OLTL Update Tuesday 12/4/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/4/01

By Glynis

Max and Gabrielle are discussing who then could have killed Asa if it were not them. They are at the station and Bo is alerted that Gabrielle and Max are outside to see him. He gets an envelope with his fatherís handwriting on it. The phone rings and it is Alex on a plane telling him that Asa with her.

Asa is reading the paper and reading of his write up in the paper. He is well and alive. He is described as a philanderer. He has been married 11 timesÖbeen a guest of the commissioner at the police station. This is Toddís paper and Asa thinks that Todd is a fool for writing this crap. Asa makes a call to Todd Manning, demanding to speak to him right away. He disguises his voice and makes a call to find out who how the investigation is going into Boís fatherís investigation. He finds out that Gabrielle and Max are being looked at. That makes him very happy. Now he knows that he is going to rest in peace.

Blair and Starr are at the airport and they hear a baby crying and Blair decides that she has to find that baby. Starr tries to tell her mother that the baby that they are hearing is not the baby that she is looking for. She reminds her mother that their baby is in heaven and is all right now. Blair still would like to find the baby that she hears crying at the airport. The baby is her baby. Todd is at the airport with the child and he is not far from Blair and Starr who havenít found them yet. He is trying to get the baby to calm down and an attendant comes over telling Todd that he can bring the baby to a changing area to calm him down. He wants to hurry because he would like to take the baby to his mother. The woman suggests that he can call the mother if he would like. Todd tells her that he isnít going to tell her in advance, this is going to be a surpriseÖBlair remembers her talk with Bo over Asa being dead and being told that there has been some foul play. Blair thinks that she has to get out of there or she will go to jail. Starr wants to go home. She is sure that her father can fix everything. She wants to go home. Blair explains to her that they have to go. It is time to go. They go to the reservationist for the tickets to Switzerland. That flight is boarding right now and they will have to wait to get on another one.

Seth and Jessica find Cristian with Antonio. Jessica tells him that there is a guy that is after him. This guy came over to talk to her and tell her that he was a friend with Cristian. Cristian questions what Seth is doing there. He doesnít want to trust Seth. Jessica tells Cristian that Seth saved her life and that he is okay with them. That guy that was looking for Cristian jumped her and demanded information. Seth showed up and got rid of the guy before anything more could happen. Cristian knows this guy and he is after Jennifer. Seth says that he went to the modeling agency and he thinks that Jennifer is still in town. Cristian is terrified at the sound of that. Antonio says that he is going to make a few phone calls and see what is up. He leaves with the other policemen.

Jennifer is at work getting ready and the stalker is there asking if she is ready for her big day. The man wishes her good luck. She knows that he is not to be trusted. He walks off and Jennifer is shaken by that guy. He didnít hit on her; he just gives her a really weird feeling.

Cristian gets a call from his stalker friend who tells Cristian that he is with Jennifer and that Cristian has to get over there right away or Jennifer is just gonna die. Cristian pretends that he is talking to an old buddy so that Jessica and Seth donít catch on that he is talking to the stalker. Cristian agrees to go meet the man. He hangs up and heads for the door. Antonio is there and demanding to know where he is going.

Todd gets home and finds that there a nanny there. She finds a note and gives it to Todd. He learns from the note that Starr and Blair are on their way to Switzerland to see Dorian. The note is from Starr begging for him to come and get her.

The stalker gets confronted and warned that he is bugging Jennifer. He doesn't leave though; he just conceals himself some more.

Todd rushes to the airport to find Blair and Starr and Blair at the same time gets the tickets. She rushes to the boarding area as Todd walks by. She has to get on this flight or she will have to wait for the next one.

Alex is with ĎAsaís ashesí on the plane talking to the urn, saying that soon she will be rich.

Jennifer is getting ready and the owner of the modeling agency is helping her. Cristian sees her and is glad to see that she is okay. The stalker sees Cristian staring at Jennifer and says, "Gothcha!"