OLTL Update Wednesday 11/28/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/28/01

By Glynis

Seth and Jessica talk to the police and Jessica has lied to them. Seth can see that she was hiding something. She did that because they don’t really know what is going on. She can’t accept that he cares for her when he was so intent on ruining her life. He would like to help her but she deoesn’t want his help. What is he doing there anyway? Is he following her? Seth is not with Jessica to help Natalie. He is there because note and was afraid that Jessica wouldn’t come back again.

Nora is chasing her memories and she remembers Lindsay fighting with her. There is a knock at the door and Troy sits Nora down and goes to the door to answer. It is Lindsay and Troy tries to get rid of her. She wants to come in and he will not let her. She insists on coming in. "You have nothing to lose." Those words trigger something else in Nora’s mind. Lindsay told her that same thing in the past. "What did you mean Lindsay?" Lindsay hears the voice of a woman and can tell that Troy has someone in there. He steps into the hall with her. She tells him that he is very handsome and he will meet her later at her gallery. She agrees to that. The battery on her cell phone is dead and she asks to come in and use the phone. How can he say no to her? He manages to get away from her and goes back to Nora. She doesn’t want to do this anymore. She turns to Troy and kisses him on the cheek thanking him for his help. She leaves and he goes to his phone calling Lindsay. He thinks that they should still meet later. He would like to take her to dinner and she agrees to that. They will mix a little business with pleasure. The meeting will take place at 8pm. Troy hangs up knowing that there is more than one way to make Nora remember the past.

Keri tells Sam that RJ is not all that good to know and hang out with. Hank may not agree on a lot with Sam, but he really loves Rachel. Keri knows Rachel and how much Hank loves her. She will always be Hank’s little girl. Keri is not okay. She has never had a good relationship with her father. Sam warns Keri about RJ and his lifestyle. Sam wants Nora to call him when she gets back. He warns her again to watch out for RJ. Keri doesn’t see the need to have anything to do with Hank or RJ ever again.

Antonio is having a daydream while he talks to his brother. Antonio and Keri are spending some time together and he makes her promise that she will never disappear on him. She promises him that and they kiss. Soon he is shaken out of the dream and speaks with his brother again about the someone special in his dream. The person that he is interested in now has her life together and she is classy. She is not confused about what she wants in life. Antonio tells Cristian that he knows the woman that Antonio is in love with. It is Keri Reynolds. Cristian is stunned to hear that he is dating a professor.

Jennifer is at dinner and Jennifer makes it clear that they are only friends. She would like to talk about what happened the night that they made love. They just helped each other feel better. Al is okay with that. She doesn’t want him to think that she was using him. He doesn’t think that. He will remain her friend. She wonders if she will ever get over Cristian. Will Al still want to be her friend if she never gets over Cristian?