OLTL Update Wednesday 12/26/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/26/01

By Beth

After waking up in bed with Cristian, Jen decides to make a confession. She was really upset that he had left Llanview, and one day she went to the quarry and Al was there, and they ended up making love. Cristian is furious. He jumps up and tells her to leave; he wants her out of his loft. Jen keeps saying, "I shouldn't have told you," as she awakens and realizes it was just a bad dream. Cristian wants her to talk about it, but she refuses, saying she just wants to finish unpacking her things. Going over to her purse, she sees the pregnancy test kit and says she's going to take a shower before unpacking anything. Cristian gives her a set of keys to the loft and starts to put them in her purse, but she stops him, claiming the purse is a mess and she'd never find the keys. Wanting to take the pregnancy test, she asks Cristian to go to the coffee shop to get her a muffin, and although he's willing to cook something for her instead, she really wants that muffin. After he leaves, Jen opens the kit and then decides she can't deal with it, so she leaves it on the table.

At the coffee shop, Al is composing an e-mail to Jen, telling her that he will have left Llanview by New Year's. He just can't stand being there since Asa's death. He mentions what happened between them at the quarry and says he knows she doesn't return his feelings. Shauna and Mollie come into the shop, and thinking she can put the moves on Al, Shauna tells Mollie to distract him so that she can take a look at what he's writing. Mollie approaches Al and claims that her car is making a weird noise and she's afraid to drive it. While they are outside looking at the car, Shauna opens Al's laptop and reads the e-mail. Al comes back in and catches her, knowing it was all a ploy. There was no weird noise, and his laptop was definitely not open when he left the shop. Just then, Cristian shows up to get Jen's muffin, and Shauna threatens to tell him what she knows.

Following a night of passion, Lindsay asks Troy whether he plans to tell Nora how he spent the night, and he replies that he doesn't talk about his love life. Troy thinks it's time that he and Lindsay get to know everything about each other. He admits that he used to get Colin in trouble sometimes when they were kids, as payback for Colin's misdeeds against him. Lindsay is surprised, but Troy claims that no one is all good or all bad. It's time for them to share some secrets, if Lindsay trusts him, and it's the bad things that appeal to him the most. Admitting that she does indeed trust him, she confides that she paid Shauna to say that she slept with Cristian in an effort to break up Jen's relationship. Troy doesn't think that's all that bad; it wasn't irreparable, and the kids are back together. Everyone has done something worse than that. When Lindsay asks what he's done that was worse, he insists that she go first. She's not ready to say anything more, so she gets dressed and goes upstairs to see Jen, who notices that her mother is wearing the same clothes she had on the day before. Lindsay sees the pregnancy test kit and asks Jen whether she's pregnant.

After Lindsay leaves, Troy calls Nora and leaves a message that he is closer than ever to serving Lindsay's head on a silver platter. Happy New Year!

In Asa's hotel room, Nigel helps Asa pack for his escape from the clutches of Alex. Although their flight doesn't leave for a few hours, Asa wants out of there now to avoid the wedding. It's a good thing St. Blaze's has a 24-hour waiting period after applying for a marriage license; that gave him some extra time to make plans. When Nigel opens the door, he sees that the hotel masseur is outside and surmises that the man would probably tip Alex off to their attempt to depart the hotel. Asa orders Nigel to just go to the courthouse and get the marriage license. Nigel leaves, and as Asa starts out the door, Alex comes in from her adjoining suite and accuses him of trying to slip out on her. She sadly tells him that he'll never be able to get away from her, and that if he ever does manage to, she'll have to tell Bo that he faked his death, and then he'll go to prison. Asa claims that he's out of medication, so she promises to get him some--after the wedding. He gives up and walks out, with Alex right behind him.

Just after Alex enters Asa's room, the hotel manager lets Bo and Hank into Alex's suite. Bo finds the urn in the trash and is upset that she could throw away his father's ashes, especially after all her lies about how much she loved him. After the manager leaves, Bo finds Asa's previous Will, which names Alex as a major beneficiary. There's no hard evidence here to prove she killed him, but something isn't right. Seeing the door to the adjoining room, he wonders whether Alex is using both suites or whether she has an accomplice. He enters the room, which Asa and Alex have just left, and observes that the occupant seems to have left in a hurry. He is puzzled to see that the occupant has left behind a helmet, sunglasses, gardening gloves, and a bottle of SPF 75 sunscreen. Only one person he knows could be the owner of that particular set of items: Nigel. Bo doesn't believe that Nigel is involved with Alex, so there has to be another explanation.

At the courthouse in St. Blaze's, Gabrielle and Max search through some folders on the clerk's desk and find the photo that Bo had shown the clerk. They are surprised to see that it is a picture of Alex. Gabrielle reminds Max that Alex stole Asa's ashes. Max thinks she must have had an accomplice who was in Llanview at the time of the murder, because Alex didn't arrive until afterward. It has to be someone whom nobody would never suspect. Hearing someone coming, they hide, and are shocked to see Nigel. Max grabs some custodians' uniforms and a mop bucket to use as disguises. Nigel waits as the clerk stamps all the copies of the marriage license, then as he turns to exit, Max comes out and trips him, causing Nigel to drop the document. Gabrielle grabs it and looks it over. Not recognizing her, Nigel snatches the license out of her hands and then leaves. Gabrielle informs Max that it is a marriage license for Alex and Jeb Stuart. Recognizing the name as the one Asa used to use, Max assumes that Nigel is now using that name. He also believes that Nigel and Alex murdered Asa and framed them for the crime. Gabrielle wants to find out where they are staying; there is probably some evidence there. Max is convinced there's something weird about the whole thing. Seeing Bo and Hank approaching, they hide again.

Also at the courthouse, the wedding is about to begin, with the clerk officiating. While Alex signs the license, Asa asks Nigel how he's going to get out of this. Nigel thought his employer had changed his mind! Since he didn't, Nigel says it's time to implement Plan B. Just then, a janitor enters the room, which annoys Alex. Asa pays $20 for the Island Special wedding ceremony. The clerk assures Asa that it does include the "I do"s, which are what make it legal. The janitor, who is obviously drunk, insists on standing next to Alex, and she can't get rid of him. She says "I do" when asked, and then when it's Asa's turn, the janitor takes the vow.

Bo rings the bell on the clerk's desk, but no one responds. Hearing voices, he goes toward the room where the wedding has just taken place. Bo and Hank, followed closely by Max and Gabrielle, enter in time to see Asa and Alex kissing. Everyone is shocked and angry, each one pointing and saying, "You!" to the others.