OLTL Update Monday 12/10/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 12/10/01

By Beth

As Todd and Blair wave goodbye to their departing wedding guests, Starr, Cassie, and Kelly are still inside, sitting on the stairs. Starr is banging a fork against a glass to get Todd to kiss Blair again. He finally kisses Blair on the cheek, which is clearly not what Starr was hoping for.

Upstairs, the nanny tells the baby he has a strange papa. She doesn't know his mama, but both parents can't be crazy. She also tells him he'll get to meet his mama any minute.

Troy, who is waiting for Lindsay at the country club restaurant, tips an employee to call and make sure Nora is planning to keep her reservation for that evening. Then he asks to make sure Nora is seated at a table near him. Shortly after he sits down, Lindsay joins him for their business meeting. Troy tells her that he had a dream about her--a good, unexpected, memorable dream. Then he gets lost in thought as he remembers his dream, in which he tells Nora he got proof of Lindsay's crime against her, and a grateful Nora gives him an intimate embrace. Lindsay brings him back to reality and back to business. She has worked hard to get a donor list for the fundraiser. Troy is suspicious of her motives and doesn't believe it's just because she feels she owes him for trying to smother him when they first met. After all, she doesn't do anything by accident so she couldn't possibly have mistaken him for his dead twin. Should he ask the waiter to test his food?   She admits that she now knows for certain that he isn't Colin.  She asks what he's wearing around his neck. A gift from a  Masai chief, it's a charm that makes wishes come true, and it really works. Lindsay wants to see it, so he takes it off to show it to her.

Sam arrives home to find a bouquet of flowers from Nora as a peace offering. She is there, waiting for him and a chance to apologize. She's sorry she told him she was shopping with Keri when she was really with Troy. Also ready to mend fences, Sam apologizes for overreacting. He can't stop loving her. Sam laments that he and Nora have spent so much time apart., but Nora insists she's not going anywhere. Although she was with Troy, there was no romance involved. Not wishing to pursue the reason for the liaison, Sam asks whether she opened her present yet. No, she hasn't, but she brought it with her in the hope that they would get back together. She opens it and sees an expensive diamond necklace, which Sam then puts around her neck. She points out that it matches the earrings he gave her a few years ago, and Sam is amazed that she remembers. After all, it was the Christmas after Matthew was born, a time period covered by her memory loss.   Nora describes the day perfectly and says that she remembers everything. She remembers Matthew's birth and her love for Sam. She confesses that she let Troy give her an experimental memory recovery treatment and asks Sam not to be angry. They agree they've both made mistakes and will do so again.

Nora doesn't remember enough of what Lindsay did to her; she remembers seeing Lindsay with the syringe but has no recollection off her actually injecting the contents into Nora. That's okay, though, because they'll just have to make more memories. They go to the country club, where Nora has reservations. As Sam goes to hang up his coat, Nora watches as Troy closes Lindsay's left hand around his necklace.

Looking for Nigel, Alex knocks on Asa's door only to be told "Wrong room!" She calls out to the "captain," who then coughs and changes his voice. He's the colonel, not the captain. Thinking he sounds as if he's "on his last legs," she put down the urn, sprays on some more perfume, and gets out her illicit key. Just as she inserts it into the lock, Nigel comes along and stops her. He tells her that the colonel is the captain's brother and then takes her aside. Asa comes outside and, smelling the hated perfume, remarks that it smells like a cathouse out there. Then he sees the urn, which he takes inside to investigate. He removes the lid, dips his finger into the ashes, and puts his cigar out in the urn.

At the pier, Keri calls Antonio on her cell phone but he doesn't answer. She hears a noise and calls out that she'll call the police, but it turns out to be R.J. Keri doesn't appreciate being followed to the pier after dark, but R.J. wants the chance to ge to know his daughter. After all, he never knew she existed. Keri always thought that finding her father would be the key to her own identity. However, R.J. thinks it's "perfectly poetic" that she teaches sociology of crime. Because of her, he wants to look for good in himself. Keri gives in and agrees to take a call from him tomorrow.

Todd wants to give Blair her present. He takes her into the living room and tries to tell her the truth about the baby, but she keeps interrupting him. Then Starr, Cassie, and Kelly come in. Starr asks Cassie whether she can take Renfield, her Venus flytrap, to the sleepover with River because it's feeding day. She goes upstairs to get her plant and ends up finding the baby!

Cassie and Blair leave the couple alone, but Cassie comes back in to look for her purse. Todd decides to go upstairs, where he finds Starr talking to the baby. Starr is very excited! She guesses that it's her baby brother and she's just bursting to tell her mother. Todd covers her mouth and make her promise not to say anything. He'll explain, but it's a secret he has to tell Blair first. In return for Starr's silence, he promises that when she gets back from River's, Blair will know about the baby.

Back in her own room, Alex wants to know why Nigel is steering her away from the colonel. Knowing she won't accept most excuses, he says that the captain's brother is actually a woman. Alex decides to go ahead and scatter Asa's ashes and worry about the colonel later. She remembers that she left the urn outside and goes to get it, with Nigel right behind her. When the urn isn't there, Nigel tries to stop Alex from entering the room by telling her the colonel is highly contagious, but it doesn't work. She opens the door and screams. She sees the smoke rising from the cigar in the ashes and takes it as a sign from Asa that she's doing the right thing. She vows to scatter the ashes, find his murderers, and have his will overturned, because that's what Asa wants. Nigel sends her along.

Meanwhile, while they are in Asa's room, Asa has gone next door to her room, where he is busy tossing her skimpy undergarments out the door. Going back to her room, Alex sees her things, and as she starts to gather them up, she drops the urn. While she's trying to get all the ashes back in the urn, Asa comes to the door and sees who's been tormenting him by her very her presence. Eventually Alex looks up and sees Asa.

Cassie and Blair share their feelings about losing a baby. Cassie says that Blair is truly lucky because Todd really does love her. Blair confides that she started hearing the baby crying in Mexico and still does. Starr comes in with her plant and drags Cassie out so that Todd can tell Blair about the baby. Todd tells Blair that his present will make up for all the weddings he's messed up. Then Blair hears the baby again, so Todd feels it's time to take her upstairs to him. When she sees the baby, she picks him up, cries, and snuggles him against her, while a misty-eyed Todd smiles.