date. By the time Antonio comes to pick her up, it is almost midnight. They kiss, and Antonio asks her to spend the night with him.

Blair confides to Cassie that she doesn't know what to do about the baby. Cassie tells her that she's the only one who really knows whether or not she's ready to love him. She has to listen to her heart. Blair couldn't deal with this baby at first because of the death of her own child, but whenever she held him, it felt as if he belonged with her. She thought talking to Rae would help, but it just confused her. She's not confused any more, though; now she knows what she has to do.

At Rae's house, Starr tries to distract Rae so that Todd can get out undetected. She yells at Rae for telling Blair not to keep the baby. Rae tries to explain that she didn't say that at all. Starr motions for Todd to go out the window, which he does but ends up dropping the folder. When he comes back inside to get it, the window closes on top of him. He's stuck.

Viki and Ben are Rae's first party guests. The caterers arrive, and as Ben shows them where to set up, he notices Todd hiding behind the curtain. He refuses Todd's plea for help until his brother-in-law asks him to do it for Viki; then Ben relents. Telling Todd that he now owes him, he opens the window and Todd falls out.

Blair, carrying the baby, shows up at Rae's house and is surprised to see Starr. Then Todd comes in the front door. Blair announces that she has decided to keep the baby. Starr is ecstatic, and Todd is also very pleased. They go home, where they celebrate. Todd and Blair kiss at midnight.

Rae gets a call from John Sykes, who won't be in town after all. Then Troy calls to ask whether it's too late to accept her invitation. She urges him to come; it won't be just doctors at the party. When she names Nora as one of the invited guests, Troy says that he'll be there.

Sam arrives at Rae's party ahead of Nora. As soon as she arrives, Sam gets a call from a Kevin Moran, who says that he's the son of a client and that he just got picked up on a DWI and needs a lawyer. Sam rushes to the police station and learns that no one named Moran is there.

After Sam leaves for the police station, Troy emerges from the bushes and motions for "Kevin" to come out. He pays the young man and tells him to leave. Troy gets out a newspaper clipping with the headline: SAM RAPPAPORT NAMED LEGAL COUNSEL FOR MORAN INDUSTRIES. Troy goes inside and approaches Nora. It's midnight. He taps on her shoulder. Thinking it's Sam, Nora turns around and is stunned when Troy kisses her passionately.