OLTL Update Wednesday 12/5/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/5/01

By Glynis

Asa is hiding out and pretending to be dead. He has the company of a pretty girl that he gets to spend time with. Once alone again, he reads the paper and finds Gabrielle and Max’s pictures on the front page. He is sure that soon Asa is going to have all that he needs to nail Max and Gabrielle.

Jennifer is getting ready to model and she tells herself that she is not going to crack up. She tries to make herself think that she doesn’t care about Cristian. Soon all players are in the room. The stalker tries to attack Cristian but Jennifer saves the day by spraying the man in the face and that is when the police come in and take over. Antonio comes to his brother’s aid, but as soon as Cristian stands up, he falls back down again.

Todd comes to the airport to get Blair and Starr and stop them from leaving town. Security grabs Todd and he tells Blair that he knows that he made some mistakes. Mainly letting go of Blair. She is sure that Todd is going to hate her more. Blair tries to leave with Starr, but Starr refuses to leave with her. Everybody, even the security men think that Blair should talk to Todd, he is wearing them out. Starr demands that the security take her to their office and get her something to eat. Blair and Todd talk. Blair knows that Todd couldn’t forgive her. He walked out and she wants him to admit this. Todd couldn’t forgive someone but it wasn’t her.

Bo and Hank are slowly getting the evidence to nail Max and Gabrielle. Asa is going to build them an airtight case via videotape.

Max and Gabrielle are in Bo’s office and they are thinking that maybe they have the same enemy. Gabrielle remembers Todd telling her that he will destroy her. She thinks that Todd is the one that did this. Todd hated Asa and Gabrielle knows that he was going to set up Blair for some horrible crime. He also hates Max and he prints those horrible articles in the Sun. Todd owns the Sun; he is the one that did this. That wouldn’t surprise her if Blair’s fingerprints showed up somewhere. If Todd did this, then they don’t stand a chance.

Alex is talking to her urn again. She is in a hotel room and she can smell Asa’s cigar smoke. It is almost like having him with her. She is going to fix herself up in his honour. She goes to her phone and orders some personal services. She wants their strongest and most handsome masseur…Asa is next door to Alex’s suite and he can smell the perfume. Asa makes a call to the front desk and complains about the perfume of the woman next door. The odor reminds him of his ex-wife. The front desk refuses to move her so Asa knows that he will have to get rid of the woman himself…Alex is spraying the room with her perfume and suddenly she hears a knock at the door.