OLTL Update Monday 12/24/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 12/24/01

By Beth

Looking at the Palm Pilot she got from Nora and Sam, Jen realizes she's ten days late. Seeing the Christman decoration of the baby in the manger, she panics and counts back to the day she and Al were together at the quarry, and the timing seems right. Telling Cristian she needs a special headache medicine, she heads out to the drugstore but is waylaid by the arrival of Carlotta, Antonio, and Seth. Cristian learns that his mother invited Seth along. Jen again tries to leave for the drugstore and this time is stopped in the hall by Al, who was invited by Cristian. Deciding to decline the invitation after all, he leaves. Finally having gone to the drugstore, Jen returns home. Not bothering to go to another room for privacy, she looks at the pregnancy test in her purse. When Cristian comes over to her, she hides it and takes a pill for her "headache."

Cassie and Todd are arguing about the baby, whom Cassie is convinced is indeed Todd's biological child. Therefore, he obviously got that girl pregnant as revenge, since he thought that Blair was carrying Max's child. Todd swears on Starr's life that he has never had a baby with anyone but Blair, and his attachment to this baby is none of Cassie's business. He picks up the baby and leaves, with Cassie close behind.

At Llanfair, Renee is reminiscing with Viki and Ben about past Christmases with Asa. Viki answers the phone to heard Roxy, who is drunk and wants to talk to whichever daughter has the money. Viki hangs up, telling her never to call there again. Jessica hears Viki tell Ben about the call.

Natalie is looking at the Christmas decorations and picks Jessica's first ornament off the tree. Starr comes in and startles Natalie, who accidentally drops the ornament and breaks it. Blair enters the room to hear an argument between the two, neither knowing what the other is doing there at Llanfair. Starr doesn't want to be there; she wants Viki to visit her house so that maybe Cassie will bring the baby. Blair doesn't want to hear any more about the baby. Jessica and Viki come in and notice the broken ornament. Jessica accuses Natalie of intentionally breaking it and is shocked when Viki believes Natalie's explanation.

Starr gives Viki her gift and then goes to find the solarium, where the Manning family's gifts from Viki are waiting. Blair talks about the baby, and Viki is sympathetic but thinks that Todd is trying to fill the hole left in his heart by their baby's death. Blair goes to find Starr.

Todd shows up at Llanfair, running from Cassie. He wants Viki to take the baby. Cassie runs in after him, and they go off to another part of the house to continue their argument.

Natalie apologizes to Jessica, who is trying to glue her ornament back together. Leaving the Mannings to sort out their problems, Viki finds Jessica and Natalie and gives a family heirloom to each of her daughters.

Starr is excited about the telescope she got from Viki and Ben, saying it will be great for spying. Ben and Renee take her outside to show her how to use it. Blair starts to go to them, but then she hears Todd and Cassie arguing inside. Todd blames himself for what happened in Mexico, and he just wants Blair to give the baby a chance. That's all he wants. Touched by what she hears, Blair comes in and tearfully reaches for the baby. Todd puts the baby in her arms, and Starr joins them.

Keri and R.J. go to the coffee shop for a little father-daughter bonding. R.J. will never forget how she stood up for him when Renee referred to him as a criminal. He wants to get to know her and hopes they'll even be close someday, and she'd like that as well. Antonio calls and Keri tells him she'll be a bit late. Saying he'll meet her at the coffee shop, he invites her father to come along, not knowing that her father is his enemy, R.J. Gannon.

R.J. and Keri discuss her career and personal life. Knowing that Keri is about to tell him that she has been seeing Antonio, R.J. urges her not to tell him the name of the police officer she's dating, or to reveal his identity to her beau. He says that since no one in the police department has a good opinion of him, he doesn't want to mess up her new relationship by revealing his own relationship to her. He prepares to leave and is touched when Keri gives him a framed graduation photo of herself. Shortly after he leaves, Antonio arrives, and Keri explains that her father won't be joining them after all.

Someone is pounding on Roxy's door, and she believes it's Greevy. It turns out to be Allison, who is wearing a Santa hat and bearing a gift. Roxy wants nothing to do with her until Allison tempts her with the possible contents of the package. It could be alcohol, cigarettes, or her favorite perfume. Roxy lets her in and is not amused to find that the box is filled with play money. Allison claims it's symbolic of all the money they'll both have if Roxy goes along with her new plan.

The episode ends with a musical montage playing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Scenes in the montage include Roxy and Allison partying, after apparently coming to an agreement about Roxy's role in Allison's plan; a tearful Renee seeing Asa's ornament on Ben and Viki's tree; R.J. looking at his daughter's photo, happy and proud to be her father; and the Manning family together at last.