OLTL Update Wednesday 12/12/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/5/01

By Beth

Nora continues to question Troy about what he's up to with Lindsay. She doesn't believe his claim that they're just working on the fundraiser for his clinic. The last she heard, he was determined to prove that Lindsay was the one who drugged her. Troy says that since Nora is no longer interested in revenge, there's no reason for him not to associate with Lindsay. Nora wants to know why he's cozying up to her, holding her hand, and hanging on her every word. It bothers her because it's Lindsay; if it were any other woman, she wouldn't care. Troy says he's human and gets lonely sometimes. Lindsay is pretty, bright, and available. Nora guesses that Troy plans to seduce Lindsay and get her to confess what she did, and asks him not to do that. He's determined; Nora deserves the truth, and he's going to get it.

Arriving at the train station, Lindsay grills Sam about what Jen said to him on the phone. All he knows is that something bad happened and Cris was in the hospital. They'll just have to wait to get the full story. Lindsay says she's not good at that, and she refers to Cris as a thug just as Carlotta joins them. Then Jen, Cris, Antonio, and Al arrive. Jen tells everyone that Cris loved her all along and that he was just protecting her. She and Antonio explain, and Sam eventually accepts the situation, but Lindsay won't. She won't accept that R.J., not Cris, is to blame. R.J. is the reason Keith was after Cris in the first place, because he found out that Cris was working undercover to bring him down. Lindsay remembers telling R.J. about Cristian's deceit, and she looks worried. She admonishes Sam to be less concerned with Cristian and more concerned with their daughter. She urges Jen to come home with her, but Jen wants nothing to do with her mother. Lindsay then goes to Al, who has been standing by himself, and thanks him for being Jen's friend. Al's glad they at least know why Cris did what he did. Planting seeds of doubt, Lindsay says maybe Cris really did mean everything he said to hurt her daughter. Cris destroyed Jen; Al has been her strength. Jen stops by to tell Al she's going to the doctor with Cristian, and Al leaves. Lindsay asks Jen how Cris will feel when he finds out she slept with Al.

At Llanfair, Jessica remembers her earlier conversation with Seth and his kiss. The doorbell rings, and it is Allison, who barges in. Since Natalie isn't home, she'll leave a note. After first giving Allison ten seconds to get out, Jessica changes her mind and won't let her leave until she explains why she switched babies. Laughing, Allison says she was brainwashed, and the man who did it died before telling her what to do with the baby. She ended up staying with some friends who had a baby the same age, and one day both babies were crying and she couldn't stand it anymore. That's when she got the idea to switch babies. She knew she could get away with it, and it would change so many lives, forever. It gave her the most incredible feeling of power; she felt like a goddess controlling whole destinies on a whim. When she names Roxanne Balsom as the friend with whom she was staying, Jessica realizes that the woman who raised Natalie was Jessica's own birth mother.

Viki and Ben arrive to hear Allison's words, and Allison taunts them. She tells Jess that Roxy is a knockout; the resemblance is uncanny. But that's where nature leaves off and nurture takes over. Roxy's a boozer and a gambler, and she hates children--especially her own. Viki makes Allison leave. She admits to going to Atlantic City to meet Roxy after Ben tracked her down. Jessica wants the truth about her biological mother. Viki tells her that Roxy is insensitive and clearly didn't treat Natalie well, which explains Nat's behavior. While Viki doesn't want to badmouth the woman, Ben bluntly calls her a user and a loser. They tell Jessica that Roxy came to Llanfair looking for her, but all she was interested in was finding out how much money Jess has, and that Jessica should just stay away from her. Upset, Jessica wants some time alone. After Ben and Viki leave the room, she picks up Natalie's address book and finds Roxy's address.

R.J. learns that Keith has been arrested. He calls the hospital in New York claiming to be Cristian's brother and finds he's been released.

Following his conversation with Jessica, Seth is at the Break Bar drinking to excess. Chad, who is tending bar, tries to talk to him, but Seth tells him to talk less and pour more. Seth just lost the best thing that ever happened to him. He did a horrible, unforgivable thing to Jessica, and she forgave him anyway. But she won't forget, and they'll never have any kind of relationship. Natalie arrives at the bar and sits down next to Seth, who scoots his barstool away from her, telling her to hop on her broomstick and fly away. She reminds him that the only other time she's ever seen him this drunk is after they had a huge fight. He turns down her offer of a walk in the park. His problem is sitting right next to him, and he wants it gone.

Allison shows up at the Break Bar and drags Natalie aside. Why did she agree to give Viki more time to look over the documents? When Natalie says Viki really stood up for her recently, Allison tells her to grow up and toughen up. At the bar, R.J. yells at Chad for continuing to serve Seth after he was clearly drunk. He tries to throw Seth out, and Natalie comes to his rescue. Before calling a cab, she parks him near Allison, who is ranting about how she's going to get Viki out of the way permanently. Seth hears and asks what she means. Allison tells him to mind his own business, and Nat hears and tells her to leave Seth alone. She tells Allison that she may not give her any money if she doesn't stop bothering her. R.J. appears and tells her to get Seth out of there. She's planning to but the cab isn't there yet. He tells her to take Seth outside to wait. After he walks away, Allison tells Natalie, "This isn't over."

R.J. warns Chad again, then calls Keri. Antonio sees him on the phone and disconnects the call. Antonio accuses him of calling another goon. His brother is alive, no thanks to R.J., whose days as a free man are limited.

Natalie comes home and takes a drunken Seth upstairs to her room. She takes off his shirt, puts him to bed, and lies down with him. She's going to take care of him and make him forget all about Jessica.

Giving Jessica some privacy, Ben and Viki go upstairs, noticing that the light is on in Natalie's room. They didn't hear her come in. It's a good thing she didn't hear them discussing Roxy.

Sitting alone at a table at the Break Bar, Allison is whistling as she writes: Getting Viki out of the way. Plan A.