OLTL Update Tuesday 12/11/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/11/01

By Beth

Troy tells Lindsay to make a wish on his talisman because it is very powerful. If there's anything she's wanted her entire life, she should wish for it now. Lindsay's wish is that Nora would stay out of her life. As Nora and Sam go to their table nearby, Sam tells Troy he needs to speak with him. They step out and Nora sits down across from Lindsay, asking what she's up to. She scoffs at Lindsay's claim that they're merely discussing a fundraiser she's putting together for Troy's clinic. They argue about which of them is really interested in the handsome doctor.

Sam tells off Troy for giving Nora the memory drug. Troy in turn accuses Sam of being jealous because he can give Nora something Sam can't: her memories. Sam says they'll be making new ones; they have a great future to look forward to and have no need to look backward. He can't accept Troy's assertion that the decision is entirely Nora's to make.

Sam rejoins Nora. At their table, he takes a call from Jen, who wants him to meet her at the train station. When Lindsay overhears and insists on going along, Nora asks her whether NASA knows about her supersonic hearing. Nora walks out with them, then comes back inside. She sees Troy with his talisman and asks him what he's doing with Lindsay.

At Llanfair, Natalie has been taking phone messages from Jessica's friends. She wishes Seth would call her. Jessica arrives home from New York, and Seth is with her. As Seth asks Jessica to forgive him for ruining her life, Natalie spies on them. Seth realizes he doesn't deserve forgiveness, but Jessica surprises him by disagreeing. After all, he helped her and Cris in New York, and it had nothing to do with Natalie. Overconfident after what he just heard, Seth kisses Jessica, who tells him that forgiveness doesn't equal permission to kiss her. They're not friends or anything else. Seth leaves, saying it was just too much to hope for.

Natalie appears and asks Jessica about her visit with Clint. Jessica says it was good and that she will always be Clint's daughter; he even said so. Natalie is angered to learn that Clint didn't even mention her, his biological daughter. That's okay, though, because Nat's been busy with her attorneys, who are arranging for her to get everything that Jessica has. Jess says that will never happen, because Natalie can never take anything that actually matters. She will always have the love of her family and friends, and Natalie never will. Jess goes upstairs and Nat goes to the phone to track down Seth at the Break Bar.

Max buys a fake passport from a shady character, and the two agree that the meeting never took place. Gabrielle comes along, a half hour earlier than she is supposed to, and she's suspicious about what Max was doing. Max is mad because he went to great lengths to shake his police tail and now Gabrielle has led hers straight to him. She doesn't believe him until he points out the guy in the car watching them. He tells her to keep her voice down; there is a warrant out for her arrest and she has to leave now. Max got her a way out of the country. Gabrielle says she just can't go back to jail, but she can't leave without Al, or at least without telling him goodbye. Max points out that their son thinks they are guilty and would go straight to the police. Gabrielle has sacrificed enough, and now it's time for her to leave. Max tells her that there is also a warrant out for him but that he'll clear them both, but she has to stop being so melodramatic. Gabrielle says she'll leave the country, but only if Max goes with her.

Hank tells Bo that Max and Gabrielle aren't in the holding cell, and Bo explains that they haven't been arrested. Although the arrest warrants have been made out, Bo is waiting for word back from Ludlow, the audio expert, before acting on them. He's not convinced Max and Gabrielle actually killed his father. Hank disagrees but Bo wants proof. Ludlow enters and says that Bo's right; the tape isn't what it seems. After Ludlow leaves, Bo and Hank listen to the tape again and hear at least four different conversations spliced into one. Bo believes that Max and Gabrielle wanted to murder his father but isn't convinced they actually did it. Since they benefitted the most from the latest will, and legally they can't profit from a crime, who would have the most to gain if Asa's earlier will were reinstated? Who would have that motive? Bo thinks it would be Alex.

Alex sees Asa and thinks he's an apparition. Asa raises his arms to frighten her, and she drops the urn again. After Asa sneezes from smelling her cheap perfume, she reaches over and touches him. Just as she realizes he's real, Nigel appears on the scene. He tries to convince Alex that she's really looking at Captain Stuart, who is Asa's doppelganger. Asa plays along but Alex isn't buying any of it; she sees the initials AB on his shirt cuffs. Asa relents and admits to his true identity. Inside, Alex asks whether he's aware that everyone in Llanview thinks he's dead. He has to contact Bo so he won't arrest Max and Gabrielle for his murder. Alex picks up the phone and calls Bo but Asa disconnects. She doesn't understand why he won't clear up the situation, but then she figures out that he's doing this intentionally. Asa wants to know what it will take to keep her quiet.

Watching Blair hold the laughing baby, Todd tells her that this is the surprise he's been talking about. Blair never thought she'd get to hold her baby. Suddenly she asks Todd whose baby he is. She knows he can't really be hers. Todd's mind conjures up a film noir scene in which he tells Blair the truth and she takes the baby away from him forever. Not wanting that to happen, he tells her that he got the baby from a woman who didn't want him. When he left Llanview, it was to look for a baby boy about the same age as the one who died. Blair puts the baby in Todd's arms and tells him she just can't deal with this.