OLTL Update Friday 12/7/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 12/701

By Beth

Outside the house, Todd and Gabrielle exchange insults and threats. Todd tells Gabrielle that she'd better not mess up this attempt to marry Blair for the fourth time, because if she does, she'll be in "a whole pile of pain." He threatens to call Max to fill him in on Gabrielle and Asa's original plan. Although she claims Max knows all about it, she takes the phone away from Todd and admits that Max doesn't know all the details.

In the ER, Cristian wakes up , and seeing Jen standing over him, thinks he's dreaming. Jen tells him that he got hit pretty hard while fighting Keith Shaeffer, who was arrested by Antonio and the NYPD. Cris tells Jen he's glad she's okay, and he says she's beautiful. Jen is grateful he saved her life but doesn't understand why he did it. Cris tells her he never meant to hurt her and that the breakup was a lie. He would do anything to keep her safe, and breaking up with her was the only way to protect her from Keith. To prove that he never stopped loving her, he shows her the necklace he'd made from the quarry rock. Although she had thrown the necklace away when they broke up, Cris retrieved it and kept it. Jen finally understands that he really loved her all along. They kiss.

Outside Cris' room, Al is confused about everything that just happened, and Antonio tells him that Cris will explain everything when he can. Antonio tries to get Al to leave the hospital, but Al is determined to wait for Jen. When Antonio is distracted by a call, Al walks over to Cris' room, opens the door, and sees the kiss.

At the police station, Max sees arrest warrants for him and Gabrielle. Hank sees him lurking around and asks whether he can help him with anything. Max says he wants to help the investigation by providing his own personal input into what might have happened. Hank promises to get him some paper and something to write with. Then he goes to Bo's office, where Bo is playing the tape of Gabrielle and Max planning Asa's murder. Bo stops the tape and asks whether Hank hears anything strange. Hank doesn't know what Bo is talking about, so Bo says he thinks the background noise is different on every sentence. He decides to get Ludlow, the audio expert, in to take a listen. Ludlow isn't sure about Bo's theory and wants to take the tape to the lab for analysis. Bo tells him to hurry up. Later, Bo is anxious because he hasn't heard back from Ludlow yet. He thinks he should have analyzed the tape by now.

In "Captain Stuart's" bed, Alex fantasizes about the man she wants as her next ex-husband. Just outside the door, Asa and Nigel have come from the bar, where Nigel was fleeing a woman who was hitting on him. Asa says he's going back to the bar to get his sunglasses. Nigel walks into the room and finds Alex in Asa's bed. They look at each other and both scream! When Alex asks Nigel what he's doing there in Captain Jeb Stuart's room, Nigel claims to be employed by the captain. Knowing full well what Alex's intentions are, he tells her the captain is happily married, gay, ugly, and bankrupt. At the last revelation, Alex gives up and invites Nigel to accompany her to scatter Asa's ashes. He says he'd be delighted and will meet her in an hour. He's horrified to learn that she is the woman who has been annoying Asa from the room next door. He calls the bar looking for Asa and learns he's not there, so he goes off to find him.

Outside the baby's room, Blair is stopped by Addie, with a nun in tow. Addie is very happy that Blair and Todd are finally going to get married. When Blair tells her she heard a baby crying, Addie says that it was actually her, because she was crying with joy at the thought of Blair and Todd marrying. Blair isn't convinced.

While waiting for the wedding to begin, Sam and Ben discuss Asa and how Ben didn't really know him. What Ben did know, he didn't like. He admits there must have been some good in Asa because Renee loved him. He regrets that he didn't get the chance to know him any better but that can't change now. He hopes Bo can find out who killed his father.

Todd and Gabrielle reach a stalemate. Todd says that he has stuff on her and she has stuff on him, so they can't get each other without getting themselves. Viki comes along and hears the end of what Todd just said and asks what's going on. Todd covers by saying they were talking about getting each other wedding presents. Viki needles Gabrielle, saying that's fast work getting married so soon after Asa's death. Gabrielle says Todd is just mistaken and that she's not getting married any time soon. Viki goes back inside after telling Todd not to keep Blair waiting. Todd says he was in Mexico when Asa was killed and that someone else must be setting up Max and Gabrielle. Gabrielle finally leaves.

Inside, everyone is still waiting for the bride and groom. Todd comes in and says he'll go look for Blair, who he's told is upstairs. Then Blair appears and tell Todd they can't get married. He's afraid this means that she saw the baby, but he soon learns that's not what happened. She says she heard a baby crying but that her mother claimed to be the one doing the crying. Blair says it's not fair to marry Todd while she's still in so much pain over the baby. Todd talks her into going ahead with it.

After leaving Todd, Gabrielle goes to the station to find Max, who tells her they're in a lot of trouble. She says that Todd was out of the country when Asa was killed. Worried about the trumped-up evidence against them, they decide to slip out of the station without being followed.

Asa enters his room and smells Alex's perfume, which he doesn't know really belongs to Alex. He thinks it's still coming from the awful woman in the next room. Seeing the rumpled bed, he thinks Nigel is getting lazy.

Next door, Alex is annoyed because Nigel is over an hour late for their excursion, so she decides to go find him.

Todd and Blair are finally at the altar. Todd tells Andrew to just stick to the script, and that when the time comes for him and Blair to speak, they'll do the same. Todd then interrupts Andrew to speak from the heart. Todd gives himself, mind and heart, to Blair, who says she never knew she could be so happy. She says it's scary to love someone, and she almost let her fear keep them apart. She says they need God's help and that their love is a gift from Heaven. Andrew asks them to say their "I do"s and neither does. After a brief standoff, Todd and Blair say their "I do"s at the same time. Andrew pronounces them husband and wife. The guests applaud.