OLTL Update Monday 12/17/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 12/17/01

By Beth

Keri and Antonio kiss, lamenting that she can't go to New York with him. Keri tells Antonio she's been busy submitting students for an award, and he is one of them.

Outside, R.J. sees the couple and is enraged; he does not want his daughter snuggling up to Antonio. Trying to calm down and think, he sits down on the porch step. After Antonio leaves, R.J. goes to the door. Keri lets him in, but she's not ready to have dinner with him. After thinking for so long that Hank was her father, it's hard to get used to anything else. R.J. is offended, especially since it was Hank's fault that they never knew each other. Regardless, she can't just accept this situation overnight. R.J. accuses her of being ashamed to be seen with him in public and tells her it's up to her to accept him as her father.

Ben has fielded several calls from Seth, and again, he tells him not to call again. Viki says there's nothing Seth can do to remedy the situation and he should stop calling. She doesn't want Jessica to ever find out that he slept there, but unfortunately he left his watch there and will probably have to come by and pick it up. The Davidsons discuss their Christmas shopping, and Viki produces a list and adds Natalie's name to it. Ben wants to get something special for Renee, since it's their first Christmas together as mother and son. He also knows she's really hurting over what happened to Asa.

At Roxy's house, Greevy is still leering at Jessica. She brushes him off and he grabs her. Then Natalie steps in and threatens to call the police. He leaves, and Jessica wants to know why Natalie helped her. It was nothing to Natalie; she's used to dealing with all the scumbags Roxy brings home. Roxy re-enters the room, bearing a wrapped gift for Natalie. She tells Jessica to leave, then slams the door behind her. Telling Natalie she feels absolutely nothing for Jessica, she feigns affection for her and gives her the present, which Natalie recognizes as a scarf she gave Roxy in the past. When Roxy claims she wants to start all over with her, Natalie accuses her of just wanting the Buchanan money. Roxy claims that Natalie owes her, and Natalie agrees, handing her a postdated check for $350; she took $300 when she left, and the rest is interest. Roxy tries to hit her, and Natalie grabs her and tells her she can always stop payment on that check. Natalie owes her nothing other than that money. If Roxy had only been nice to Jessica, she might have gotten some money from her, but Roxy blew it. Jessica will never be out in the streets; she'll always be taken care of because Viki has a sense of decency and loyalty. After the two trade more insults, Natalie leaves.

Jessica arrives home and confesses her previous whereabouts to Viki and Ben, who wish she had never gone to Atlantic City. Jessica's experience was awful, but in a way she's glad she went, because she now realizes how lucky she's been all her life. They are all amazed at Natalie's sudden arrival to protect her. Noticing Seth's watch, Jessica asks Viki about it and is told that Lois found it. After Ben leaves to do his shopping for Renee's present, Viki hugs Jess and tells her that no one will ever take her place. Natalie, eavesdropping, is hurt by this. When Jessica wonders where she found it, Natalie appears and announces that it was probably in her bed.

Still in Cristian's hospital room, Jen tries to tell Cris that she slept with Al, but the words won't come; it's not the right time. Chris says he was never unfaithful and he knows she wasn't either. Jen promises never to leave his side once he's released from the hospital, but she does have to leave now for a while. She goes to her mother and asks her not to tell Cristian that she slept with Al. Jen wants to be the one to tell him. Lindsay promises that she won't stand in the way of Jen's happiness.

Antonio stops by the hospital, and the brothers discuss Keith and R.J., as well as Cristian's future with Jen.

Nora finally speaks to Lindsay on the phone and goes along with her assumption that she's looking for Sam. Since Sam isn't there, they hang up. Nora tells Troy she's sick of dealing with the whole thing and reiterates that his plan to trap Lindsay will never work. Troy thinks it would be no big deal if he were to get caught; he's doing it for Nora, who has nothing to lose. Nora excuses herself for a moment, and Sam comes to the door and barges in. Using the excuse of delivering official papers Troy needs, he orders the doctor to stop seeing Lindsay. Nora sees Sam and hides. Sam doesn't like or trust Troy, whom he accuses of seeing Lindsay to get Nora's attention. He brushes aside Troy's statement that both women are capable of choosing their own friends. Sam tells Troy not to test him on this; he wants the doctor to stay away from everyone he cares about. After Sam leaves, Nora chides herself for hiding from him.