OLTL Update Wednesday 12/19/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/19/01

By Beth

Cassie points out that she saw Todd give the girl some money. When he won't explain, she barges in to tell Blair about it, so he confides that he felt sorry for the girl, who is the baby's birth mother. Cassie can't believe that Blair let the baby back in the house.

Starr, who is trying to calm the crying baby down, demands that Blair get off the phone and do something. Blair is on hold with Social Services and won't hang up; she wants someone to come pick up the baby. Blair and Cassie enter and Todd takes the phone away. He steps out of the room and pretends to be asking them to get the baby. Instead, he claims to be "Dr. Ray Cummings" saying that a mental patient was the one who called them and that there's no baby.

Cassie holds the baby, who smiles and hiccups repeatedly. She understands Blair's hesitation; it feels like a betrayal to the baby who died. However, maybe Blair is supposed to have this baby. No, Blair doesn't want this one; she wants her own baby. Todd is frustrated because he can't tell her that it really is her own baby. He tells Cassie, who has put the baby back in the carseat, to stop rocking him; he needs his mother. He also says that Social Services can't send anyone for a while. As he asks Cassie when she's going back to Switzerland, Starr comes back with Ichabod, her doll. The baby doesn't want the doll, however. How about Dracula, her stuffed bat? No, he's too small for those toys. Todd wants Blair to try to calm down the baby. Todd smiles as Blair relents and holds the baby, who has quieted down. She still wants to get rid of him, so Cassie says she'll take him to the Mill House until Social Services has pick him up. Todd tries to talk her out of it, but she stubbornly takes the baby and starts to leave. Suddenly Todd yells, "Take your hands off my baby!"

In Atlantic City, Greevy goes to Roxy's door and pushes his way in. He heard she'll be coming into some money, and he wants some. She doesn't have any. Too bad; she has 24 hours to come up with some. After he leaves, she looks for the piece of paper with Jessica's phone number written on it.

Natalie and Allison enter Llanfair. Allison agrees that Natalie is the one with the money, but since she had all that help from Allison, she'd be sharing the wealth. Allison wants to go celebrate, but when Natalie refuses, she agrees that there's really no time for that; they have more important things to do. She is furious when Natalie tells her that she won't be giving her any money. After all, they have an agreement. Natalie claims that her new battery of lawyers will take care of that; the contract is signed by Natalie Balsom, and she's Natalie Buchanan. Allison accuses her of being duped by the Buchanans, who don't care about her at all, but Natalie doesn't believe her. Allison is the one who doesn't care about her; all she cares about is her money. She orders Allison to get out, but Allison yells that this is not over.

Jessica sees Seth looking in at her and opens the door. He comes into the house and tries to explain why he was there with Natalie before. Jessica returns his watch, and the phone rings. It's Roxy, trying to make amends for the way she treated her. Jessica won't have anything to do with her, and hangs up. Seth is surprised that Jessica has met Roxy, whom he has heard terrible things about, and that Jessica is her real daughter. He comforts her, saying that Roxy isn't her real mother and that she never has to see her again. Jessica lays her head against his chest. Natalie sees them and is hurt. Outside, Allison calls Roxy.

Asa, Nigel, and Alex enter Asa's room, and Alex is in the process of bringing all her clothes over from her room next door. She's about to be Mrs. Asa Buchanan and has no intention of sleeping in a different room from her husband. She wants to marry Asa now. Despite strong misgivings, Asa agrees to marry her to keep her mouth shut. She won't leave the room until he officially proposes and tells her how he feels. Well, he feels lassoed and hog-tied, and he would rather sleep with a bunch of rattlesnakes, but he has no choice. Will she become Mrs. Jeb Stuart? No! She wants to be Mrs. Asa Buchanan. He finally convinces her that as Jeb, he has full access to his money, so she agrees. Asa and Nigel shove her out the door, and Nigel says he has an idea of how to get Asa out of the wedding.

Gabrielle is on the plane bound for St. Blaze's, where she is thinking about Al's hurtful parting words. Max joins her and they discuss the fact that no one even looked at their fake passports, wondering whether someone wants them to try to escape. Suddenly Bo appears, pointing out that they're leaving the jurisdiction despite instructions not to leave town. He admits it's possible that they're innocent, but that doesn't mean they're off the hook. As soon as the plane lands, it will turn around and head back for Llanview, and Gabrielle and Max will be on it. Later, after the plane has landed, Gabrielle wonders why Bo didn't arrest them. Max goes to find him and returns immediately, saying Bo isn't on the plane.

Bo is at the resort, where he is placing a call to Llanview to have officers meet the plan on its return to town in about four hours. They are to tail Max and Gabrielle, not arrest them. Bo shows the photo of Alex to an employee and learns that the man hasn't seen her. He then asks about entry records, and the two go off to look at the visa records . He leaves the photo on the desk.

Max and Gabrielle are lurking behind a corner. When Bo leaves, they run to the desk, but then they hear more people coming and they hide.

Asa, Nigel, and Alex arrive at the desk. Alex wants compliments on her appearance before the wedding. Asa rings the bell on the desk and calls out.