OLTL Update Friday 12/28/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 12/28/01

By Beth

Troy is working out when he gets a visit from Keri. She has dropped by to leave present from Matthew. He is curious to know why Nora didnít deliver the gift herself. Keri tells him that she is okay and was very busy. Keri was delivering the gift because she didnít want to disturb Nora and Sam. Troy guesses that they are finally getting together. Troy tries to seem happy for them. Keri leaves and Troy can finally wipe that goofy smile off his face.

Blair tells Todd that she would like to keep the baby but she doesnít know if she can. Rae comes to talk to Blair who tells her to take it easy on herself because she is still mourning the loss of her child. Rae says that losing a child can eat away at you. Blair found herself loving the new baby even though she thinks that he isnít hers. Rae is sorry that Blair lost her baby. Rae knows the pain of that. Blair canít believe that the baby is gone. Blair feels like the baby is still alive. Rae tries to be honest with Blair. When she lost Max she was devastated and she shot Max. That reaction was over something that wasnít that important. This is very different and Blair has to be careful with herself over the loss of her child. Rae tells her that she has to love the baby if she is going to keep it with all of her heart. Rae has to go but she will meet with her again. She leaves. Blair turns to the baby.

Nora proposes to Sam asking him to marry her. She is in love with him and she wants to feel every second of that. She sends Sam to work and then goes to her messages hearing Troy tell her that he is close to getting Lindsayís head on a silver platter for her.

Jennifer is trying to tell Cristian that she slept with Al but she is having a terrible time. Her mother is in the bathroom doctoring a pregnancy test. Jennifer tells Cristian that she did something that is going to make Cristian break up with her. Her mother comes out and Jennifer tells him that she would like to talk to her mother alone. Cristian leaves and Lindsay runs into the bathroom and gets the results of the pregnancy test. Jennifer doesnít know the results yet and Jennifer is hoping that the results will show that she isnít pregnant.

Nora goes to see Troy and she tells him again that she doesnítí want to stir things up with Lindsay. He ignores her once again and tells her that he hasnít given her a Christmas present yet and would like to know. She turns from him, angry as ever and leaves his apartment.