OLTL Update Thursday 12/27/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/27/01

By Glynis

Asa has been found out. Bo and his men come to the hotel and find Alex and Asa together in the Caribbean. She didnít expect to find Asa but she did. Hank tells her that she will have to tell that story under oath. She should have reported that she found Asa and she didnít even though she didnít have anything to do with the original crime. Alex and Asa were to be married and now the wedding has been interrupted. Asa says that he was only there on vacation. Max is there and he is mad as hell. Max knows that Asa set him and Gabrielle up so that he could see them go to jail. He is sure that Asa is going to jail for fraud after this. Bo thinks that Max has brought out the worst in Asa. Asa would have died for real if he knew that he could have taken both Max and Gabrielle with him. Asa hasnít forgiven Max for pretending being his son and stealing his wife. Max realizes that Asa was pretending all along. Gabrielle wants Max to stop arguing with him. Alex thinks that she married Captain Jeb, but in fact she married Asa and she isnít married to anyone. She is very upset and Nigel takes her back to her room. Hank wants Nigel to stay around because he has been loyal to Asa for a while and he will have to answer some questions. Alex is let go because she is nothing but a bloodsucker. Max realizes that he and Gabrielle are free to go and they leave together. Before they go, Asa says that Alex wasnít in on this but Gabrielle was. Bo finds that interesting.

Cristian is with Al and Shauna and she is bringing out the story of Al and Jennifer being together. Cristian tells her that she can stop trying to cause trouble because he already knows all there is to know about Jennifer and Al. Cristian says that he knows that Jennifer and Al are friends. Shauna leaves and Al is sorry that she tried to get between them. Cristian tells Al that Jennifer told him that something went down between he and Jennifer. Cristian asks him if he is leaving town. If Al is leaving town maybe something did go down between Jennifer and Al.

Jennifer is with her mother and finding out if she is pregnant or not. She canít hold anything down now. She is sick to her stomach. Jennifer is so scared. Lindsay knows what she is going through. She was pregnant before Sam married her and she is going to help her daughter. They are going to get through this together. She knows that Cristian is never going to get over this. Al doesnít know that he may be a father either. Jennifer thinks that she shouldnít say anything to anyone. Lindsay tells her that she is right, this is no one elseís business. Lindsay is going to stay with her while she figures things out. Jennifer is really in debt to her mother. Lindsay will be with her daughter every step of the way. Jennifer goes into the bathroom and takes the pregnancy test. She comes out speechless. Lindsay asks her, "Are you pregnant or not?"

Nora and Sam are together talking and Sam has some questions. He wants to know if she feels the same way about him. She hasnít had any second thoughts at all. She loves him and has loved him. He is happy to hear that from her. Having him in her life makes her feel complete. This has nothing to do with her memory coming back a little bit. The Sam that she loves turned out to be the one that she loved all along. She is glad that he was understanding to her during her bad times. She loves him. Sam never stopped loving her. He moves to her and holds her face. They kiss. This is a new beginning for them. She is not sure where they go from here.

Troy is making a call to send to Lindsay and he is inserting a gift with that. He ends his call thinking how it is going to all play out when he gets Lindsay under his spell. He will give her perfume and she will drink champagne with him. He is sure that he will be able to fool her into believing that he cares for her deeply. That is how he is going to get to the things that he wants to clear up for Nora. He will even take her to bed if he has to. That is when he will probe her with questions and ask her about things that she has done in the past that were bad. He is sure that he will be able to make her confess.